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March 21, 2018


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David Karlsruher, you really like to mislead the public and be dis-honest. SB4 is not even popular with Texas Police/Sheriff's Chiefs. They, or their staff can be cited with a Class A misdemeanor if they don't turn in their suspected unauthorized immigrant to ICE.

The proven facts, with statistics to back them up, prove that undocumented immigrants are less likely to commit a crime than someone who was born here.

The whole SB4 issue a Republican led issue--of which you are a Prime Grad A Example. You should rename your "blog" to a Republican Who Likes to Crap on El Paso.

With all of the money that Doris FennenBucks squandered, especially all of that Westside El Paso Money, I thought you would have spent more time "dissecting" the corpse of her "Campaign."

The Lying, slandering, false accusations, and cheating didn't work out so well did it? 60% to 20%? That is what is called a Through Ass Whipping. And what does Doris and Mark FennenBucks have to show for it?

A $300,000 hole in their checking account.

Maybe Doris will run again in 2 years with Silver as her "Consultant." or Christian Archer or that ass from Vegas.

Carlos Lehder
Guess your tard behind missed David always said Vero was going to win!
Gee, Vero had a little over 7 percent of El Paso voters to turn out and vote for her. Guess next you will be claiming Vero got a mandate from the voters of El Paso!
Vero won on voter apathy, in El Paso, by a landslide!

Oh Carlos! You're so cute when you are mad. You're not so cute when you're Jew bashing, though. I wonder how welcome you are within in Vero's circle?

There's no need to look into any campaign that was doomed to fail from the start. I told you the outcome from day one. It was a coronation, not a campaign. None of you were smart enough to try and stop it.

in Christ,

David K

Carlos, shouldn't you be selling cars to your fellow Arab friends here in El Paso and letting them keep the Oregon plates on so they dont have to pay Tax on those vehicles here in Texas ? Instead, your posting on this blog because your so happy a Jew didnt win.

I'm not an "Arab," and I don't even live in El Paso. I do get satisfaction from setting the record straight when David Karlsruher spouts off. He's 39 years old but thinks he knows it all and is going to lecture "La Gente" on what is right for them.

I have/had no problem with Dori being a Jew. What I did have a problem with was/is.

1. Dori running as a Democrat when all her life (when she bothered to vote), was a Republican.

2. Is Dori a Jew or a Christian? According to my research, while living in Colorado, she listed herself as a Christian Republican.

3. Dori ran so many False and misleading attacks. It was so bad that Facebook had her ad banned. That says something where F.B. will allow Russian hackers to post misleading/false ads. It shows the level of Absolute and Grotesque Lies that Dori was willing to say.

4. Dori's hiring of "Silver--Who couldn't distinguish between Shi'ia and Sunni. He had an ax to grind and wasn't a clear or level-headed startegist.

5. Dori's constant and Outright Lies showed that she had nothing to run on. Attacking an opponent while not even presenting any future vision of what she had to offer showed she is an empty vessel.

6. Going to the EPISD school board and lodging False complaints (Susie Byrd squeezing vendors). All while Dori did the same thing.

7. When I was younger, my grandmother warned me against doing business with a Jew. They were not not be trusted she told me, and would outright try to steal me blind. I was dismissive and thought she was being prejudiced. Unfortunately, her words have proven true. You can't trust a Jew to be honest with you. They are not "straight shooters" but are always looking out for themselves at the expense of their customers. The stereotype, sadly, is true.

8. EVERY Time David Karlsruher posts something, I am going to post a "Jew of the Day." Since there are so many Jews to choose from, I can post literally forever.

"...undocumented immigrants are less likely to commit a crime than someone who was born here."
Wrong. Just by being here they have committed a crime that a citizen cannot commit in this country.

Carlos L is certainly a card carrying bigot, racist and over all asshole. Hope DavidK bans him. His hate just oozes out of every word he types.

Or - its Susie/Vero posting as Carlos because they have nothing better to do.

Undocumented immigrants typically follow the law more often than U.S. citizens. It's a fact.


Compared to legal residents and naturalized citizens how do unauthorized immigrants compare?



Hey all you bloggers, you're missing the point. DK said all those here illegally should abide by the law so as not to get arrested and deported. He never made a claim as to which group of people is more law abiding.

Carlos, read DKs blog again and stay on point.

Marching, protesting, daring authorities, burning US flag. That is so stupid.
They know they are being sought but invite attention? Disrespecting the US is not going to win any friends for your cause.


I was beginning to think nobody read my blog at all. Thank you!

And maybe don't waste or take opportunities for granted

Dreamers arrested over human smuggling, violence


2 dreamers were arrested by federal law enforcement officials last week.

A 2012 DACA recipient committed aggravated felonies in El Paso and was convicted of assault causing serious bodily injury to a family member, DWI, and burglary of habitation

Another DACA recipient was stopped in NM, allegedly admitted and was arrested for being paid to transport 3 people who illegally entered the U.S. in his vehicle.

Mary, I didn't say "NO IMMIGRANTS/DREAMERS" had committed crimes. Its just that it is a proven fact that they commit them at a lower rate. See FBI statistics on crime.

If you want to cherry pick information, how about I post this:

1. Columbine 13 murdered
2. Parkland, FL 17 murdered
3. Las Vegas 58 murdered
4. Sandy Hook 26 murdered
5. Aurora, CO 12 murdered

Total for 5 136 murdered by a US citizen.

As of Sept. 2017, 700 "illegal Immigrants" were in the U.S. military.

Read the Dallas Morning News Feb. 26, 2018 that supporting the facts at the beginning of this posting.

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