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March 19, 2018


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You’re right that Vero isn’t that kind of person.

But assuming something did happen, there’s another person who has gone to great lengths to destroy people. If anything that person got spooked in the heat moment from seeing poll numbers that indicated a run-off. That person could have put pressure on others. Again assuming something happened.

Now given the closeness of the race between Lewis-Stout if any anomalies were found there, that would be something. That was indeed a race Team Escobar had to win.



I agree with Max. Team Shapleigh had to win this. It’s likely that somebody’s thumb was on the scale

One of the 3 plaintiffs is a lawyer - so technically the group has a "lawyer". Vero makes sure her hands are clean. But her BFF will drive dead people to the polls if she could get away with it. It is what it is. Good news - if Vero wins she will be GONE from El Paso and cannot raise our taxes anymore or spew her "its all good El Paso" crap. Good riddance Vero. Hope the DC swamp swallows you and hopefully catches you in a compromising situation where you get reported to the Congressional Ethics board.

Bye Vero & Don't come back Ever. Be like Beto & do NOTHING. good riddance. You did nothing but screw us here in El Paso. You will have NO power over there.

You could have gone to Norma's facebook page and seen that this was going to be a Big Nothing. She was complaining how she and her parents had early voted at some location that was incorrect. Bob Moore had to remind her the voting location was correct....then Norma, being Norma, accused Moore of "bullying" her.

At least she didn't accuse him of Mansplaining.

Max Powers, Is your blog post referencing the case filed by Garcia, Chavez, and Carrillo vs Escobar and Wise?


This was a motion Escobar filed. Chavez, Carrillo and Garcia dropped their lawsuit.

Escobar tried to retaliate in Court, filed a frivolous motion, lost for failure to provide evidence, and then lied about her motive.

Escobar filed a motion requesting sanctions against Chavez, Carrillo, and Garcia for what she felt was a frivolous lawsuit and to hold them financially liable for her legal fees.

The case at issue was whether Chavez, Carrillo and Garcia could be held financially liable for legal fees incurred by Escobar after the three filed a lawsuit against her Mar. 15.

The lawyer Escobar hired was one of her campaign contributors and coincidentally the spouse of a District Court Judge.

Judge Ferguson, the visiting Judge who was brought in and heard the motion was not impressed.

After 3 hours of testimony the Judge issued an immediate verdict, ruling that the county attorneys and the attorney for Escobar failed to provide enough evidence required for sanctions to be issued against Garcia, Chavez or Carrillo.

Escobar then lied and said this was about restoring public trust in the integrity of the voting system.

What was learned?

El Paso's "voting system integrity" is a joke.

1. Escobar was NOT exonerated. She filed a motion claiming the suit against her was frivolous and she had NO supporting evidence for her own allegations. She lost for lack of evidence.

2. Bob Moore has NO credibility. When Chavez was asked why she didn't follow Bob Moore's suggestion and contact the county re: the irregularities in the VAN data, Chavez responded by saying, "If Bob Moore says something, I don't believe it." Apparently the Judge was good with Chavez' response. Maybe he is familiar with how Moore "works".

3. El Paso's voter machines are at the end of life meaning the manufacturer no longer supports or maintains the system. Yet the Elections Administrator expects voters to "believe" in the integrity of the system and her when she says obsoleted technology is secure.

4. Several voters' birth dates are entered as Jan. 1901 indicating age 117. Supposedly older voters born in the 1920's and 1930's were not initially required to submit their date of birth.

This excuse is suspect because voters born in that era and before were required to submit birthdates.

5. The Voter Access Network system categorizes the polling location as the closest to the voter's home address not where they actually voted. Not something that was common knowledge considering voter data originates from the County Elections office.

6. The Elections Administrator was nonresponsive to candidate requests prior to the election and on the stand somewhat proved herself as part of the problem and the point of Carrillo, Chavez, and Garcia. She claimed this could have been solved with a phone call in spite of the fact that she summarily dismissed all their previous requests.

Thanks for the info Mary. EPT has (again) misled their readers in reporting exactly what happened. I thought the lawsuit had been dropped too. I was surprised there was a hearing. Now you tell us the truth. If EPT did report that fact it is buried somewhere in the story. You can bet Escobar couldn’t wait to file this lawsuit against the 3 former candidates. She is such a vindictive, hateful person.

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