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April 06, 2018


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The case was withdrawn and Escobar filed a motion against Chavez, Carrillo, and Garcia seeking sanctions of $14,000 for what she felt was a frivolous lawsuit and to hold them financially liable for her legal fees.

The Judge listened to hours of testimony from the 3 as well as the Elections administrator and then issued an immediate verdict, ruling that the county attorneys and the attorney for Escobar failed to provide enough evidence required for sanctions to be issued.

In brief Escobar's motion backfired in a big way:

1. They were not able to provide evidence that the case filing was wholly without merit, based on falsehoods, or filed for an improper purpose i.e. harassment.

2. The Judge did not rule the case as frivolous.

Escobar was not exonerated.

Mary thanks for the info. The media, which is bought and paid for by Escobar, did not accurately report this story. They twisted the facts to try to make Escobar look like a persecuted saint.

I think the suit was filed right because it alleged Fraud, only Fraud can be both civil and criminal.

David and Carl: Civil matters are usually tried before their related criminal cases. The civil judgement is used to meet the narrow burden of proof in the related criminal matter.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that the media is "bought and paid for" by Escobar. Perhaps, by some of her handlers and backers.

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