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March 06, 2018


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All of Texas and national media is just crazy about voter turnout! Well in El Paso of 439,722 registered voters, 67,287 voted or 15.3%. Wow - big turnout. It's ahead of the last city election but nothing to brag about. Guess El Pasoans are not all that wrapped up in turning Texas Blue, Red, Green or whatever.

Beto's group is already pissed off about Cruz putting out negative commercial about Beto. My goodness people - have you no idea how elections work? Yes - it gets ugly. Cruz pretty much left Beto alone the last year - letting him run all over Texas bad mouthing him. As DavidK said earlier to Veronica's people. "Quit Whining"! So I say to Beto - suck it up - put your big boy pants on and get ready for a spirited election.

Escobar won because people like her better than the others. No one threatened or scared us into voting for her. If you have to resort to conspiracy theories to explain your defeat, you yet again show how little insight into El Paso you actually have.

No people don’t like Vero. But as evidenced in O’Rourke’s race, Hispanic voters will always and forever vote for a Hispanic name. A Hispanic woman running against Beto spent zero dollars and got almost 20% of the vote. Unfortunately El Paso has a huge number of uninformed voters. They just don’t care and when they do show they pick the Hispanic name. 2020 will be an interesting election. There will be no straight party voting. Voters will be forced to read the entire ballot and make selections.

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