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January 23, 2018


notice similaries with the Clinton political ploys ?

The EPT is a spin machine for the local Dems? Shocked! I'm shocked!

EPT used part of the front page and all of another page to rehash this story and printed maybe 1 paragraph stating the DA found no reason to bring charges. Amazing how poorly the Times is managed. They just can't seem to find anything to write about except stories about other cities, repeat stories from previous editions and whatever Veronica wants in the paper. Please, Gannett - if you read the blogs - please put this "rag" out of its misery and kill it- just publish the comics and the puzzles. Bet you would get more subscribers.

Jesus Christ. What’s wrong with you? NOBODY reads the EP Times. Get a grip. You’re still young.

You are assuming someone actually reads the El Paso Times

Just because a DA doesn't file charge doesn't mean no one broke the law. All Esparza said was that he didn't find that they had an intention to break the law. He's pretending to be stupid enough to believe that for his own reasons, but you don't have to be stupid too. Of course, Tolbert and the others broke the law. It was incredibly fucking obvious.

Fortunately for El Paso the Texas Rangers discovered that neither Bob Moore nor any of El Paso's other cracker jack "investigative journalists" have the integrity, common sense, or competence to look at timestamps to validate a sequence of actions or verify who actually sent the text messages.

Here is a link with more detail

In brief:

1. The DA declined to prosecute because of insufficient evidence of CRIMINAL INTENT

2. The investigation revealed they lacked the specific intent to circumvent the Open Meetings Act

The Rangers discovered that the alleged “smoking gun” text to Mr Tolbert was not sent by Mayor Leeser, but instead, his administrative assistant, Taylor Moreno.

Here is the text sent to Mr Tolbert by Taylor Moreno on Mayor Leeser's phone:

“I have been involved in this whole thing longer than most of the people you invited,” Tolbert texted Leeser. “Yet I cannot be at your meeting because of a quorum. At least give me the courtesy of a call afterwards.”

The response (from Taylor Moreno using Mayor Leeser's phone): “If you want to come and be a part of the meeting, I will step out. I just didn't want to have any questions regarding quorum.”

The Rangers also determined, based on a timestamp comparison with the video and text, Mr Tolbert left 20 minutes before Leeser and Niland arrived at City hall.

Mr Tolbert returned to City Hall after the "smoking gun" text exchange with Taylor Moreno.

The Rangers also discovered:

Niland organized both the Hotel Indigo meeting as well as the meeting at City Hall

Mayor Leeser was unaware of the earlier meeting at the Hotel which was supported by a text between Limon and Tolbert

Mayor Leeser and Niland did not attend the meeting at the Hotel Indigo because they both attended a Metropolitan Planning Organization meeting.

Niland asked for the meeting at City Hall to discuss the recall and to meet with constituents.

(Both meetings were with members of the public, 2 historians, 2 activitists, and 1 resident.)

Interviews by Rangers revealed that Svarzbein was told to leave moments after the Mayor's arrival because he was sitting in the Mayor’s seat with his feet on the Mayor’s conference table.

Al Bundy: Kind of like "just because Comey said Hilary wasn't "grossly negligent" in handling classified material therefore no charges filed" - doesn't mean she wasn't guilty. I get your line of thinking. Depends on who you support politically in order to determine guilt or innocence.

Mary: thank you for the timeline.

If they were aware of the quorum problem as Tolbert mentioned and as they spoke of "stepping out" so somebody else could step in then maybe it wasn't criminal intent but it was some kind of violation of the quorum by taking turns.

I am Shocked, absolutely Shocked! David KKK, you didn't shout out that the EP Times is Anti-Semitic?
They are reporting news you don't like, so Everything must be a conspiracy against "poor Dori."

I was expecting to read your (long winded/wind bag) piece on the El Paso Times and then pull out your "Poor Dori, she's a victim" card. And then follow up with your "Poor Dori, she's a Jew, so the EP Times is Anti-Semitic."

So Carlos you think it’s okay for democrats running for Congress to openly trash someone for their religious affiliation? It’s wrong on every level. Escobar uses Abeytia and others to discredit her opponent because of her religion. That is shameful on her part. She should stop it now and call off the dogs. Just proves Veronica has no platform to run on.

Do your homework! Veronica Escobar is married to Michael Pleters. A graduate of Cardozo"YESHIVA" Law School Their daughter is a student at Simmons College in Boston, MA. A wonderful school, where for years, young woman have received a quality education and married nice husbands of Dori's religious affiliation...JEWISH. Jaime Abeytia is captain of his own keyboard.

Nice try to say Abeytia is his own man. Funny you have accused DavidK of advocating for other candidates.

1. I said that Abeytia is the captain of his own keyboard. I never called him a man. He is an idiot that uses politicians to make a name for himself.

2. The only thing I have ever accused David K of being is "mistaken". If David supports Dori, he should stop saying that "Escobar will win". Veronica's victory is not carved in stone. Dori has a very good chance of winning.

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