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February 22, 2018


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Susie is trying to turn the tables and get KVIA to accuse Dori of "campaigning" while in office. She filed the Exploratory committee report in late May. Gave her the ability to raise money. Veronica could not afford to quit so she was coy about her plans but we all knew she was going to run. Susie could have been lining up donors, but not actually collecting checks until Veronica actually filed for office which was August. Campaign managers do lots of things - manage the campaign, the PR, the fundraisers, suggesting donors to contact, etc. Savvy vendors know how the game is played and knew they would need to donate in order to be considered favorably when it comes time for EPISD to award a contract.

Pure Speculation. To borrow the quote of Republican's...."A Big NothingBurger."

I raised this point last year. In El Paso people view UNETHICAL as being clever. It's not clever just because it's not criminal.

Stirring up allegations to an investigation can and will come back to bite you politically or legally, you are opening a can of worms. Payback, known for dirty politics, creditability, wasting government funds and time, publicity blowback and one misstep could find you in court.

Watching too much of "House of Cards".

Even if Susie was guilty of a crime she has her get out of jail free card in the form of Jaime Esparza who would never prosecute one of his progressive Democratic good buddies! Even if Espaza was forced to open an investigation he would end up sending to the Texas Ranger where it would die! Susie knows this fact! Only way Susie would ever be charge with a crime is if the FBI did it.

Why is it that Carlos Sierra that is at the head of all the negativity going on. He has many DWI's and no one has done anything to him. Is that right no but, who is going to do anything? NOONE!

No worse than Veronica and Susie’s lap dog Jamie Abeytia. He owes thousands in child support. Pled guilty to a lesser charge of child porn. They don’t seem to care about his negatives.

The "Zorro" link/website is you David K. NOt sure why you have to hide under two separate websites.

David Karlsruher....I know you were gloating and rubbing your hands in anticipation of some "bombshell" investigation. However, The Bomb blew up in Dori Fenenbucks face....she was getting $$$ from vendors while she WAS STILL ON THE EPISD BOARD!!!!

Yet, she had the gall to personally go to the EPISD board meeting and lodge charges that Susie is working with Veronica. That was a violation of rules.

Also, this has been brought up before and there is nothing there. The only thing they found is the afore-mentioned Dori getting vendor money.

Her excuse is that they were her friends doesn't fly. In fact, it makes it stink even more. What were they getting out of her role on the EPISD before she resigned that position?

This stinks to high heaven and no amount of B.S.ing the El Paso public will make it go away.
Doris is dishonest and crooked. And, she's not even an elected official yet. Looks like she never will at the rate this is going.

Her mud-slinging is going to bite her in the ass.

Okay Susie. We get it. Dori filed her exploratory committee report in May 2017. Allows candidates to solicit funds. What you don’t get is Veronica could not even personally ask for money until she announced she was running and filed a report. She could not quit her day job she needed the money. So, minions helped her out by lining up the money so the minute she announced she could cash the checks. What Veronica didn’t do was physically leave the job. She stayed on until she made sure her chief of staff got the interim position. If she didn’t announce until December 1 then she could have stayed as the county judge. One of the National women’s lib groups demanded she put up or shut up. Meaning get off your ass and announce. Did you happen to notice how much PAC and Union money Veronica has? Dori doesn’t have any of that. Escobar is going to be owned by the special interests. Guess she doesn’t follow her BFF Beto’s pledge to not take special 8nterest money.

You and Zorro don't even know how to read the fucking newspaper. They hadn't been EPISD vendors for 3 years. And Byrd didn't ask them for donations.

Fenenbock, on the other hand, did take donations from current vendors.

Why accuse your opponent of the very type of corruption you're busy practicing? Because you think El Pasoans are dumb as shit.

So fuck you, fuck Zorro, and fuck Fenenbock.

Oh my Al, resorting to the F word means you have no competent explanation for anything. Calm down.

AL now that the pro vero rag has revealed that you are wrong. What's it feel like to have the stories backfire?

Blowback....The Fucking El Paso Times revealed that there is no Fucking collusion with Susie Byrd. The Fucking collusion is with Dori Fennenbucks and her fucking 3 vendors she squeezed for fucking Donations whilst she WAS THE FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE FUCKING EPISD SCHOOL BOARD!

Now, you cocksucker. Go find Wu and bring him to me. Meanwile, go fuck yourself you cocksucker!

LOL, we see that you are a latent homosexual. Oh well, at least you don't discriminate. Your fetish for human egg rolls.


The el paso times took the word of Susie and three vendors mentioned. They did not audit all of her communications. Some of us in the classroom know how Susie works and we know they will find that she was talking to staff at all levels about supporting Veronica Escobar. Susie was very involved in the bond issue in the same capacity and made many people uncomfortable.

Dori had started an exploratory committee to run for higher office. The people listed I know for a fact are friends of hers or her husband. She properly reported the donations and that's why we know them. She resigned so that she could not vote on their contracts or anyone else's contracts. I see nothing wrong here. We know a lot about Dori's campaign and we are just learning about what Susie has been doing. There is a big difference in transparency here.

Friends are friends: I agree with your comments. Of course the vendors are going to deny talking to Susie about the campaign and donations. The minute Susie and Vero found out Dori was thinking about running for Congress Susie started to throw out any perceived ethical issue against Dori as an EPISD Trustee. This was a targeted campaign endorsed by the Vero supporters to destroy Dori's reputation in hopes she would not run. What is really sad is that both Vero and Susie have no problem whatsoever with their lapdog Jaime Abeytia making an issue of Dori's Jewish faith - which EPT happily pointed out also. That is crossing the line in my opinion. It has nothing to do with elective office. When will Veronica come forward and disavow this anti-semitic rhetoric? She won't.

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