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February 07, 2018


"...they'll sell it to a private entity in a decade for pennies on the dollar."
Yes. Three letter word, begins with "M."

Well that's why Tolbert was defeated. He woke up during his short tenure as D2 rep and realized he was being used by Susie and Vero. Susie fashions herself as some kind of Queen Bee of Politics in EP and gets into every government entity she can. Meanwhile - I understand she is an absolute disaster as a board member at EPISD. Pushing Cabrera out so her BFF Carmen can become superintendent. And don't forget campaigning full time for Vero using her status as a EPISD trustee to brow beat voters into supporting Vero.

If you watched council yesterday Annello looked absolutely clueless. Could not even remember the facts in the presentation or those presented by public commenters - kept misstating them.

Whether you like Byrd or not you have to admit she has learned to maneuver thru El Paso chaos.

Reminds me of the Patton when he arrives at his new Headquaters. As he walks thru a hall way he stumbles on a soldier sleeping on the floor. He asks the soldier what is he doing, the soldier "sleeping". Patton "lay back down you seem to be the only SOB that knows what hes doing".


Byrd is the chaos.



More conspiracies from the non ELP resident.

Chuy De La O would be proud.

Wow. This is a train wreck.

Keep your predictions about the arena to yourself. You are a couple of thousand miles and a few dollars short as to what is going on here in El Paso. Everything you said about the arena has been said months ago and you really don’t give a flying @#%! whether it gets built or not.

You seem to be nothing but a blog that spins conspiracy theories about Susie Byrd, someone you give way too much credit to. And you’re still trying so damn hard to clear your BFF Jim Tolbert’s name.

That horse is so dead even the flies have left.

You’re in Florida, right? Maybe you can let us know what’s going on at Mir A Lago.

David Karlsruher (aka David KKK). I am not sure why you are "worried" about the Arena. You don't even live in El Paso (you live in Austin) for all of those readers who chance upon your Blog. So, you're not currently paying El Paso taxes.

You won't be going to any events there--assuming you get tired of the Frank Erwin Center or the Moody Theater. In fact, you live in a residence that is under your parent's name. I'm not sure why you are worried about Billy Abraham's "Chinese Laundry." El Paso is still under the thumb of the "Powers that Be."

You continue to denigrate Susie Byrd and Veronica Escobar as if there is some "Deep State Conspiracy." I am not sure how you are so tuned in when you live 570 miles away and go home once very 6 months. All of your information is 2nd-hand. That is, someone "hears" it, then regurgitates it to you, and you re-post it with your "personal" spin on it.

Also, your continual defense of Tolbert. This is the guy who had a recall against Larry Romero then claimed that he was made to do it by Susie Byrd. Dos Tolbert not have any balls/cojones?

How quickly you have forgotten (or are intentionally misleading) the facts. Tolbert threw an enormous Hissy Fit because he wasn't given a FREE Steak by Ruth's Chris when they opened. Petulantly,he then sent out an email blast saying how Ruth's Chris was an absolutely horrible restaurant.

You've accused me of stalking you on Facebook. Wrong. You showed up on my radar screen and all I had to do was google your name and up popped EVERYTHING you've ever written. In addition, EVERY radio broadcast you have ever spoken.

Why don't you do something constructive and ask a few questions about Billy Abraham and what he intends to do with his downtown properties? At least you would be doing a public service and also helping out your fellow Jews.

At least it would be informative and enlightening. Instead, you continue to peddle "Deep State" theories regarding Susie Byrd and Veronica Escobar. I'm not sure what they did for you to continue to flog a dead horse....that ship sailed a LONG Time Ago....so get a grip man.
Also, you are so worried about what the El Paso Times writes. Really? You are acting like some old woman who has her cotton bloomers all twisted up in a knot. The reality is no one reads the Times. Newspapers are like buggy whips. You should know that. Gannett has said goodbye to El Paso because the natives dont read the paper or can't afford to. The ones who did are either buried at Evergreen or Ft. Bliss. Or else are in a nursing home waiting to be called up to the Happy Hunting Ground.

I am an old man and retired. All I have to do every day is collect my rents and count my money. But, YOU? You're still a young man. Enjoy life while you can and don't be obsessed so much about a city you are not from, don't currently live in, and won't be paying taxes for a phantom arena.

Susie and Vero sure use a lot of different names in their responses to DavidK’s blog.

I am constantly amazed by anonymous posts from people that say vile things about the blogger. Did someone put a gun to your head and make you read this blog? I feel sorry for you people. You have no ability to stop showing your ignorance.

By the way Judd, you made a complete ass out of yourself at City council public comment yesterday regarding Abraham. Talk about an angry person.

David sees questionable activity in El Paso and as a concerned citizen should write about it.

Escobar/Byrd and their supporters don't live in Juarez but sure a lot of time interfering in Mexico sovereignity under the guise of sister city A program that cook misused to garner votes. In any case, Escobar went from jailing immigrants is discriminatory to jail is good for them. Cash crop and more votes by lying to the people.

The other lie is that she is not a DINO. Really, so a Democrat is appointed to a judgeship by a Republican administration. Her contributors list is the same as Dori's.

David you jeep right on calling like it is. The rest of the bloggers are either without a ball sac or paid off.

I was thinking the Bankruptcy case may hold up the Arena?

I'am not in El Paso either but was for almost 20 years and plan to come back.

What is missing with David is each post here needs a little like script or thumb up or down button. I mean us commentators posts.

No problem with one being in FL or Austin etc today. Ever since the nuclear family became the minority we are all moving every few years anyways and many actually work remotely now ie feeling like NYC or SF but not still living there but remotely working for a company etc or any interest based there.

For good or ill we are a very mobile society today. I hated leaving El Paso but must to care for my 88 year old Mother here in Oklahoma.

Judd, you're such a dumbass you can't even realize the guy is helping your point. You're also fucking crazy. You live in some kind of bubble where noise leaves, but doesn't come in. That's why you are so misinformed. You're the reason nobody takes the opposition seriously. You've got issues that need attention from a medical professional.

Judd and the other assholes. David doesnt live here, but his mother and father do and pay Taxes. Im sure he gets his info from mom and he used to live here and they still do so why shouldnt he be concerned ? Hell, are you too stupid to realize Byrd's puppet beat your ass in the election. Did you see her read her bumbling post at council while probably trying to read Susie's text ? Along with the other Liberal Snowflakes and Hillery you should get over you lost the election and it wasnt to Tolbert. It was to Suzie's stooge. oh, and Steve Weinberg and Ralph Lauren(alias Susie and Vero) quit bitching. The truth hurts.

Conspiracy theory shit like usual. Write something worthwhile.

I still read the paper every morning. Drink my coffee in peace and quiet. Then when I want to see really crazy people lose their shit I read this blog. Informative and entertaining. Doesn't cost me anything but a little time in the evening! We seem to have a lot of anonymous commenters! Guess if I wrote some of that shit I wouldn't use my real name either. Too embarrassing!

I read my newspaper every morning (however, its the NY Times and Washington Post). The EP Times has shrunken down to nothing, so I get it on digital for $10 a year. Cheaper than the tissue paper version.

Fact of the day. Gene Simmons from KISS, his real name is Chaim Weitz. Carlos Santana, his real name is, Carlos Santana.

I cancelled my subscription after seeing Bob Moore had retired but still writing for the Times. Even after he was gone the opinion peddlers slanted and spun the news instead of reporting. The final nail was when you contact the opinion peddler, who prints name and phone number if a reader has questions. The rudeness and arrogance was too much.

Now, I enjoy my coffee with news from the Internet, TV/radio and friends. The Inc isn't any better with Crowder with his slant on behalf of the local political Mafia. So with time they will disappear. The newspaper that reports not print opinions is the EL Diario. Which is user friendly on the Internet.

We operate in a news vaccum in El Paso. The media here is a great example of media controlled by socialist dictatorships.

heard that jud disowned his own daughter when she came out of the closet. what a hypocrite. district 2 residents talk. jud lost to a nobody who gets her cues from byrd. what a joke on jud

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