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January 04, 2018


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Your comments haven't been all that clean over the years David KKK. You are one to talk. I saw Lionwhore's crybaby posts on facebook about people stealing his girlfriend's signs. The people stealing them are not mad at her they hate Lionwhore. She is being targeted because of his dirty dealings down there. If she kicked him to the curb her signs wouldn't get stolen. Nobody is fooled by her sudden last name change. Everyone is laughing at her for doing that. Before she was involved with Lionwhore she wouldn't have pulled that lame stunt.

Veronica would do good to cut ties with Jaime. The women of the different factions of the party in El Paso County are all in agreement that he's a creep. The stories that we share about him are scary. These guys commenting on his facebook page are all creeps too. His fiance is losing votes because she's affiliated with him. He is mad her signs are being stolen but he has been linked to people who did the same thing. His favorite candidate also once demanded the city manager personally take down her opponents signs.

I am sure Vero will deny any connection to Abeytia. Just like she denied ever having anything to do with the Susie/Tolbert ethics complaint. And we all know the truth on that one - except EPT.

I am disappointed that Vero doesn't shut down Abeytia's attacks on Dori. Guess she talks out of both sides of her mouth when it comes to women's rights and issues.

Escobar talks out of her mouth and rear. Just depends on how the hot air or gas will advance her agenda. She's a user. She used the immigrants, she's using Abbeytia as much as he is using her.

She can't get rid of him. He knows too much and besides who would wipe her rear then. She can deny the antisemetic connection but it's very clear that it was encouraged and condoned. She is apparently too stupid to realize that once you open the gate to a rabid dog there's no telling what he will do.

Veronica will lose because of her misuse, abuse, arrogance, lies, unethical behavior. Abbeytia is just providing the propellant to disaster.

Norma ? Did she learn her lesson as what caused her downfall ? No, one only has to listen to the crickets. It's very loud and clear. She just needs an Abbeytia of her own or one could say she is her own meow factor.

Dori, poor thing. If she wins, she will be eaten alive in DC. Very naive and easily manipulated by her handlers.

Garcia, a chihuahua is louder and more aggressive. So he won't get 2% of the vote. Go home, regroup and when you're serious come back.

We are sunk regardless of the winner and we will be the losers. Choices couldn't be any worse this season. When traveling I will remove any reference to El Paso. I might just resort to carry on baggage as that doesn't require a tag.

If you can't beat them you can join them is the motto. Robert O'Rourke, Steve Ortega, Susie Byrd and Veronica Escobar were all originally elected cleanly. They did not have to do the things they are now doing. Veronica used to hate negative campaigns and held grudges against those who used whisper campaigns and had media voices under their thumbs. Now she is no better than they are. She employs the same scumbags who attacked her before. They lost their moral compass and that's why many people are not voting for any of them anymore. She has become everything she once hated.

The wtf is going with the meow factor ? Is he just stupid ? Just as bad is his boss for encouraging him.

Religion blew up in their faces. So now he is using the brown tool. Only Mexicans can or should serve menudo. Look for the sign at your menudo place, it might say "No Whites Allowed".

If Dori held a kosher event then he would attack her beliefs. If she offered NY hamburgers then he would attack her whiteness.

Not to be excluded now Norma is not brown enough according to the meow factor. Is this a white, milky color or dark brown campaign ? Norma, make you wear sandals and flowery dress so the wanna be to be happy.

Dori, annoy the mess out of the jackass. Sing a few ay ay songs at your next event. Make it a heart break song about Escobar using immigrants as a cash crop.

What's left to attack ? Hair color, height, dual Mexican citizenship ?

I saw Jaime's stupid facebook echo chamber about menudo. He's an embarassment to Latinos the way he talks. He had no problem with Beto doing the exact same thing. If you want white people to treat you like shit act like Jaime does. He's only a day away from calling brown Dori supporters pochos.

Poor Kathryn knew everyone down here. She had so much exposure with her last job and everyone really loved her. Then Jaime came along and now everybody wonders what happened to the woman we loved so much. I wish she would get wise. Your last name is your last name. You can't change it to fool people who have known you forever. If she wants to find her signs she needs to look at the people her fiancee has done wrong. The tide against her is all about Jaime and not her.

lol, the meow is talking about flip flops. Escobar and he are like the fish on a deck.

One day Escobar was against jailing immigrants, next day she was for it. Meow was antisemetic one day then the next day he wasn't. That's just one issue each.

If we took the time to circle all of their contradictions and flip flops the proganda would look like an Olympics ad.

The mouse that roared credits himself with causing a change in positions. lol and Barney Fife struck fear in criminals so Mayberry was crime free.

Notice the wedge he is trying to drive between candidates.

wtf are NY hamburgers?

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