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April 27, 2018


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Dear Juice,
So you are saying there is nothing to see here...move along?

When a pilot ejects from a damanged plane, that fast exit is because there is something seriously wrong.

Keep your eye on City Council's Agenda if you see an item where they are paying off Mrs. Firth's contract, that is a clue. If she is leaving because of her decision, she only gets her vacation and sick leave paid. If she is leaving because she was asked to leave, then she will get her entire contract paid. Just read her Contract. She is under contract till Dec 2019. KTSM has posted her Contract on their website. Something is not making sense here. Why would City Council get rid of their lawyer? Because they are trying to get rid of the person who keeps them from breaking the law?

Sylvia Firth is a person of unquestionable character! She has done a lot of great work for the City during her tenure. I challenge the statement that local vendors passed up the opportunity for tens of millions because they are such nice guys. Will need more information before that fails to register high on the bullshit meter. Not saying you are wrong, just saying cannot take that statement at face value.

But they let Wilson off for delaying the bond issue as a favor to Steve Ortega, a de facto $20MM campaign contribution at our expense, while the CFO did not protest (it was her fiduciary responsibility as CFO to market the issue).

The sad truth is that our city officials do not work for us; they work for a small donor class to keep city largesse flowing in their direction.

When they leave city employ, their service is rewarded with a new position in which they can keep sucking dick for the same people.

I'm guessing that EPISD will soon have a new chief attorney.

Jerry K, with Mrs Firth out of the way opens up the opportunity for Tommy Gonzalez to switch Financial Advisor to one of his Dallas friends. Keep in mind he just appointed one of his puppets to be Chief Financial Officer. Everyone at City Hall knows he is not qualified. He is not even an Certified Public Accountant. Therefore he is not licensed by the State of Texas. Tommy Gonzalez has appointed the City Engineer, Director of Economic Development, and the Deputy City Manager over Economic Development. This enables him to control the entire Capital Improvement Projects and the Bond Money. Not good.

Remember it was the City Attorney who stopped Tommy Gonzalez from changing Financial Advisor 3 years ago. Connect the dots!!!

City Haller,

With the exception of Dr Noe and Mayor Margo, the people elected to City Council are not qualified to manage their way out of a paper bag much less fairly or intelligently evaluate a professional employee with advanced education far in excess and complexity of their own.

They are simply too uneducated and/or ignorant.

As a result, they created a hostile work environment because they lack the education and experience to perform their job with any semblance of competence.

Rather than learn the job they blame Ms Firth because they did not like her legal advice and used her evaluation as retaliation.

In an earlier report on Ms Firth's retirement it was revealed City Council trashed Ms Firth on her performance evaluation

Now it is reported that Ms Firth is receiving $124K+ in severance pay on the condition that she releases the City from any age discrimination claims.

The report was also noted that city representatives Claudia Ordaz Perez, Henry Rivera, Cissy Lizarraga and Sam Morgan were contacted and some did not have working city office numbers.

DOCUMENTS: City to give Firth more than $250k in separation agreement


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