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February 08, 2018


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What is most deplorable is the politicization of EPISD. The last thing on anyone's mind there seems to be educating kids.

And people wonder why families and corporations don't relocate to El Paso?

We have screwed up school boards that gives us low rated schools. The only good schools in El Paso are Chartered. Politics has ruined education.

I like how Jaime's blog tried to spin it as, "It doesn't matter Byrd is the CM, Loweree shouldn't have gone to the media."

worst spin job ever.

I read Jaime's brain fart on his blog. you were right - this chick is dead meat. They didn't wait 24 hours to start going after her. Jaime's post is really bizarre. She can't complain about susie because they are friends on facebook? what? You can tell veronica is on the phone yelling at him to write something and he just makes shit up. I see the pattern of the commenters on here following a theme. Jaime uses that same theme. It's all bullshit from one or two people.

Just saw an update on the EPISD board meeting this morning regarding Cabrera's contract. Susie got her ass kicked! She wanted him fired for immorality and conscious misrepresentation. Then she breaks the rules regarding Closed session discussions and said Cabrera filed a grievance against her. What a b**ch! Board voted to extend Cabrera's contract 1 year - no raise. Don't know what Velarde's no vote was for - other than he follows Susie's lead no matter what. Check out her picture on EPT on-line. Really pouting.

Cabrera and Fenenbock are obviously corrupt. The rest of this just a distraction. Cabrera got a raise and Fenenbock got an endorsement. They're corrupt as fuck and you're chasing fantasies.

Prove it Al-prove the corruption. In the meantime, Al velarde’s bizarre support of Susie is mind boggling. He is a former cop, cannot he not see what a nut case she is? Look at her history. She is the “meanest girl” in El Paso along with her BFF Vero. Hatch is right that the EPISD board has now become super political during this primary election season. Susie accusing Cabrera, Loweree and Dori when she was on the board of politicking is laughable. She was not hiding her obvious support for Vero and assisting Vero’s Campaign (and Bob Moore) in filing hundreds of ORR’s with EPISD. I pray every day that Vero loses. I don’t care who wins the Democrat primary just as long as Vero loses. Then she is gone and Susie goes with her.

Al, interesting that you make a strong accusation of corruption against Fenebock.

Are you willing to submit to a deposition ?

At least everything is out in the open so people can make up their own minds.

Since that paper, the TIMES, always seems able to dig up so such stuff, wonder if they will get a copy and tell us about that complaint submitted by the EPISD super? If the Times can't, maybe KVIA or the other TV outlets can.

In El Paso it always amazes me when some seem to get away with leaking information which supports their position, but others seem to follow the rules. Guess the 'leaky wheel' gets the 'media grease.'

People told me this and people told me that.

You are starting to sound like Trump.

"You are starting to sound like Trump." 'By-Tor,' where do you come up with such 'happy horse shit?'

Fenenbock is no longer on the board why continue to drag her into this, oh yeah because Byrd is pissed off with Cabrera not supporting Veronica. Had he supported Veronica this wouldn’t even be an issue. Byrd is very unethical, she needs to be voted off the board. I used to like Velarde, but clearly he can’t think for himself. It’s a shame he continues to support Byrd and Veronica after what they said about his buddy Jaime Barceleau when he was running for city council. They worked against him and clearly supported his opponent.

Well, while I agree that Escobar and Byrd need to be taken quite a few notches they are not entirely to blame

Barceleau shit himself in the foot with his big mouth and arrogance. Heck, if the witches had supported him I still wouldn't voted for him.

Cabrera self inflicted all his damage thru his extravagant spending and never being in his office. The assistant managed the school system. He needs to go because he's another one that views tax dollars as a personal account.

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