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February 27, 2018


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Now come on the El Paso progressive Democratic Politicians have always kept it in the shade! If it was brought into the light of day all the progressive Democratic voters would end up being blinded any way! Remember, in El Paso as long progressive Democratic Politicians were and are being corrupt it has never been a problem or an issue! Remember it's that down home feeling from the old country they are striving for and support!

Wow, David K thinks people should stop whining and being so sensitive! So he's going to delete this whiny ass blog?

He's got nothing honest or insightful to say, just a lot of shit.

"al bundy", first, please stop insulting the name of Al Bundy. Second, why do you keep reading and posting here if you think "he's got nothing honest or insightful to say, just a lot of shit"?

Seems you are the whiner and the one full of shit.

Voters should look at how many special interest groups including PACs and unions that Veronica has received campaign donations from. Big list. Guess she will represent the special interests and not El Pasoans.

Nice Try David K. She has an ACTUAL HISTORY of supporting Local interests. Just look at the endorsement she received yesterday from LOCAL immigration lawyers and advocates. So, unlike Doris Fenenbucks, she will represent Local Democratic interests.

With Doris Fenenbucks Mission Statement, as seen on her PAC with Carlos Sierra, she claims vaguely that she will "fight Trump." She does spend an entire paragraph how she will try to straighten out the Democratic Party so they support Israel more closely.

What does Israel have to do with El Paso, and how do the two align?

Immigration attorneys make their money from having their clients being stuck in county and jail and go before Pleters. So, yeah, Vero is good for immigration business status quo.



Not always. There are people who are currently stuck in limbo courtesy of Donald Trump. I'm supposing you've heard of "Dreamers" right? Who is going to represent those young men and women? Criminal Defense Attorneys? Real Estate Attorneys?
Entertainment Lawyers?

No....Max, Immigration Attorneys. In fact, my last rental property I purchased (this one in Colorado), is an Immigration Attorney actually employed by the Catholic Church.

So, nice try at mis-direction. BTW, aren't you that Iranian Mexican living in Florida?

Like anything else, immigration law is a business.

Your tenant? Catholic Charities pases on a LOT of cases. Who handles those cases? Immigration attorneys who know their clients will pay in cash upfront.

Nothing particularly virtuous about being an immigration attorney.



Oh yeah, your posts at one point were all about Dori Fenenbuck beating Escobar but the writing has been on the wall for some time and now you're some kind of divine oracle changing your script and telling us what we’re too stupid to know here in El Paso.

Get a real job man.

There in Florida or Austin or Nacogdoches or wherever you happen to blog from.

Augustus Snodgrass
You are an idiot Trump had nothing to do with Obama's executive order coming to an end.Obama's executive order had an expiration date not hard to understand except for morons like you. It's the job of Legislative branch of government to fix the immigration issue. In fact both parties have had the chance to fix this issue many times over at least the last 30 years, wouldn't and will not do it!
It's big money in keeping the poor downtrodden illegals in limbo for the politicians in both parties!
One last thing super genius power resides in Congress not the presidence!

Jud, you lost, get over it. I did.

Snodgrass: If you cannot figure out how supporting Israel is imperative to the security of the US, look at a map. Israel does the dirty work for the US in the region. Without Israel, our defense budget would skyrocket. We're not getting much support from Lebanon, Egypt or the Saudis. Both parties in Congress recognize this. It has only been some of the left-over Obama democrats who seem to need a history & geography lesson. But, hey, I can see why you like Escobar. You both think the Dreamers are our number 1 priority. Forget about national security and support those illegals. Whoopee. Ignorance reigns.

IR, absolutely correct. Israel also provides excellent ship ports and airfields if needed. Plus flyovers thru Israeli airspace.

The so called geniuses think the world revolves around El Paso. We are in an oasis or an island. A city that is growing but still desert.

Everybody together, and a 1, and a 2, and: We can't take a loss.

Our support for Israel is the only reason the US "needs" to be involved in the middle east to begin with. But they're clearly capable of taking care of themselves at this point anyway, as we saw from their retaliatory strikes in Syria a week ago.

America is incapable of "fixing" the region, and Israel doesn't need our assistance to keep shooting Palestinian children in the head.

Oh Jud... I have said from day one that Vero wins this race. I have never made any other prediction. I may not like it, but the votes have already been either paid for or intimidated into compliance. Talk less, Jud and try to read more.

In Christ,

David K

Thomas, you need to be more careful about calling people morons. Trump rescinded DACA in September. It did not have an expiration date. And the reason the case is tied up in the courts is over Trump's assertion that such regulation could only be handled by Congress.


It was rescinded but it did have an expiration date

DACA was coming to end Trump put it on the Congress to fix the issue which was the responsibility of Congress to start with all along.The Executive branch does not Legislate laws! What don't you super Geniuses understand! So you would feel better if Trump wait until March of 2018 to let it expirer!
So you like giving media citations
It’s up to Congress, not the president, to fix DACA

All Trump did was push the Congress to have to deal with the issue which was their problem to start with!
So Obama overstep his Executive powers to try and legislate law which under our constitution is the inherent powers of Congress not the Courts or the Executive branch of government.

Bob Denver: You may like to think, like some Republicans, that we do not need involvement in the Middle East. We tried that isolation thing and it didn't work well for us.

this dude is really claiming hindsight is 20/20 and claiming to educate us people? youre a schmuck.

Israel Rocks/David Karlsurher...I don't need a "History Lesson" regarding Israel. When do we stop being the Worlds "Policeman?". We don't need Israel for Security. Our biggest threat today (Militarily) is Russia.

Our alliance with Israel has always been about Mideast Oil. That, and the pressure put on the US by the Jewish Lobby, AIPAC.

I understand Israel's desire to be a country, which they are. I think Israel also needs a country of Palestine. As it is now, the West Bank "Settlers" have invaded this territory.

Gaza is choked with 40% unemployment and a WALL. Yet, the Jews of the USA constantly cry about "Poor Israel." I've written this before, but when Trump spoke at the AIPAC convention in 2016, the Jews there gave him a roaring, standing ovation.

And, Benjamin Netanyu's(sp?) speech to Congress to spite President Obama.

Israel has been given $233.7 Billion (adjusted for Inflation) since 1948. Although one of the most affluent countries in the world, a top tier education, healthcare and infrastucture system.
Yet, the USA's healthcare system, education and infrastructure are seriously damaged and in need of repair.

So, instead of taking care of matters at home, including our immigration system and "Dreamers," we're shoveling out money to Israel. And, at the beginning of each fiscal year, not in quarterly installments. So, we are paying interest on interest while Israel also competes with us in the arms industry.

Remember those Python III missiles the Chinese threatened us with? Courtesy of our "friend" Israel. There are enough wealthy Jews here in the USA, so that they can replace that $3 Billion. That fat fuck Sheldon Adelson for one. And, the Kushner's $$$ as well.

Wow! I just read how Doris Fenenbuck was using Juan Cabrera to advocate for her on school property. And, she has the balls to smear Veronica Escobar and Susie Byrd for trying to influence vendors.

She has alot of Jewish gall to be acting like the way she is. She reinforces the negative stereotype of the nasty, snarky Jew.

Should have posted my name as Thurston Howell III, and yes, I prefer Mary Ann to Ginger.

A portion of El Paso never had a problem with racism and bigotry as long it was always direct at non hispanics! Clearly some are supporters of Vero who would have thought!

And Thurston you read that in a pro Veronica website or wherever. That’s not happening unless someone is trying to set up Cabrera via a secret recording or text. Like Susie did to Loweree a few weeks ago.

Augustus and Thurston, typical Jew hating Arabs.

I've been to Israel and loved it. 8MM Israelis versus 300MM Arabs. No match; Arabs are at a disadvantage and all Syrian tanks come equipped with backup lights since 1967.

Israel has something we don't have, however, and that is a wall that works spectacularly well.

I watched a Veronica ad on TV and she obviously
has someone from Juarez(a woman) doing the talking with a strong Mexican accent. I started laughing wondering if her husband had the woman deported after the recording !

WOW, using the Mexican people again and again. So long as there is a use for you she will use you.

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