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February 20, 2018


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EPISD board voted 4-2 to hire outside audit regarding Susie and her campaign job. Susie quoted as saying we need to communicate with each other? Really-this coming from a person that was hellbent on destroying the reputation of Dori so she wouldn’t run against Susie’s BFF Veronica.

Susie should have resigned the same day Veronica did when she knew she going to be campaign manager.

She will never resign. She has a need to be in an elective position so she can carry on the Caballero/Shapleigh agenda. She did cause a lot of disruption last year when she decided to destroy Dori Fenenbock in advance of Dori announcing for Congress. Caused EPISD to spend countless hours responding to Open Records requests that she fed to El Paso Times. The board could have shut her down last year and "communicated" with her - but they let it go on until too late.

If only someone on the EPISD board would show an interest in students and their education instead of their political careers, shoveling bond money to their friends and giving the Supt another raise. WTF has he done except stay away from the office?

Maybe I should run for EPISD on the simple platform of educational quality? Naw...no one in this town would ever back that:)

The EPISD board is a Farce. They are at least not as corrupt as the previous Board, but what are we seeing as the result of the Bond Issue that was passed?

Higher SAT scores? Better graduation rates? Lower drop out rates? No. Just more money for Juan Cabrera. Plus, his constantly flying 1st Class. Why can't he fly Southwest like everyone else? He has a cell phone budget of $1,200 a MONTH.

My Monthly Unlimited ATT cell plan runs about $200 MAX. How often is he on the phone? 7 1/2 hours out of 8 hours working a day (when he bothers to show up).

This has turned into a huge mess with Dori being the lead Attack Dog. Hatch was at Dori's opening kickoff at the Pershing Inn. That's O.K.? Juan Cabrera trying to squeeze Haggerty but Cabrera claiming "he couldn't recall."

What a Dumb Ass, hand-picked by Dori Fennenbock.

Run Jerry K run El Paso needs forward thinkers right now!

Speaking of conflicts of interest....you need to get up to speed on the latest Fenenbuck news.

Jud, you have got to be the biggest idiot posting. Susie basically ran a goat(or cow) against you and Tolbert and won. If you cant see the conflict of interest with Susie then i'm at a blank. As far as Dori, at least she quit to run a while back. Dori has issues and so does Norma, but Escobar is as bad as Hillary Clinton.

"He has a cell phone budget of $1,200 a MONTH..."
Rat, maybe he watches a lot of 1-900-HOT-BABES :)

My AT&T Unlimited plan is $105 per month and I burned a lot of minutes and gigs in Canada where I was much of last year. I don't know how you can use $1,200 a month otherwise but the EPISD board seems to think this is OK. Then again, they get their numbers from Ms. Fuzzy Math.

$1,200 a month for a cell phone sounds about right. EPISD handed out iPads to every kid recently, (so you know, they can play Minecraft and watch Youtube and porn), and those things have data-service!!! Not just wifi only. Cabrera is only getting what we give the children, and how can anyone deny the children these necessary educational opportunities?

The kids can get porn on their IPad? If I was Cabrera and his $1,200 Monthly phone stipend, I would get off the phone use an Ipad instead to watch his porn. Go to a Starbucks that offers free Wi-Fi and use their wi-fi instead.

Another "perk" is that EPISD does not have its own credit cards. So, Cabrera uses his own personal credit card and is therefore reimbursed. If he had 1/2 of a brain, he is using a credit card where he can get $$$$ back, or travel miles linked to a major airline.

That's what I had until my corporation got wise and made us use the corporate credit card. Then, the Co. got the miles instead. EPISD should do the same thing. However, my Co. did this back in the 90's....so as usual, EPISD and El Paso is about 20+ years behind the times..


The State appointed Board of Managers gave those stipends not the current board.

Ms "Fuzzy Math" Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria should be held accountable for a lot of this mess including GAFCON.

It is her responsibility to implement policies for her department.

She failed to do this while a member of the Board of Managers and in her position now as what? CFO?

BTW she was Escobar's recommendation for the Board of Managers.

Good article. Worth reading.

Susie Bryd is in serious trouble, and it is about time!

Mary, thank you for the info re: C A-C's appointment. I worked for the city managing a large federal grant project while she was CFO there and can say she was the worst CFO in my 50 year corporate experience. But she knows how to play ball with the numbers, for the stadium, QOL, and now EPISD. Such a person is very valuable to the local power elite and her career progress shows it.

My personal limited experience with Judge Escobar was positive. Ditto, Suzie whom I've known for at least 10 years. Like Michael Corleone famously said, "It's not personal, it's strictly business."

If Mrs. Pleters Goes to Washington, she will inevitably be forced to dump Susie Bryd. Watch it happen!

She will appoint Susie to run her El Paso office. Nice gig with benefits! Except Susie will have to spend her entire time helping to fundraiser for the next election. It will continue to be a conflict for her if she remains a trustee.

Thanks for the history on C A-C and confirming suspicions.

When C A-C was working at the city, Escobar hired C A-C to rework "financial procedures" at the county.

"Financial processes" of 3 government bodies have been tainted by the same person in what appears to be an organized effort facilitated by elected officials like Escobar and Byrd.

Sad for El Paso.

It appears corruption has formally transitioned from the bathrooms to the elected boardrooms.

David: Do you have an email address? Is there a way to send you a message on this blog?


karlsruher@gmail.com. No porn please...

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