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March 05, 2018


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Yep a lot of the progressive Democrats are stupid and gullible as they come about how elections work! Yahoo news tried to carry this same nonsense about Cruz telling Democrats to vote or not to vote in the primary.
David it kinds of goes back to what we saw with the election in 2016 a lot of progressive Democratic super geniuses did not get how a president gets elected!Go figure that one out!

Now they do not get how the primary system works in Texas. Simple you can vote Democrat or Republican just not both in the same primary. As an independent have voted on the Democratic side and the Republican side over the years and in some cases did not even vote in the primary at all!
As to the Republicans a having the cooties maybe so but the Democrats have a whole lot of stupid going on just hope it's not infectious and is catching!

Pay Haggerty was the Republican honored in the local Democrat Hall of Fame.

When I early voted, instead of asking in which promary I wanted to vote -- the guy asked me, "Which party do you want to affiliate with?" If the poll watchers are that ignorant, what can we expect of the voters.

And, by the way, I blew a gasket. "I do not have to affliate with a party to vote. I want to vote in the Democratic party but would never, ever affiliate with them."

The two party system is as broken as the immigration system. You have a choice between the Hollywood Values Party and the party that gave you DJT and Ted Cruz. Not much of a choice, IMHO.

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