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March 12, 2018


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It's been sickening watching Vero do the sugary sweet "I am so blessed" crap. She probably went on a 3-day bender with her drinking buddy Susie celebrating her Latina victory. Beto didn't really do anything for El Paso - can anyone name anything other than Casner Range - that he actually did for El Paso? Vero won't do crap for El Paso either.

What did you expect after all that CRAP that Dori and her Minions (especially Carlos Sierra and his "PAC" said)?

Suck it up Sweetheart, Veronica is in, for at least 2 more years and if Dori wants to run against her again then, well, lets go ahead and have her raise another $1,500,000.

Meanwhile, an investigation is ongoing with Carlos (3 DWI's) Sierra and his alleged "PAC." Don't be surprised when the findings prove who was behind this PAC...

Carlos Lehder
Yep, and the Texas Rangers will rush in to investigate!

Only in El Paso are these people known or mesmerize the drones.

Don't be shocked if she expects roses to be thrown in her path.

Look, like another blog said. 11,300 stupid voters ! They voted for a person thst wasn't a candidate nor wanted to be one. Now he's in the runoffs and wants to withdraw.

Wow another empty threat of investigations. Wonder why Carlos never wants a Democrat or Liberal SuperPac investigated? SuperPacs are allowed under the Election law. So get over it Carlos. It's not illegal. So what if they didn't file campaign reports on time - slap on the wrist. Will take months for FEC to review Vero's complaint and do whatever. Most likely they will see she won, it didn't harm her and move on.

Oh and by the way - Vero isn't in for "at least 2 more years" - she hasn't even run in the General Election for November. No guarantee she will win that election. I challenge all El Paso voters to vote for the Green, Libertarian or Republican in the November Congressional election or even skip that race. Let's have some fun!!! Dilute her margin of victory.

FEC is simply a filing agency.

They have no enforcement or investigative powers.

At best the complaint will result in a request for a filing and possibly a late filing fee.

The FEC's power is about the equivalent of your local library.

It's hard not to like Beto, personally, but his politics are polar opposite of mine. And all those happy campaigning emails and FB posts were a little much. Obviously those crowds that the emails and posts claimed he was attracting didn't vote.

Beto, we know you want to hang out in DC with the big boys but you should have stayed in Congress and not gotten greedy.

It has been hilarious watching the Dems talk about turning Texas Blue! Yeah right!
Beto is a nice guy. But he is not an "Alpha" by any extreme of the imagination. He is a sweet Beta who needs a shot of testosterone if he wants to win big in Texas politics.
His love of Dreamers and gun grabbing don't do him any favors either. Pobrecito Betito...

David, Good article. Next time, try to say the same thing in les words, as I have no patience for some of the people you're writing about. The less I have to read about at least one of them, the better. So, to sum it up: Veronica is on her way to Washington D.C., and Beto doesn't stand a chance against Ted Cruz.
The real question: Why did Beto resign his Congressional seat when he knew he'd lose to Cruz? He is up to something. Find out what it is, and write an article.

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