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February 20, 2018


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She's done too much mudslinging especially with the ant-Jewish nonsense and her message "going to fight Trump" plus "first Latina" are not exactingexactly inspirational.

You might believe she's won, I say you are wrong. Best she could do is a run off. A runoff would seal her fate. She would be running against 3 candidates.

Ha! DINO's and Republicans are the Gollums of America. Whenever you guys play dirty, its politics, the minute your opponents use the same playbook, you start whining like a bitch. It's Politics.

I will do the same thing
And the left is always claiming they have the moral high ground claiming they are not racist well this election in El Paso proved that one claim wrong!Telling people they are whining like a bitch is sexist to but you on the left claim you don't do that either but you just prove that claim is wrong too! What a "Super Genius" left-winger! I am impressed!

David Karlsruher, this is the most Ridiculous and Grotesque twist of facts I've ever heard.

Just so your readers know, you are a Republican living in Austin, TX.

Dori was the one who came out of the gate, slinging mud and distorting facts. I read EVERY El Paso blog and I've never seen where Jaime Abeytia attacked Doris's husband. Show us all on what date(s) Abeyta attacked Mark Fennenbock.

"It's going to hurt in the long run..." Dude, you should know that a boycott is already being organized against the Jewish owned business's of El Paso. THAT'S going to hurt. You think Doris' attacks and smears are not going to come back and haunt her? Her scorched earth policy is going to backfire on her. Wait and see.

One thing about El Pasoans. They carry a grudge for a VERY long time.

If Doris had run this in a civil, morally upright way, it would have been a "clean" fight. Doris even had her Facebook ad from last year deleted because it was filled with cut and splice comments that were deemed outright Lies.

You are a disgusting piece of shit. Ever since high school you were an asshole and continue to be one. Nothing's changed other than you've gotten cockier...if that's possible.


I was an asshole way before high school - if we're talking facts here.

So Vero and Susie are organizing a boycott of Jewish owned business because a Jew dare run for an elected position? That's pretty racist... I mean there's saying things and then there's doing things. Racism is really at it's pinnacle when you 'do' something to a certain group of people - like, you know, boycott their businesses.

Whoever you are, you are exactly what Vero and Susie have turned into.

Disgusted because of lack of reality
It was going to get dirty no matter who happened to be the lead challenger against Vero's coronation!

No....David K. NOT Vero or Susie. Just other citizens such as myself who have become disgusted with Dori's antics and mud-slinging.

Dori (and you) can throw all the mud they want...Remember what Dori said..."I beat 3 Latinas."

What the fuck does THAT mean? Plus, when Dori was living in Colorado she listed herself as a "Christian." So what is she? Christian or Jew. Democrat or Republican?

disgusted on I-35 & Mo Pac
Who gives a shit what religion Dori claim it only matters to bigots and racist such as yourself. I am no a voter in El Paso any longer but you exemplify the many who vote for progressive Demorcates like Vero in El Paso. Progressive Democrats like Vero and Susie have and can fuck you over again and again but stupid voters like you'll keep claiming how swell and great they are when there is more than sufficient evidence they are not.
Personally I want Norma just to watch the fireworks go off between David K and Norma which can be great comic relief, down right entertaining and hilarious!

I guess Disgusted just never got over high school. Must be the same troll that goes by Michael and other names. We get it - you don't like DavidK.

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