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February 05, 2018


A whole new media network in El Paso ? Forget it, the county is so infiltrated by left wingers. They need reporters not opinion columns.

This whole area is dominated by control operators and drones(voters).

The once drive by media now the fly by media ,because driving by was just to damn slow, will not change even more so in EL Paso. Pretty much El Paso media coverage of anything of substance in political news is by far after the fact! Simply El Paso media has a very bad case of tunnel vision!

Jaime Abeytia is out there being the biggest bully and trying to make the world look bad while at the epcountry.com site has states he has a lien because he is behind 12,000 in child suppprt. What's funny is Katheryn has no problem with him paying for signs and contributing to her campaign while he falls knee deep in child support. Just search for liens and and there it is.Jaime always has an excuse or some reason not to pay CS. He has warrant a in AZ for being behind over 60k and now in Texas he's fallen behind. Kathryn must be very proud that of Jaime. So while Jaime wants to talk bad about the whole world maybe he should take a look in the mirror and see who the real monster is.

Well maybe someone should ask Susie/Vero what they think about a man who refuses to pay child support. Kind of a mini "MeToo" thing for child support. There is never an excuse for not paying child support. He probably doesn't have a job where the State can garnish his wages - self employed I guess.

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