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January 17, 2018


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It's just really bad politics. If you're running as a Democrat you can't agree with Trump on anything. This isn't a normal time when it's good and wise to be occasionally bipartisan. Trump is evil and anyone who supports him even the slightest bit is evil too.

I find it funny the guy they call DavidKKK is lecturing us on race. I was there and I don't remember hearing any real response either way when she explained her stance on Israel. The booers must have been right by the camera. The laughs in the room when Jaime was picked were of discomfort. Nobody likes that guy and we all thought he would ask something inappropriate. I believe the question was given to him by somebody smarter than he. He wouldn't know to ask that question normally.

It was very awkward to have Jaime ask that question. Nobody in the room felt it was appropriate at all. It felt like someone asking a catholic about the priest abuse scandal. I'm not a fan of the puppet at the white house, but this issue has nothing to do with legislation in the house or senate. The vote was held in 1995.

I am a supporter of Veronica's and think she is a hard worker for El Paso. I'm not sure she is associated with Jaime in any real way. However, I think she should say something about the abuse he's putting on Dori. As a woman I can just feel the misogyny oozing from everything Jaime writes about Dori. I want Veronica to win, but not at the expense of another woman's dignity. Somebody has to stand up to this creep.

Gee David you just figuring out Jaime has a deep racist vein thought that had been apparent for same years now!Jaime is his own version of the Klan with a tan!

In this environment of "me too" and people offended over the president calling countries sh**tholes - you would think Vero and her campaign BFF/advisor Susie would come out forcefully and condemn every negative anti-Jew, and anti-white female word he writes in his blog. Doesn't matter whether he works for Vero's campaign or not. But Vero and Susie just can't be bothered to defend other women against verbal and written attacks from men.


The move is smart politics.

Think Florida.



I thought you were kind of stretching the reality a few months ago when you brought this up. I figured you were no better than the ones you pointed fingers at. I have changed my mind now. This has become an obvious campaign tactic to paint Dori as a Jew. You can't accidentally end up back at the Jew thing like Jaime has so many times. It's something you do on purpose. Judge Escobar must speak out on this if she wants to keep my vote. I'll gladly vote for Norma who may be brash, but would not let her campaign team be racist.

It appears that Escobar, Abeytia and Byrd are flat out racists and hypocrites. They preach equality for all and especially women. They will feign any knownledge or control over kitty factor. But that shouldn't be a reason to speak out against kitty factor.

What these attacks on Jews is doing is painting El Paso as a racist region and have intention of sending a racist to DC. Don't they realize the former DNC chairperson was a Jew ? They know exactly what is going on and thru their silence that IS confirmation that they condone racism.

However, not surprising considering she used the immigrants plight for votes and a cash crop. So now she is using the Jews and attacks on the Jewish people to enhance her standing.

What's next ? Ve had no knowledge of dis matter ? The saying is Never Again. Apparently these three never heard the saying ? Politics attacking Jews to enhance a dictators position led to atrocities. Are we traveling down the sane path ?

If I had any doubts about voting for Dori they are all gone now. The whole Jew question was a coordinated effort to attack Dori. Shame on Veronica & Jaime! Veronica has been known for attacking other women, but this tops it. I really think Dori should stop going to these forums and use that time to call voters.

Screw the El Paso Jews! They only represent about 1% of the Total Population, yet screw people over daily. Such whiners! Especially David The Kike!

Well, now we know not only is she a user but a divider as well. Maybe she should go to DC and join the divisive chaos. That's one skill she has for sure.

No wonder, kitty and she get along so well. They use people and lay in the mud together as racist. Susie is just the pig farmer. But then is that shocking ? of course not, didn't she and Susie give a joint whore house tour to nightlight El Paso to the world.

I wouldn't vote for Escobar if she paid me or tried to convince me she loves the immigrants. The only she loves is herself and the cash for the immigrant crop.

I'll vote for Dori and offer my services to help her campaign and make financial contributions. I don't a racist going to DC. Along with the Jew hater kitty litter. I strongly encourage everyone to vote for Dori or Norma in order to stop the racist cancer that is being spread.

Carlos: you must be a Veronica supporter and a racist and I hope you are not an El Pasoan. I feel sorry for you.
I have always been a Dori supporter but now I am an ardent supporter. Jamie is a nothing and the fact that he is supporting and aiding Veronica is a definite black mark.
Veronica -- grow up and stand up for some decency!

Some of you starting to realize El Paso is a very racist community but many in El Paso still believe this can't be true because only Whites can be bigot and racist! Then someone needs to explain those like Jaime and Carlos and there are a lot of Jaime and Carlos examples in El Paso and El Paso county!

Interesting, the El Paso Democrats are endorsing a racist for congress. The anti-Jew party. Or as Thomas states the Klan with a tan.

The grand snake Abeytia and the grand master of the El Paso klan.

Seig Heil !!

Obviously there are plenty of anti-Semites in El Paso, but Fenenbock will lose not because of racism but because she is not really a Democrat. Accusing everybody who opposes her of being a racist won't convince us to vote for someone who is just pretending to be a Democrat.

al bundy
But you have no problem voting for the Democrats that prostitutes themselves to and before the wealthy Republican elite in El Paso and have been proven to act in their best interest and not the interest of Democrats in El Paso! Yep, the case can be made and has legs that you hypocrite are voting for someone who is pretending to be a Democrat too ! Claims how evil the Republicans are and then think its just fine and peachy for those Democrates you support that are in bed with the evil Republicans.
Yes al bundy you open up a whole new level of stupid in those voting Vero.
Now for us we would like to see Norma win just to be able to read the post that would come out of David and the rebuttals from Norma which would be priceless!

Veronica is pretending to be a Democrat. Look at who her major contributors are-all Republicans. Husband appointed to administrative immigration judge by a republican attorney general-very unusual.

Anyone who has lived in El Paso for any length of time knows that to win elective office a lot of candidates run as democrats because republicans can’t get the votes. How do you know that all the democrats running are truly democrats? It’s a shame that people vote based on party and not individual character and qualifications. Can’t wait for straight party voting to be abolished in 2020 in Texas. Voters will be forced to read the ballot and vote.

LOL, imagine the looks of confusion and shock when people go to the polling booth looking for the one button takes all. Suddenly faced with all those names with Ds. Eeeyah, what do I do now ?

I read a funny comment the other day. There comments about the first Latina, etc. Then there it was ! Jerome Tilgman. The question was "what's wrong with being "the primero negrito" to be elected to Congress in El Paso. I thought well why not since everyone is running on the "first Latina".

Tragically, all this anti-jewish rhetoric will confirm the racism that exists in El Paso. A region that was built on the backs of various ethic and religious people. A region that was known for diversity and welcoming of all. Now, if Escobar is elected we will be known as that sent a racist to Washington. The "first Latina that supports openly attacking Jews".

I will vote for Dori as a way of showing El Paso is not ant-Jewish nor racist.

Hey all you Dorita lovers! I am a Norma fan and will vote for her and give her financial support.

Norma has changed and she is a Native El Pasoan. She is and has always been a Democrat. Unlike "Hablo Espanol" Dorita.

I want to give a shout out to my favorite Jew...Harvey Weinstein! Bernie Madoff was my favorite but now Weinstein has taken over!!!

Carlos El Mocoso
"I want to give a shout out to my favorite Jew...Harvey Weinstein! Bernie Madoff was my favorite but now Weinstein has taken over!!!"
That post is like claiming all Mexicans are drug dealers and Cartel members! Your mother clearly drop you on your head as a child or she just beat you about the head because you were stupid and she had to get your attention!

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