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January 18, 2018


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GWB was so bad that, when Obama ran for POTUS in 2008, I'd have voted for a Jewish Pygmy with a Polish surname just to wash away the Bush-Cheney nightmare. As it was, I voted for Change and now I regret that because it meant unrestricted diversity migration and more amped up identity politics.

But this is not the case in El Paso today as Beto was a pretty good rep for a Dem and a nice guy, too. Really, I think he is throwing away a secure seat where he is needed in order to run against Cruz, where he cannot win in Texas.

Vero, by playing the race card just reinforces the identity politics strategy that is killing the Dem party (and tearing apart the country). I am sorry she is doing this, too, because it does not enhance her standing anywhere except, maybe, the liberal enclaves of the coasts and Austin. Then again, maybe that is her goal?

David, I was going to put this on your previous column (regarding Jaime Abeytia's question regarding the American Embassy and its proposed move to Jerusalem). However, there are quite a few responses and some nutty comments, so here goes my response to your column.

Your ENTIRE blog posts for the last 12 months or so seem to be dedicated to bad-mouthing Jaime Abeytia. And, ANY negative comment regarding Dori is viewed as the "Poor Dori-She's being attacked because she's a Jew" card.

If anyone says anything negative about Dori, one is immediately labeled as being anti-Semitic.

I disagree with you. Number One, because you are a diehard Republican. Secondly, people have a right to criticize and/or make decisions based on what one sees, hears or reads. The question regarding the American Embassy and Trump's proposed move to Jerusalem makes perfect sense.

Dori,and her husband, have been Lifelong Republicans and have Voted that way. As well as donating to Republican candidates their entire political life. Almost overnight, she appeared literally out of thin air as a Democrat, and is running as one. This questions weeds our the Crypto Republican from true Democrats.

Her answer was telling, and is in line with what Donald Trump said at the annual AIPAC meeting this past year. The same AIPAC meeting Dori attended accompanied by Juan Cabrera. The same AIPAC meeting where AIPAC gave Trump a standing ovation after savaging Democrats.

Trump has been cultivating AIPAC and especially Sheldon Adelson's millions, in return for the move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Adelson responded by donating $82.5 Million to Trump's campaign. Along with $5 Million he chipped in for Trump's inaugural. As you well know, Adelson and his wife are strong Pro-Israel supporters.

You are correct, the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, introduced by Bob Dole and passed by Congress was passed. However, it was left unsigned by then President Bill Clinton. It was never implemented and has been given 6 month waivers by every President since then.

However, you neglected in your column (too busy whining about Anti-Semitic sentiment in El Chuco); to note that in 1947, the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 181. That is, that Jerusalem be placed under a special international regime. Or, better known as a Corpus Separatum, ,and be separate from both the Jewish and Arab states.

Moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem would mean that US recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And, would effectively signal the end of any attempts to achieve peace between Israel and Palestinians.

So, yes, Dori supports Republican President Trump and has shown her true colors. The same Donald Trump who announced his run for President by demonizing Mexicans at the same time. The same Donald Trump who said that Gonzalo Curiel could not be a good, fair or impartial judge in his lawsuit regarding Trump University because he was a "Mexican." Even though Judge Curiel was born in Indiana.

She is a Republican masquerading as a Democrat. Her values are not in line with Democrats but more closely align to Republicans.

How can anyone trust Dori to vote with Democrats, should she get elected, when all her life she's been a Republican?

Augustus Snodgrass,

Uh.. that was a long read to find out you're friends with Veronica. It's a lot easier to just write "You're wrong because I'm friends with Veronica." You don't need to embarrass yourself with all the other words.

Veronica is getting more Republican money by landslide. Her husband jumped the qualification requirements in a Republican administration so that he could take a job deporting Dreamers. Get real, buddy.

Nice try.

Hugs and Kisses,

David K

Good point KKK. Why should we hand Veronica all the glory when she's really not worked for it. Norma has been through it all. Let her have some glory if we are giving it out. What's the difference between on or the other when it comes to federal level legislation? How many democrats are voting across with Republicans to keep government open today?


I do not think anyone has asked in the past but I cannot recall. Just in the sake of transparency, has Dori's campaign directly or indirectly paid you in any way? And I mean this as broadly as possible, has a single dollar connected within two rings of her or a Super Pac given any money to you for any reason? Hate to ask but always like to know the stakes clearly and I do not mean this in a pointing finger way only inquiry.

Augustus - really? You are some conspiracy theory guy. I agree with DavidK - would have been easier to just admit you are a Veronica supporter and you hate Dori. It's your right to hate Dori. Save the history lesson for the classroom.


Good question. Dori's campaign has not given me a dime. they do not plan on giving me a dime because I keep saying that Vero has it in the bag. That does not make them happy. Oh, and they don't think blogs are worth it. Oh, and I don't sell advertising.

My parents maxed to Dori early (against my advice). My parents have an existing relationship there that started after I left in 2011.

The super pac people asked if they could use my content - I told them they could link to whatever I write, but anything done exclusively for them would cost X amount. They obviously don't want to pay me for exclusive content, so they are allowed to link to what I write just like everybody else is.

I work in federal politics and I follow the rules regarding campaign finance to the T. They always catch the cheaters.

My focus is getting revenge for how Jim Tolbert was treated. The was not a one-off deal. Dori happens to be the next target. Vote for Norma for all I care. Just don't vote for people who operate they do. It makes El Paso look bad.

Thank you for the response.

Bottom line it's time to change out the dirty diapers of the progressive Democrats, starting with Vero, in El Paso and remember to do it from here on out frequent and often!

Yes, I've called you an asshole before and will again. Deal with your own lies before calling someone else a liar.

You attack Escobar and ask everyone to support Fenenbock. Before anyone considers your criticisms of Escobar, we need to get past your bullshit about Fenenbock. She's not a Democrat. She's not a liberal. She's not a progressive. So she's not someone that will help El Paso. She's someone who will help the charge in fucking over El Paso. She will help Trump help rich people.

So you're still an asshole.

al bundy,

you're either posting under multiple names or need to make clear who you are mad at. I can assure you that I have never endorsed a candidate in this congressional race.

Al Bundy is frustrated because the clouds are getting darker Escoba.

Escoba has the same list of Republican donors as Dori. Escoba's spouse is appointed Immigration Judge by Trump Administration. Escoba salary and her spouse doesn't exactly living in a shack.

Fact is Escoba is a Dino period !

"The Escobar has the same list of Republican Donors" explanation is getting old and thin. Of course the Republican Donors are going to bet on a winning horse. They are not going to throw their dollars away to Dori who will probably come in last.

That excuse of yours is as flimsy as your logic. Face it, you LOVE Dori because she represents you---a very SMALL portion of El Paso. West side Anglo who doesn't understand the rest of El Paso and their struggles. You got to El Paso when you barely were a teenager, got the hell out to Lubbock and then have lived away from El Paso more than you've lived in it.

Yet, you continue to blog as if anyone gives a shit. Especially Republicans who are out-numbered in El Paso.

Dori is going to get crushed come Election time. Either Escobar or Norma. Dori is as clueless as Silver who was so ignorant he couldn't distinguish between Shiite and Suni. She and her posse and enablers are driving around in the Westside totally oblivious...."Se Hablo Espanol."

Augustus - Westside and NE elect citywide candidates. So quit with the stupid remarks about Westside Anglos. If you had any idea how Republican support works in this town you wouldn't say such dumb things. Voters/financial supporters can publicly speak and spend for a certain candidate but nobody really, really knows who they vote for when they get in front of that little machine and they cast their ballot.

Really the victim card West side Whitey doesn't understand us! Gee what total bull shit!
al bundy only gets mad when he has no cogent argument to defend Vero's record and someone starts telling the truth!

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