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March 15, 2018


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Hmmm...I guess Escobar didn't want to take any chances with getting the win on the first vote.

Yes Judge Perez is the donor and also a former County Commissioner when Escobar was County Judge. She was part of Escobar's voting slate along with Chozet.

Perez has too many conflicts to hear this case and needs to recuse.

The one thing that was noticeably different were the number of mail in ballots.

On the first day alone more were mailed in than the total in any past entire election.

As of the first day of early voting over 4500 were mailed out and over 1200 in.
The ending total for early voting was over 3500 mailed in for democrats alone.

I had heard the democrats sent out thousands of applications for mail in ballots. It seems to have worked.

Ive sued them both many times and have never been arrested. Your joking.

Nothing Burger!They could have video of Vero tapering with the voting machines and nothing is going to happen it's all a waste of time! Remember at the end of the day Vero has her get out of jail free card!

I'm still waiting for Ann Morgan to be arrested. And I'm still waiting for the two hospital board members to be charged.

Annabell Perez? Look who she married. What else would you expect.

David K, Please ask you mother to convince Dori to remain involved with the EP County Democratic Party. Once upon a time we all called Beto a RINO.
Dori should continue to participate and be involved.

Ann Morgan Lilly is a fiesty little fireplug that’s full of old fashioned spunk.

Not even, Morgan is overrated and egoistical with a plantation mentality.

Mmmm, sour grapes

it's always in the absentee ballots

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