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January 16, 2018


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"...hardcore liberal elite rich people who believe in things like 63 different genders and the depopulation of the earth starting with white males...."
I'm glad you said this because it is what I have come to believe about the Dems, too. Add in Muslims, Mexicans and migrants, as well and that is the American future the party endorses. Kiddies next - the Pedocrats - from the Podesta wing of the party.

For all of the hand-wringing, Trump-deranged folks who live in LA and NYC, do you realize that your party is the party of Hollywood degeneracy, not the big tent you think it is. Try raising kids with these values and you'll see what you get - over entitled snowflakes who seem perpetually outraged at everything, i.e., ANTIFA.

Every week you tell us why Vero is the devil but you never tell us why we should vote for Dori.

Vero and Beto like the Plantation politics of the Democratic party and El Paso is the best place to practice it. They have their slaves like Jaime then again Jaime doesn't want to take a beating from Vero and Beto, Yep just call Vero and Beto Master!


David doesn't endorse candidates. He only tears them apart. If you read he never tells you who to vote for. He tells you who to vote against.

David KKK is right. You wait your turn in El Paso democratic politics or people like Lyingstar will slander you. You have to be around a while so that they own you. Only then may you run for higher office. We are crabs in a pot.

Dori is like Bernie Sanders? This is borderline retardation at this point.

I will do the same thing,

You ain't so bueno at the reading comprehension are you? Kites are to flying as balls are to rolling, but I'm not saying a we're rolling a kite here, buddy.

I'm truly sorry you're too stupid to get the basic point I made here. I fear there's a lot in life you are missing due to your unbelievable lack of brain power.

All good reasons why to exercise your right not to vote.

Effect change outside the rigged systems, but remember:

"Every hero becomes a bore at last."

That's a famous line from the 19th century philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Not so sure you got those facts correct. I attended the forum, ate pizza and cookies (alas, no menudo!) and stuck around for the voting. Despite asking several people for a ballot, I was turned down because I was not a dues paying member. Maybe I was 'profiled '?

Michael Bray,

You're not the only one who said that. There's a little kerfuffle going on about who was able to vote and who wasn't.... who was a dues paying member at the point and who promised to pay later.

Everybody's allowed in the party. But if you're switching from being a Republican you should spend some time learning about being a Democrat before you seek the party's nomination. Fenenbock should have the humility to explain why her old party sucks and why she left it. Otherwise, no Democrat ought to pay attention to her. She is a phony.

Escobar has not been anointed anymore than Clinton was. All of us can make up our own minds.

We don't need conservatives like Fenenbock pretending to be Democrats. El Pasoans are smarter than that.

David K,

I was disappointed, after hearing this would be a well-run event, that it seemed to have great difficulty in getting started on time and with a consensus of what was supposed to happen. So, with the kerfuffle about who was eligible to vote, maybe they need to go back to school, as in Coronado High School, where their events seem to be more polished. But, maybe it's just me. I went, hoping to get a good idea of the philosophical differences between the candidates which could have been better accomplished by using a much different format. Instead, I got to see way too many candidates for Court races where candidates really can't tell you how they would vote on any particular issue. They need to separate the two (yes, and show up at different times, which is inconvenient). The Congressional races should be more of a debate - if candidates can't handle that here, they shouldn't be elected. The question is, can they find a proper moderator for that forum?

al bundy
Then again those like you in the Democratic party in El Paso never minded Democrats like Vero and Beto,just two examples, politically prostituting themselves out and being in the pocket of wealthy Republicans in El Paso and acting in their interest! Nope you did not mind a bit!

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