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February 15, 2018


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It seems that EPISD has a habit of allowing citizens and now board members easy access to vendor lists. Do they get it from an Open Records Request or because Susie is a board member it was handed to her with no questions asked by her BFF Carmen?

Remember when Paul Strelzin many years ago solicited contributions from EPISD vendors for a bond election when Tafoya was EPISD Superintendent? He knew who each vendor was and exactly how much EPISD had paid them. He even put that information in his solicitation letters to the vendor. His defense was "I am just trying to help" pass the bond issue.

So I guess Susie got the vendors list and sent that info to Veronica to solicit campaign donations. Seems that cracker-jack EPT investigative team should get a vendor list from EPISD via an ORR and compare that to Veronica's contributors. Of course they would have to take the time to find out who owns the company and cross match with the contributor list. EPT isn't that smart - so it would never happen.

This is the same kind of ad that Doris did about 6 months ago, where she cut and spliced comments (taken out of context of course).

C' mon....that's it? You really must be desperate if some ad from Doris is what you are peddling.

Norma doesn't have the money, Doris has alienated ALOT of people and Veronica has the Local Big $$$ behind her--especially the Republicans who know where their bread will be buttered in Washington. In addition, having the FIRST Latina Congresswomen from Texas will play well, so the DNC is going to be dropping big time money into her race. You can bet on it.

They are not about to let a LIFELONG REPUBLICAN come in and take a seat just to turn it Red. The classic wolf in sheep's clothing. Doris can huff and puff and try to blow the house down.

The only thing that blows is this Blog.

Augustus Snodgrass but you keep reading this blog,commenting and help give it credibility!You are dumber than a box of rock and everything this ad says is true!Vero did raise taxes multiple times and made sure the tax payers and voter never had a say. Vero did get the big raise which she could of refused but did not. Vero stood by as she knew the EPCAD's back door was being used by her and other taxing entities to raise property values to help increase the tax load on the back of El Paso Tax payers. She put El Paso on the hook for CH, a private business, into perpetuity when it was shown that CH could never stand financially on it's own! The list goes on and on to Vero's screw ups!

DNC has no plans to invest in this race. No matter what it is in the “D” column. This ad is not the same as the one you mentioned. This one shows Susie using her power as a trustee to get information from EPISD vendor files on potential donors to help Vero. Dori is a conservative Democrat. Something Vero/Susie have no concept of.

Who Cares,
I agree.
There is a huge difference.
The claims in the video are not invented.

Also, I would consider Dori more of a moderate.

Why would the DNC spend a nickel here when, no matter what, they are going to keep a Dem seat? They have bigger fish to fry holding onto endangered seats, which is everywhere.

Why didn't you just upload the video to youtube?

Jerry K...."Endangered Democrat seats...everywhere?" You are either ignorant or deliberately misleading yourself (and other gullible people). Go the Cook Political Report and see for yourself the Republican seats that are in danger.

There have never been this many Republican decline to run for re-election.You know as well as I do that whoever is in power, at the midterms, the opposite party gains seats. In this case, with Numbnuts like Devin Nunes, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and especially the Groper In Chief, tRump, the Republicans have made their brand toxic.

Thomas, I keep posting on here to "Keep David KKK honest (as best as I can since he is so rabid--the Ben Shapiro of Austin). He DOES NOT LIVE IN EL PASO. He was NOT BORN in El Paso. He has lived away longer than he has lived in El Paso. Yet, he is obsessed with Dori. He is a Staunch RepubKKKliKan which is ironic, because the Republican Alt Right absolutely hates Jews...check out the videos on the Tiki Torchers at Charlottsville.
I am fiscally conservative Democrat and a socially liberal one at that.

If David is KKK then he is a Democrat ? The meow factor promoted antisemetic rhetoric while his bosses remained silent so they must be Republicans?

And you Augustus are beginning to look like a dangerous stalker. Should we call the FBI on you? Do you own any guns? You are certainly wound up tight over this election.

Augustus Snodgrass Nope you can support people for office like Vero and claim you are s fiscal conservative! Your claim is bull shit! Also you fail in have cogent argument, throwing the race card against David and making a ignorant claim about someone not being born in El Paso not having lived long enough in E l Paso to have a right to an opinion. Once again bull shit!
Last you had zero argument to defend Vero to what we posted about Vero's record in County government! Most everything you post in the comment section here is just that bull shit!

Thomas Dorman (age 60)....Pops, stick to meteor watching....ANYONE can write whatever they want. However, the casual reader should have the right to know that David Karlsruher is writing about a topic where he gets his information 2nd hand.

Doris' record isn't so great. A LIFELONG Republican now posing as a Democrat...plus, her stint at the EPISD wasn't so great. The largest Bond increase in El Paso's history. Then a bid that was written by GAFCON....?

Your hypocrisy is breathtaking!

Dear Who Cares:

W.C.: Yes, FBI, I would like to report a dangerous person.

FBI: O.K, what is the crime?

W.C.: Well, he's been writing Mean Things about my buddy, David Karlsruher...

FBI: Has he said threatening things? Has he posted videos online of guns? Has he promised to kill people?

W.C. Uh, no....but he's been really mean to my wingman.....he even said that Ralph Lauren's real name is Ralph Lifshitz.

FBI: O.K. No threats, but he is practicing his 1st Amendment rights. By the way, what IS Ralph Lauren's REAL name?

W.C. Yes, but...but...he's been really mean to my friend Doris Fennenbock, calling her a Lifetime Republican, instead of just turning Democrat last year...Well, Ralph Lauren's name IS Ralph Lifshitz.....

FBI: Sorry, we have bigger fish to fry. Speaking of which, we are working on one of the biggest FRAUD cases of the year....

W.C. Fraud?

FBI: Yes, we are investigating the fact that Doris Fennenbock is cutting and splicing old comments by Veronica to make it seem like she is saying something, when in fact, her Ad Campaign, based out of Las Vegas, is cutting and splicing.

FBI: In fact, it got so bad that Facebook pulled a similar ad last year for Fraud. Plus, she is a Lifelong Republican, her husband is a Lifelong Republican...Gotta Go!


Veronica is just another C, oh I mean Hillary !

Loves the power, loves the extra money and it doesn't matter how unethical her tactics, its just win baby. The outcome justifies the means. I would vote for a Goat if it were Veronica's only opponent. Sort of like our last Presidential election. Hey Augustus, you sure aren't a fiscal conservative either.

Augustus Snodgrass
Been outed we are so afraid! Not! You are a moron once again you have zero defence of Vero's tax and spend record that your great grandchildren will be paying for into perpetuity!You Super Genius made the claim the video ad wasn't true and but it was true! You made the bull shit claim you are fiscal conservative and you are not. Fiscal conservative do not support tax and spend progressive like Vero never have and never will! Face the fact you are ate up with stupid!

Augustus - you must be the most naive person on this earth when it comes to political campaigns and advertising. You really are ignorant of the process. If Vero had more money she would be flooding the airwaves with super negative commercials about Dori. But wait.....Vero doesn't have enough money to do anymore than the 2 commercials she has done and they are horrible. Susie will do anything to win - including mislead, misrepresent and destroy anyone and anything in her way.

Augustus, I am confused. Who do we vote for? Dori, who just recently became a democrat? Or Veronica, whose household is supported by a GOP appointed guy who deports illegals? Veronica must be republican, she must really in her heart support the deportation of Mexicans, no matter what she says. If not, then she's a hypocrite, right? Please clear this up for me.

I just got a robo call from the Texas Republican Party asking me to vote for Dori in the Democratic Primary. I hate Veronica with a passion, but I'm not a big fan of Dori. Veronica is a corrupt narcissist, who if elected is going to learn that being a back bencher is not all that glorious. She will probably become frustrated and start to pop off with that big mouth of hers and say something moronic. I will be smiling when she does. Dori has never had to worry about anything in her life. She could always depend on her family to take car of her if anything happened. Which is a blessing, but she does not truly understand the issues that are affecting people and she never will. I would rather vote in the Republican primary and cast my vote for candidates who I can truly support. But I'm sure there are a lot of Republicans whom will come to the call and vote for Dori.

I just read this, lol. Escobar and she created a family business. He bags them and she jails.

Escobar had the same of contributors as Dori, daddy is appointed to a judgeship by a Republican administration, contributions by daddy to Republicans greased the road?. She thought it was racist to jail immigrants until she discovered they're a cash crop. She cries poor while the combined family income is over $200,000 a year. She gave herself a raise but denies she was involved. She doesn't tell you that there was a three day period that she could have had her name removed from the raise proposal.

Escobar and her side kick traveled to Washington to solicit Republican funding.

why did you host the file yourself?

Dear "Looking for Help." I know you are confused with all of the back and forth, the lies that Dori is spreading, the false and misleading attacks. So, let me explain some FACTS for you. They may be hard for you to understand, because although you are a graduate of Coronado, their education system is not all that great.

#1. Veronica is running for Congress. NOT her husband. The last time I checked, Veronica's name is on the ballot. Not her husband's. The same goes for Doris. Is her husband Mark's name on the ballot? No? Its not? So we don't have to worry about Mark's track record of Voting REPUBLICAN his Entire Life. Nor, his extensive contributions to REPUBLICAN Ted Cruz. But that brings ups an interesting point.

Dori has been voting REPUBLICAN all her Life, So, what is she? Fish or Fowl? Democrat or Republican? Obviously the latter....Comprende?

If you want to talk about the spouse's careers, we can talk about that. Mark inherited into his family business through his Dad Bernard (Bernie). It is not his fault he was born on 3rd Base. The problem is, Mark thinks he hit a Triple. Very much, or worse than Donald Trump.

You also brought up Veronica's husband being an Immigration judge. Through some twisted (and Bullshit Lies that Doris is peddling), because Trump is President and Jeff Sessions is in charge of the Justice Dept---therefore her husband must be a Republican!

Wow! Such LIES she Peddles...Peddles...Peddles...He applied for the job in 2016 under Obama. According to the GAO, it takes around 2 years for the review process.

The REALITY IS what I have written above. Doris and her husband Mark are LIFELONG REPUBLICANS. Now she is trying (with help from Carlos Sierra) to say she is a Democrat.

Augustus Snodgrass
Once again like a coward will not answer the question how was the Ad not true. The reason you refuse to answer is you know damn well it's all fact.
So you have a thing about Republicans but you never minded one bit as Vero political whored herself out to the Republican big money donors along with Susies in El Paso! Nope, never minded one bit! Then again by using your thinking process or lack of this damn well makes Vero a closet republican!
Why the fake screen name if you weren't such a damn coward and you are such a tough guy!

Snodgrass you missed your calling as a fiction or comedy writer.

Thomas.....Check out today's Endorsement from the El Paso Times in regards to Veronica....it says it all about Dori.

Nothing but being an Attack Bitch against Veronica, with nothing about what Doris intends to do.....Just Lie, Smear, Attack, Lie some More and Peddle, Peddle, Peddle, Peddle more Lies.

I know the EP Times is a mere shadow of itself. I get the digital version for $10.00 a year instead of the tissue paper version. But, for the time being, its the only newspaper in El Paso.

If Doris was such a favorite of Democrats, such as Deny Hoyer, Beto and Castro, they would have supported her. No. They chose the REAL Democrat....not the "Crypto Republican."

By the way, my name is Al Swearengen.

Augustus Snodgrass

You actually pay to read the EP Times?? That ought to be the stupidest thing I read today. Why would you pay to read their articles when you can just open the links in "incognito mode / privacy mode" You can do this trick with any news website like the NY Times (however I don't read propaganda) This fiscal conservative just saved you $10 a year. You are welcome.

If anyone here doesn't want to support the EP Times I would also suggest installing Adblocker. It prevents all of the pop ups so the Times wont earn any money be spamming you with ads anymore.

I'm not surprised that your 'real name' is Al Swearengen because you are a cocksucker. (Deadwood)

Al Swearengen
Show one lie I posted, everything I have posted is fact. If you claim Vero doesn't have big Republican donors, has for years you are the liar! If you claim that Vero did not double the county total obligation of debt than once again you are liar. If you claim that Vero did not put CH on the back of El Paso Tax payer into perpetuity when it had been more than proven CH would never stand on it own financial legs than again you are liar. If you claim that Vero never claimed that a lot of the cost of the new jail annex would be paid for by housing Federal prisoners then once again you are a liar!
Vero has the moral and ethical problem of warehousing the mentally ill in the county jail which she helped push through which cost the El Paso Tax payers three to four times the cost of a traditional mental health facility. Fact super Genius Vero championed this abuse of the mentally ill in El Paso.
And last Al, Vero is a crypto Republican or she has more than shown herself as a political whore who never had one problem acting in the interest of her wealthy Republican donors.
No Al you are a proven liar, attack whore for Vero. Then if Vero is sending out here political attack whores, like you, than she must be worried!

Confirmation Bias....Thank You for the tip. I am not sure I can use it, my Grandkids got me a Computer for Christmas...so I'm barely learning. I don't know how to open a "Link" in incognito mode.
Besides, I already paid the EPTimes my $10 bucks.

Sincerely, Al Swerengen..."Wu. Swearengen. Cocksucker. San Francisco Cocksucker."

Al as expected you have zero cogent argument to defend Vero's record and actions!
Stop with the broken wing act if you can find my information you are not computer stupid or someone is feeding you information!

Golly gee whiz! Lucky me. I'm a republican and my party has 2 viable coandidates in the race -- Dori and Veronica. How to choose....

Easy Norma!;O)

Finally Veronica and Susy called out for their corruption. Having worked at the county, employees are distrustful of Veronica. She replaced all department heads with her buddies, even creating positions for them. Just ask any employee at the county how many times the HR department has screwed up, they continue to loose lawsuit after lawsuit and Escobar promoted that employee to County Manager - what a joke. I wish the El Paso Times or Dori’s camp would look into the millions of dollars the County had to settle under Veronica’s time at the county.

Sunday night's KVIA live TV Extra interview, with the six congressional candidates wanting to replace Beto was interesting and helpful, while at the same time frankly disappointing! What I came away with, after seeing all six live on TV, was who would do the 'least damage' representing El Paso and our community's vital interests?

Actually seeing these six candidates live, rather than reading some Times print reporter's impression of them, better allowed me to cast a final vote.

Last week after that tragic school shooting in South Florida, all these senators and congress people were constantly on the TV news channels, talking about all the legislation they were going to personally introduce. Frankly they were all 'full of shit,' and 'legislate' or 'to introduce legislation,' actually means to 'spout bull shit' and 'do nothing.' In last night's KVIA TV interview, I could quickly see all six local candidates were providing the same old do nothing, stock answers that are today so fashionable in Washington!

Now I'm prepared to vote early for a candidate who 'will do the least damage' to the vital needs of El Paso. Thanks for your help Channel 7!

The reality is as freshman their impact will be minimal. The only noise we hear will be locally and hopefully some grandstanding by one of the loudmouths.

The only viable candidate is Garcia but his party left him out to dry and never got traction. Jerome, comes off as arrogant he should change his speaking style if he wants to be elected. Lecturing doesn't work.

Escobar, she spun and lied plus it was obvious she was coached. Norma is likable but wrong message. Dori, she did good with her "work for El Paso". But got side tracked with revealing Escobar's nonsense.

I was kind of dissapointed, but what was weird is that Dori continually attacks Veronica.

She even said how she was very inclusive in bringing the city together for the bond, but then allshe's done is attack Veronica.

Im not sure thats going to work. I think this is going to backfire on her. In fact, at the end, in her final summary, she told everyone to go to a website that attacks Veronica. I think you need to tell the people what they are going to do or what they have done instead of contstanly attacking Veronica.

Made up my mind! And, like someone wrote here, Freshman Congress members can't do much of anything.

Norma came off as kind of scattered. She was looking down at her notebook just flipping pages instead of facing the camera. No one else last night had to look at their notes. No Bueno for NOrma.

What's wrong with revealing negative information about your opponent? It might be helpful. Vero acts like the Children's Hospital is the 2nd coming of Jesus in how great it is. It's broke. Flat, dead broke, hanging by a thread. It only has Medicaid to keep it alive. It can't afford 6-figure salaries for all the specialists they have. It's had 5 or 6 CEO's since the day it opened - that should be alarming to all El Pasoans. Vero would be better off not talking about her achievements because they are nothing to brag about. What corruption did she end? Cobos' Chief of Staff turned him into the FBI - it wasn't Vero. Tell Vero to name the person she got rid of that was corrupt. Gandara was already on the FBI radar for drug dealing. Only thing I remember is her forcing Piti Vasquez out as Purchasing Director. No proof that he did anything wrong. The biggest negative for Vero is she allows Jamie Abeytia (her unpaid lapdog) to post vile, negative things about Dori and her religious faith. Is that okay to all you out there that don't like "negative campaigning"? Jamie may not have a Super PAC but he has a super bad habit of spreading lies about Vero's opponents.

Augustus is always licking the Lionstar Blobs little balls and big lonja on his page. Augustus is an old man who os played out. Has no friends. Ask carlos sierra about Augustus background. Shady. Snodgrass is a puss. He needs democrap handouts from democraps. He isnt even employed

O.K. you've found me out. I am actually working in St. Petersburg as to what you Americans call a "Troll Farm." We prefer the word "Factory." We do it to spread dissent among Americans. In this case, El Paso, which actually, according to our records, should be part of Mexico. In fact, it WAS part of Mexico.

But, in any case our job is to rile up the American dupes. I am assigned El Paso as punishment for not doing a better job for Trump.
El Paso is a sleepy backwater. No one wants to move there, and according to our records, is actually losing population. So yes, we have also planted Dori as a "Dupe."

She is actually a Republican, but who is running as a Democrat, to sow civil discord among the natives. She will go to Washington, and instead align herself with the Republican Party. Taking her cue from Ted Cruz and of course, The Donald himself. As you can see for yourself, she has never voted Democrat in her lifetime. And, her husband is a Huge Ted Cruz supporter.

Escobar is being held accountable for false representations based on her claims vs her real record and role. This is all a matter of important public interest and is long overdue.

None of which is negative campaigning.

Unfortunately the media in this town and Escobar do not seem to understand or care about the difference.

The questions/statements that I am aware of are based on public record about Escobar deceiving the voters/taxpayers on the Children's Hospital Bond Vote, the bankruptcy settlement, as well as her pay raises.

1. Escobar is grossly misrepresenting her "accomplishments" yet she claims she has always been accountable.

When asked why taxpayers didn't have more of an input in the decision-making process? (with regards to the Children's Hospital bankruptcy settlement)

Escobar said a PUBILC VOTE would have been TOO COSTLY, TEDIOUS, and NOT FORGIVING.

Right voter/taxpayers can and should be unforgiving of politicians like Escobar.

2. Escobar has a record of blaming Federal and State budget cuts for almost every tax increase rather than following sound financial practices. And Yet ...

i. Escobar campaigned for the $120 million Children's Hospital Bond and NEVER told voters that the County's finance study for the Children's Hospital was based on NO cuts to Federal and State health care budgets. A very RISKY DOOMED TO FAIL financing model.

ii. Instead ,voters were asked to approve $120 million to build a building which would house a private Children's Hospital that would turn a profit in the first 5 years.

iii. Escobar misrepresented, by conscious omission, the financial risk and the taxpayer obligation that would result because the bond and contractual agreement tied the Children's Hospital to the County Hospital District.

iv. The bankruptcy deal that Escobar supported committed the taxpayer to essentially fund the Children's Hospital.

v. Escobar effectively approved over $100 million dollars of non-voter approved debt for the bankruptcy bailout

vi. Escobar forced the taxpayer to fund over $100 million yearly, due to the increase in UMC operating expenses.

vii. Escobar supported a tax increase for the UMC 2017 budget for maintenance and operations.

"State funding to UMC has decreased by more than what the tax increase funds," says County Judge Veronica Escobar.

What she DID NOT TELL you but the Independent Audit report of UMC does is:

"Operating expenses increased $111.2 million or 20.4% from 2015 to 2016, primary due to the addition of EPCH and associated growth in salaries and employee benefits, professional fees, purchased services, other expenses and intergovernmental transfer expense. "

Taxpayers are now funding the Children's Hospital.

Escobar wants to remind you she has always been Accountable and that the truth and the public's right to know about and discuss her record is somehow negative campaigning?

Seriously ????

Al aka Augustus Snodgrass
Fact more reason Vero has failed as County Judge!
Vero championed the buying of 9 million dollars of software for the county's antiquated mainframe computer (circa 1980's) which that system should have been replace at least a decade ago. Vero claimed was it would pay for itself in improved productivity at the county. It didn't it was a bull shit claim and Vero and none of the big heads at the county were ever able to prove they get 9 million dollars of improved productivity at the county out of the software. Following the money on that speaks volumes.
Next known thief was going on at the county with county employees and vendors rendering service at Ascarate Park it was clear what was going on but under Vero's leadership it had to get to the point of burning her ass before she finally acted! This is fact!
Low income home loans was one of the most corruption, cheating program going at the county and lost a nice chunk of changes and was almost a total bust! Did Vero leave it there nope she wanted to go back and do the same thing over again! It was more than clear a whole lot of fraud, waste and abuse was going on in that program under Vero's watch.
The appointment of Tania Chozet to the CCC now that was one of the most dishonest, out right unlawful act Vero did! It was pretty common knowledge Tania Chozet had been living in Las Cruces with her girl friend for some time and Vero only got away with it because Chozet hadn't change here mailing address from her Mom and Dad home! This was an out right scam by Vero to control getting her agenda passed before the CCC. Yep, Vero has zero problem being unethical when it suits her needs!
Let not get into the good buddy deals that went down in the eastern lower valley to the new port of enter which Vero made it clear it was all good.Yep good for Vero's own self interest!
Yep, Al you support someone for Congress that has some real moral and ethical issues from her time at the head of El Paso County government.

Thomas you're incorrect about the new POE. She fought the naming of the POE. Refused to even consider.

Wrong the land deal was the issue and what the jack up price cost the taxpayers. If the land deal wasn't a sweetheart deal there is no such thing as a sweetheart deal! Vero had majority control of the of the CCC at the time and they pretty much did what Vero wanted. If anyone even tries to claim Vero wasn't for the POE they are lying their behinds off!

I jusst found out that I know Dori's family -- mom's side and it isn't good. Big time gold diggers. And I won't vote for Veronica. Norma is too liberal. So...had dinner with friends and we're going to go for Jerome. Probably throwing away votes but I can't support those other three.

Disappointed - you don't sound like an intelligent voter. You just found out that you think you know Dori's family? Okay. Her mother isn't running. If you had simply said I don't like the 3 women running so I am voting for Jerome-then fine. But to add the statement about her mother - stupid. Do me a favor - stay home.

Dori and her Mom and sisters are Gold diggers? What a surprise!At one point on her campaign web site, she said Tony Lama (8th) was her step-father.

Now Dori's Mom is married to that old guy from Miami. How many times has that family been married?

Fair game as Dori has attacked Veronica and her husband.

By the way, check out the Mohel situation in N.Y.....Herpes, Hep C, Meningitis. After circumcision, the Mohel actually socks the baby boys's cock!

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