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February 13, 2018


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Rich is intelligent, has a compelling literary style and will drag passed out drunks from gin mills, drive them home in the drunk’s car AND THEN WALK HOME. A friend told me this story and I believe him. This could be the beginning of a new day. Vote for Rich. Early and often.

District 8? We just elected someone to that seat. I'm glad he's going to run but that election is a long way off. Can anyone come up with a candidate for District 1? Svarzbein has to be the rudest person ever. I've been in 2 meetings with him and he never puts down his phone. He is oblivious to what is going on if its not on his phone.

Yeah, agree Peter Pan needs to go . He is rude and lies at the drop of a hat.

The city charter changed city elections to November beginning in 2018. Districts 1, 5, 6 and 8 are up for election. There is no info on the city clerk’s website as to when the filing period opens.

David KKK, this will probably the only time I agree with you, but I'm with on ElRichiBoy. He IS a "tell it like it is" person. Plus, he's thoughtful, insightful and intelligent.

His blog posts going back years were and are, spot on regarding the Chihuahuas and MountainStar.

I had great hopes for Lizarraga, but she doesn't appear to have done much since elected.Also, Duranguito is in her District and she's been incredibly quiet about it.

My hope is that el RichiBoy can run Billy Abraham out of town, or at least, make him sell his buildings so that the rest of Dowtown can grow

Rich Wright is the enema that El Paso City Hall desperately needs.

an election already happened. bet he still gets more votes than you david kkk aka dinner plates.

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