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March 08, 2018


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There is a reason why Vero' supporters are doing a victory lap.

It is because Vero herself was probably either unhinged or close to it this whole time. Vero does not handle stress well and it probably showed to all of her closest supporters.

Hence with the victory they all breathed a big sigh of relief because Vero could chill out.



As much as I would like to call you names it would be useless. You actually called it from the very beginning. I didn't want to believe you because Veronica has turned into an evil bitch with an attack dog named susie. Those two run with a crowd of women who think they run El Chuco. None of them undestand that they are being used by rich white men. The rich white men use Veronica as conduit to us "dumb mexicans" who would be angry if they understood how they are getting fucked out of their tax dollars. I think there is some clever proverb about the indian that helps the white man kill his fellow man being the worst of all of them. Sorry Kathy Hairston - you lost my vote when that fat cholo came into your life. Have some dignity.

If El Paso had a real economy instead of a government economy, retaliatory threats to business would have less impact and less leverage. Alas, it ain't so.

I don't understand why your parents voting for Dori was brave and informed but other people voting for Vero were just sheep being told who to vote for.

Maybe you've just been gone too long, but most people I've heard talk about it really dislike Dori because of that huge bond boondoggle that EPISD pulled. She's taken a fair bit of credit for that and I think some of that has come back to bite her in the ass (especially when questions start coming up about how fair the procurement process is etc.). Stupider yet she had that little endorsement kerfuffle when she tried to defend accepting the endorsement from the sexist far-right asshat boxer because they were both against bullying. I mean people suspect her of being a closet Republican and she tries to defend aligning with a guy who is pretty far right and she does this right before the election?

All that being said, I don't doubt that the electorate is full of uninformed voters, but that's on both sides of the aisle and your Republicans are guilty of being just as uninformed as anyone else. The biggest difference is how often Republicans want to limit who can vote based on made-up voter fraud fantasies.

It wasnt "fear and loathing" it was just plain vote by color instead of numbers. The Hispanics and Mexicans voted for Escobar and the whites(Jews included) voted for Dorie. Its just that simple. The reason to not vote for Escobar's and Susie's progressive Bullshit is for reasons like this policy that Obama put in during his term. The thing is would Dori have voted to go with this bullshit when she was at EPISD ?


And there is Veronica’s Children’s Hospital boondoggle; certificates of obligation for UMC clinics that are in direct competition with private sector doctors that all county taxpayers have to pay for. You must have missed the Trust Fund kids in the photos. All raised by Republican parents, but paying back via their contributions to Vero for the favorable treatment at the county for “economic incentives”.

If I recall correctly, Susi Byrd was right in there during supporting the EPISD bond vote and so were all of the other trustees. So it wasn’t “Dori’s” bond issue it was the EPISD trustees. Obviously some of them got re-elected in 2017 so there must not be that many Democrats upset about the bond.

It is a fact that Hispanics vote for Hispanics. Most especially the uninformed Hispanic that was hounded into voting by Susie and driven to the polls to vote.

Who Cares
Most in EL Paso never understood why all the UMC clinics. Most did not get that they forced the poor into the clinics where UMC had a legal right to deny them services where they couldn't do so if they were being seen in the emergency room. Yep, all the super genius in EL Paso never caught on to this fact and Vero knew!

I could go on a long-winded diatribe, like you love to do for this "blog." I'll make it short and sweet.

Whoever advised Dori Fennenbuck on her "campaign strategy" should be banned from Life for Political Advisers. Her campaign premise of "Attack, Lie & Smear" Veronica was a doomed strategy. Hispanics as a whole, and especially in El Paso, are friendly people.

However, they don't like their own being attacked with Lies, Smears and Falsehoods. Especially by a Wealthy, Anglo West-side Jew. Then, that is a line that has been crossed that no Latino will stand for.

Of course, the price tag for this doomed Vanity Project, cost Dori's husband $300,000. Plus, another $1,200,000 from her donors. Do you think they will ever reach into their wallets for any further "vanity projects"? Perhaps, just maybe, Dogcatcher. Even that is a stretch though.

As for Norma? 3 words will describe her campaign. "Norma was Norma." How could she just join at the very last minute and with no money to run her shoe-string campaign? Rick Melendrez posting on his Facebook page, along with his Menudo place?

As to your comment about how El Paso is "open for corruption." You must be mistaking the current climate in Washington D.C. or New York. The Jews who are making money, hand over fist, are raking it in as we speak. And, lets start with your fellow Jew, Kushner and his entire Family. If you want to throw dirt at the Latinos of El Paso, you should start looking at all of the Jews, stuffing their wallets with their 30 pieces of silver.

Gary Cohen is a prime example, and I will follow up other Jews who are shamelessly ripping off our country. But, Cohen, instead of resigning after Republican Trump's comments about "good Nazis," he was only outraged enough to quit when Trump raised tariffs on steel and aluminum. Only then does he have umbrage to quit. No, he was waiting for his own 30 pieces of silver (Tax Cut Legislation). Talk about ethics!

Another piece of shit El Paso anti Semite.

Pretty disgusting Carlos L. Hope DavidK removes your post. You are a true bigot.

The True Bigot is David Karlsruher....remember, he called us Morons for voting for Escobar. Or was or Dori, who said she bear 3 Latinas.

It wasn’t 3 opponents....but specifically “Three LATINAS.”

You Jews can dish it out but you can’t handle the truth.

Keep it.
Let people know what kind of scumbag anti Semites exist in El Paso and the US.


Keep it up. Carlos is Jaime Abeyetia with the anti-Semitic slùrs.

Escobar will get hers now or in the afterlife.

"Let people know what kind of scumbag anti Semites (SIC) exist in El Paso....." the same that exists at the White House (Donald Trump).

Calling Neo Nazi's "good people." Ironic, given that David KKK is such a Slave to Republican Ideals.

As I said, you Jews can sure dish it out, but you can't handle it when someone returns the verbal fire. Insulting Vero. Attacking her. Calling us "Morons"....yeah, its the Pot calling the Kettle Black. Takes some Gall, but what else is new?

AT LEAST 11,000 "MORONS" VOTED FOR AGUILAR. That's pretty ironic or should I say Moronic ?

Just like all those "Low Information" Trump Voters. He's taken those ignorant, Wal Mart Goobers for the ride of their lives. Enriching himself along with his son in law--the ever priceless Jared Kushner.

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