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February 26, 2018


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Humorous or not. She probably is campaigning in Juarez.

And she thinks the old city hall exists still.

ok david kkk

Vero is just trying to gain those crossover votes! ;O)

It might be a mistake, but what can you say about Carlos Sierra and his "Dori Pac?"....he refuses to list where his money came from although he only had around $200 in his PAC filing...he's admitted to spending over $10,000 on all of those False and Misleading ads.

Dori says she has nothing to do with him or his PAC, yet who's paying for the ads? He only has one person he is attacking----Veronica Escobar.

Dori continues to Lie and is aided and abetted by Carlos (3 Times DWI) Sierra.

Hey Josiah - catch up. EPT carried an above the fold major headline that Vero was filing a complaint with the FEC regarding this PAC. Oh wow. How brave of her. No findings will be available until way, way after March 6th. So - whatever. Why didn't she file the complaint in December? January? Suck it up Vero - campaigns are hard, and people are mean!

Who Cares...AKA David KKK..I can already hear Dori's Concession Speech...But, my opponent was so mean and Anti-Semitic!!!!

She'll play the "Poor Me I'm a Jew Card." Yes, only 5,000 Jews in El Paso but that is the Entire Basis of her Campaign. 1% of the El Paso population, but that's her entire premise.

She's going to Washington to set the Democratic Party "straight" in regards to their position on Israel.

That IS a legitimate Escobar mailer.

Check the backside of the mailer.

It was paid for by the LATINO VICTORY FUND.

Josiah, "Poor me Im a Jew Card". What about "Poor me there has never been a Latina Rep" ?
Give me a break and by the way those 5000 Jews pay a large percentage of property tax in this town.

Don't leave Tilghman out. He said what's wrong with having the "First Negrito". Funny but true.

Race and religion should had entered the campaign. To do so is just dirty politics and signs desparation.

After what Mexicans and others have endured because of discrimination one would think "why do that to someone else because of their background?"

...."5,000 Jews pay a large % of property taxes in El Paso..." Sorry, I would say my fellow Lebanese pay more and own much more property than the Jewish contingent here.

Augustus, sure, Mallooly, Abboud, Haddad's, Azar, and a few others. Dipp's are Syrian. Didnt I see many of those on Dori's donation list ?

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