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March 20, 2018


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Richard C. White - 18 years in Congress - 4 in Texas House. Ronald Coleman - 14 years in Congress and would have been there longer had he not been nailed in the House Banking scandal (hot checks). Sylvestre Reyes 16 years in Congress until Beto beat him in the primary in 2012. Beto will serve 6 years in Congress.

An average of 16 years excluding Beto. Vero is 47. She could serve 40+ years if she lives as long as that Louise Slaughter lady that just died - she was 88. God forbid Vero lasts that long.

Remember that Reyes started to have more under-votes and votes against him that totaled more votes than what he actually got. In 2 years watch what Vero has in under votes and votes against versus votes for. Beto may have that same problem too.

Who knows - if BFF Susie goes down for stupid stuff she may take Vero with her.

Mostly, the Vox Populi here screams, "WELFARE." That equates to one party.

Jerry, very true and add nonprofit Capitol of the US.

The assumption about Vero is based on the idea that she will be re-elected forever. Maybe if Putin is the campaign manager. She will go the route that will make Orourke unemployed. They get to a point that they feel invincible and go for the next level.

Why has Vero not endorsed the “only Latino” in the County Judge run-off race? I understand she loves endorsements, but in this race she has not endorsed her fellow “Latino.” She embraced her “ Latina “ ID, but not for a fellow “ Latino.”

Rodriguez might be calling it quits which would create a vacancy.



Max, who do you think is most likely to run if Rodriguez does call it quits?

Susie Byrd will run.

Should old Rodriguez decide not to run again, why wouldn't Vince Perez be a good candidate for that state senate seat? The one possible down side to being a senator, is you may not make much money in order to support a family.

Your thoughts?

Vince Perez would be an excellent choice!

Perez appears to be burnt out and thus been quiet. His continued association with Jaimie is another reason why he is a good choice.

Perez is not a leader or go getter, he's a great staffer.

We need new talent

Agree that Vero will be there awhile but I don't know about the others having peaked. Other commenters mentioned Rodriguez might retire. Margo will be vulnerable to a challenger and so will whoever wins the County Judge race. So there's three seats right there. Of course, it could be that none of the up-and-comers decide to run, but that's their own damn problem

Veronica will serve two terms after which she'll be elected to to the United States Senate. Go Vero!

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