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February 24, 2018


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“Either Jaime and the El Paso Times are too stupid to understand how a bribe works, or they are creating a lie for the purposes of helping Vero win by a wider margin.”

- - -

Jaime is THAT stupid.

El Paso Times? A little from Column A. and a little from Column B.



It shows that Dori is getting desperate, if she has to fling MORE mud. She went to the EPISD board meeting as a "civilian." Now, the EPISD is performing an "audit," based on mis-information. I thought Dori is no longer on the Board nor its President, so why are they doing her dirty-work?

The two vendors that Dori has accused Susie Byrd of soliciting donations from, BOTH have said they dealt with Veronica personally. NOt Susie.

Plus, what about Carlos Sierra? How can he get all of those hundreds of thousands of dollars to run all the tv ads, internet ads, advertising, etc.? Out of his own pocket? To attack Veronica, when he doesn't even have an income. Plus, he's affiliated with a PAC that is Republican backed. So again, is Dori a Republican in Democrat's clothing?

He is a guy who was caught 3 TIMES! of drinking and driving. So that is a Felony in Maricopa Co.
Also, he was indicted of being a Pedophile---indecency with a Child.

This whole campaign is really beginning to Stink even worse than I could have imagined. Bid rigging so Gafcon could get the EPISD contract. Specifications written by GAFCON for Juan Cabrera. Paying a Consultant (Scott Himelstein) $1,500 a DAY!!!

How about the EPISD board makes a policy that anyone who contributed to the PAC or to a board candidate is not eligible to bid on EPISD work? It would require vendors to sign an affidavit with each bid affirming they have not contributed.

Easy peasy - no more corruption. Ditto in the City organization, too. You can't buy your way in anymore.

Rathskeller: EPISD has had “help” writing professional services and construction bid Specs for years and years. Public agencies do it all the time. The purpose is to make sure their preferred vendor gets picked. Susie knows this because it went on at the City. It is always done on the “right” side of the line so no one can be accused of corruption. All of you need to get over the Gafcon stuff. One of Veronica’s Biggest supporters, Ted Houghton, was part of that group that met with Gafcon. But, Susie and Veronica have been very quiet about that part. They also don’t mention Trent Hatch in the Gafcon deal. He is the unnamed board member. Dori’s name isn’t on that deal.

What you don’t understand and the rest of the Veronica minions is that private consultants are free to consult with anyone in the world they want to consult with. The fact that Dori hired Himelstein means nothing. There is no there there. Next thing you know the Veronica suppporters are going to claim the Russians are interfering in this election. That’s how stupid their conspiracy theories are.

Veronica has a very public record for 10 years as an elected official and years as a student of Ray Caballero and Eliot Shapleigh and their “causes”. She has to answer for that record. She needs to put her big girl panties on, suck it up and defend her record without playing the victim.

Really believe the latest lie that Escobar doesn't use the meow factor?

She stated he is not on her staff or in her office. Neither am I on a staff nor in anyone's office. But I still post comments. If she was serious about telling the truth she would have stated there was no association, coordination or any connect with him by anyone even remotely connected to the campaign. When did their connection terminate.

Remember the saying "what you whisper today will shouted from the rooftops tomorrow. Her past has come back to haunt her.

As usual meow is used and throw to the curb after services rendered. Just like the political whore he is. He will crawl back into his curtained off and onto musty smell mattress until another two dollar quickie appears.

Of course Escobar will return to what she does best, use people for votes!

Seriously, she hired the Gafcon guy and you think she's not corrupt? You are so fucking dumb.

Al, your a dumbass along with Jud up there posting as Rathskeller Alum. Jud, this is why you lost and didn't even make the run off. You don't have a clue. Hiring and "paying" a consultant is much different than telling EPISD vendors that if they don't pony up donations to Vero then they may not get contracts. Big Fooken difference pal.

Seems Vero and company are getting real nervous and all her minions who are posting here and other places. If Dori wasn't a real treat to Vero, as is being claimed, then they wouldn't be wasting energy, time, their dime on Dori and trying to turn the focus off Vero's record. Clearly they are getting more and more worried!
Let's see if Vero can stand the test of a runoff which could very well be what is coming with so many well known names in this race! It would be real good if there was a three way run off then Vero would have to actual work to get the office!

Veronica will find herself in a runoff, which Dori will win. I've always liked Veronica, still do! I'm voting against Susie Bryd and taking a chance on Fenenbock. Sorry Veronica!

Lemme see. Veronica = corrupt, pathological narcissist. Dori = corrupt, pathological narcissist. Norma = Cray Cray. I’m voting for Norma. I think a crazy Latina representing El Paso is just what this town needs.

Since David K won't post the information I send him over email I will post here on my own(karlsruher@gmail is correct, right?). Kathryn was well liked until she switched from being Ms. Hairston to Ms. Lucero. We are Mexicans, not idiots we know who she was and is now. Sending Jaime around the neighborhood intimidating voters and picking fights with everyone he thinks is moving signs has lost kathryn a lot of votes. He acts like a thug pushing people around people at the polls. He boyfriend is a cholo. If she were to win we are all afraid he could intimidate people without the fear of being arrested. One sign blew down and Jaime screamed at people like they stole it.

I also have lost respect for Judge Escobar for consorting with Jaime. She was better than that at one time. Norma has limits to what she will do and that's why she has my vote. Dori does not have enough time in community service to serve.

Have a conversation with Lucero. When you walk away you will be left with the feeling that she had nothing to say.

Jaime is feeling the heat, his and Escobars time has passed. Panic is setting in. Escobar has been fully exposed and after Jaimie defending the posting of antisemetic comments on his blog, he has been abandoned by her.

Escobar, too little too late to disassociate yourself from Jaimie. But you both are cut from the same cloth. Jamie, you are implodin. You did it to yourself because of your ego.

I've given this warning in the past, all of you get away from Jaime he is very toxic. He will ruin your life should you decide to hang with him or pay for his service. Perez, your political life is done. Talk throughout your district is not good. We know you are sticking by Jaime. Loyalty is fine but if he would step away from you to save your reputation that would be a true friend.

Some of you are still hiring the meow to do dirty work. You, too will be contaminated. He is a political whore, past her time and riddled with ventral disease. Get it? No pun intended.

Jon Nieves (John Snow). Hey, I'm not posting as anyone other than my name--Rathskeller Alumn. I was there when Dean Small posted his grades at The Rath so we could see our grades. If we got an A, we got drunk. If we got an F we got drunk, so he coould never lose! Along with Ernest Guinn when they both owned the place. Wonderful Times!!!!

Now, why won't David Karlsruher answer about Carlos Sierra? A guy with 3 DWI's in the course of ONE Year? Also, indicted for being a Pedophile and charged with indecency with a Child?

And, who is paying for all those ads that Sierra is running? Its around $300,000 worth of advertisements that he's been running against Veronica. But,, he's NEVER filed an FEC form?!

Yet, he's associated himself and worked for Sarah Palin and Buddy Roehmer in the past? All Republicans! So, who is behind all of these misleading and false ads that Sierra is running?

Why does DavidK have to answer questions about Carlos Sierra? Super PACs are everywhere in all levels of elections. Just check out the national Democrat and Republican parties. Jaime at Lionstar has been doing the dirty work for Vero/Susie. He has plead guilty to indecency charges with a kid and owes thousands in back child support. But that’s okay with you because he supports your candidate. If you want Sierra to file a campaign report then go file a complaint with the FEC. People complain about that on the blogs but no one has stepped up and filed a complaint. Put your money where your mouth is Rathskeller- file a complaint or shut up about it.

Who Cares (David K)....because you like to fling mud about subordinates but conveniently, you stay quiet regarding Carlos Sierra.

A Pedophile and a Drunk! Working for "Free" when he doesn't have a job and ALL of his work has been related to the Republican Party---Sarah Palin for one.

So again, Dori is showing her true colors. Republican Red!

u mad? yeah, u mad

Four of the major news outlets have retracted their statements about Dori Fenenbock's campaign contributions.

The vendors who donated to the Fenenbock Congressional exploratory committee were NOT ACTIVE VENDORS with EPISD at the time of the donations.

What the major news outlets have not reported on is the very pricey fundraiser held for Escobar, by mostly Republicans and Charter school advocates.

At least one of the hosts is a big Escobar donor.

Recently Susie Byrd scuttled all the bids awarded on the EPISD bond contracts because Escobar's campaign donor was not awarded any of the contracts.

Now that reeks of pay to play and self-dealing on Susie Byrd's part.

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