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January 19, 2018


I will not say that their actions were not shady - I think they were. but you were right. They were found to have done nothing wrong. If Susie is the one who pushed Esparza to make this an ordeal, then she needs to resign and apologize. Especially since her and Vero used to take other elected officials across the border to meet in secret all the time.

Maybe you aren't full of shit all of the time. Norma looks better by the minute.

Susie's little bitch Liontard doesn't have anything to say now. He should be sued for telling that lie on his blog. He should lose his man card for being Susie's bitch. Somebody needs to own up to what they did.

EPT (without Bob Moore) is continuing its coverup for Susie/Veronica. The article today on this issue was full of comments from this Larsen guy that insists it was a slam dunk case and everyone is guilty despite what the DA said. They gave lip service to Tolbert, Leeser and Limon comments. Guess EPT just cannot give up their undying support of Veronica and Susie. This Zahira chick is working really hard to ruin her career as a "journalist" by allowing one-sided coverage on local issues.

I don’t know Norma Chavez. I heard her speak on the radio a couple of times and found her boring, annoying and obnoxious. I met Veronica Escobar once and briefly thought she was charming, And then of course, things changed dramatically for the worse. Dori is an opportunist that has a naked and unabashed Republican banana republic type lust for power. I’m voting for Norma. She almost makes me throw up. But Dori and Veronica make me throw up every time. The lesser of three evils.

Anytime the DA in El Paso says it's going to the Texas Rangers any complaint is dead and nothing will happen! This is the DA's get out of jail free card for local elected officiala so he doesn't have to be obligated to prosecute them.
Many of you keep electing the dirtbag Esparza so stop whining about corruption in El Paso government!

So if I commit a crime without the intention of committing a crime, DA Esparza won't prosecute me? That's good to know!

It works for rich powerful politicians, maybe it'll work for the rest of us.

But the Open Meetings Act is still state law. It is still illegal for a quorum of a legislative body to meet together without notifying the public of the meeting or allowing the public to witness the meeting. So Leeser, Svarzbein, Limon, Tolbert, and Niland did commit a crime. Esparza is just too lazy and/or corrupt to prosecute.

1. The one and only person who can "push Esparza" into doing anything is his wife.

2. In his last election, Jaime Esparza was forced into a runoff by a worthy female contender and a not so worthy male opponent. More likely than not, Esparza referred the case, because it was "the right thing to do", and he didn't want to alienate any sectors withi his own support base. Esparza isn't ready to retire.

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