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March 07, 2018


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Who cares about Beto he's got his fat retirement. speaking of fat and tired Jaime drug his fiance down to third place in a race she should have won with no runoff. I guess he can't claim to be an expert anymore since the one campaign he has ever been in charge of he took a popular girl in the district and put her in last place. He's an idiot who spent her goodwill on yelling and intimidating voters over signs that blew away in the wind. He's a loser who takes credit for everyones success when he had nothing to do with it. You watch him take credit for Veronica. I hope she paid him well. At least you called it within a few points.

I strongly believe that Kathryn lost because of her relationship with Jaime. I actually feel sorry for her, I think she’s a very nice lady and had she not been with Jaime she would have made the runoff. People were concerned about the influence he might have had on her, had she won the election.
In the end, a good field plan overcomes everything according to Jaime, what happened to his field plan? Why didn’t she even make the runoff. What a blow to Jaime.

The worst thing any person can do is be associated with Jaime. He's the hor that the guys sneak in and outfoxed the shack, not wanting to be seen but always go there for service. Unfortunately for most they eventually get a std.

Kathy doesn't realize that she is ridiculed behind her back. What she sees in him is very puzzling.

Kathy tell him to get a job or kick him to the curve.

So Mr. KKK, How are Mommy & Daddy taking the loss of all those $$$$ they bet on Dori. Judging by your bitter drivel not well (and no need to infer here, you may allege Vero paid Jaime, but clearly Dori Fenenbuck’s paid you by proxy. There goes your kids’ college fund. Sucks! And you say people fear power. Well then none too bright then for you and your loved ones to go with the loser. Maybe they shouldn’t have bet their money on social climbing aging sorority gal mired in scandal along with her unethical Superintendent boy pal. And no, Dems didn’t vote out of fear. They along with many republicans simply voted for Vero because Dori & Norma simply sucked.

Dear ha ha, do you feel better now that you got all that vindictivenss and hatred out?

Hahah: we have no regrets for supporting Dori Fenenbock. She was the better choice to represent El Paso.

Know what I'm looking forward to? A head to head Cruz and Beta debate.... it's going to be a bloodbath and I'm planning to pay good money to go see it live.

Me too. Even Cruz's worst political enemies say he is a master at debates.

Beto should have won the Dem Primary with over 90%. He barely passed 60%. This was with tons of money and with nationwide exposure by the leftist nationwide media! What an embarrassment.

Texans want strong candidates who protect the Second Amendment, put Texas first, and demand Border Security.
Beto is a gun grabbing, open borders, pro-amnesty, weed lover. He chose to attend the State of the Union with a “dreamer” instead of a Veteran or one of his American Constituents.

Maybe before the debates with Ted Cruz, Beto should suck on a bar of soap. A potty mouth is evidence of a limited vocabulary. Tsk, tsk.

Ted Cruz will wipe the floor with Beto.

Please stop threatening people. Betti Flores' legal problems began during her very first campaign because she threatened an informant who took the scenic route to the office of the FBI.

Awww. Momma KKK stepped to defend her wrestle white nationalist boy. Did we strike a raw nerve? You threw your money at a great white hope because of that; she’s white, even if Jewish because of that: you’re racists. To you 30000 people are stupid, afraid, blablahblah but you’re superior. That’s the mind of a racist.

Susie Bryd is under investigation.

Hahaha is a seriously disturbed person. FBI should look into that. Take away their internet privileges.

Practicing the 1st Amendment is not a crime. It is not hate speech either. You Dori fans cant handle the truth that Dori got crushed 60% to 20%.

That is what they call in West Texas as an old fashioned whoop ass, ass whipping.

But, please, run again, so that you can waste another $1,500,000.....

Leeser 73, Ortega 27. Leeser even played the water boys.

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