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January 02, 2018


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Do you think Jaime believe his big pay off from Vero, for carrying her water, will be a staff position in DC! Jaime has to be having wet dreams if he is thinking this. Vero will go to DC and will not even remotely admit she knows or remember who Jaime is after the election!Do not believe Vero will even give Jaime a job even in her locale El Paso office.
Jaime has failed to grow up and realize his boat left long,long ago in being a King and Queen maker in El Paso! Jaime doesn't realize he is the Court Jester for the progressive Democratic leadership in El Paso because they know they can forget Jaime after each election in him being use as their always willing useful idiot! Also they know Jaime will jump at the chance next election to ware Court Jester hat again, at the ring of a bell, by the progressive Democratic leadership in El Paso as dreams of a government job and being political hack dances in Jaime's head.

If she wins and is stupid to hire him for any position, just remember the chaos he caused at the county and remember Congress is only two years.

Jaime is only the gossiping and dirty works flunkee. Which is why he is popular with the user crowd.

He was a failure in the military, as a husband and father, he is a failure now. He is a glorified janitor. Don't tell him that because he sees himself as an engineer.

Word to the wise, he is like the informant. He gives you info while gathering info about you for use later.

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