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April 11, 2018


And, the Senate doesn't impeach anywho, anyway!

The House members vote to impeach but the impeachment trial is held in the Senate where the Senate would vote to convict or not.

You should have been his Consultant. Beto is making dumb ass mistakes. First with the Mandatory Servitude straight out of high school, next with taking a “Dreamer” to the SOTU, signing a bill to ban guns, and finally Impeaching Trump?!?
He almost cried on tv when he was interviewed by Tucker. Can you imagine him debating Cruz?

"Beto's hypothetical vote to Impeach is rooted in hyper partisanship?" You've got to be Kidding right?

Hyper partisanship, like what YOU are a prime example of,is what the Republicans are currently doing and have done for the past 8 years while Obama was in office. Mitch McConnel's crowed that his top achievement was from keeping President Obama from nominating a Supreme Court Judge. Or else, the Party of NO! (RepubliKKKans) always voting NO on whatever Obama proposed.

Instead of putting the country first and Party second, Republicans couldn't give a shit as as they shot down any idea, proposal, or even blocking federal judicial nominees.

Republicans have taken their undying loyalty to the R-Brand to such an extreme level. Their loyalty to Tribalism is breathtaking and grotesque.

I read your blogs to see what horseshit of the day you are writing about. David Karlsruher, whose parents still live in El Paso; for someone who constantly craps on the Democrats of El Paso but who lies in Austin (in your parents home) and D.C. as a PAC lobbyist.

And Beto "making mistakes?" Dont worry sweetheart. He was featured recently on Page 1 of the SUNDAY New York Times in an excellent feature by Frank Bruni. Also, his extensive coverage in the last few months indicate the increasing old media and social media he will be given. Vanity Fair and Bill Maher to just name a few.
Plus, he's out-raised your Republican heartthrob, Rafael Cruz with no PAC money. Cruz is the MOST Disliked Senator and has spent more time in Iowa and other states running for President instead of taking care of his Texas constituents.


It's friday - have a beer, chill out. you're pretty angry for a guy who claims he's got it all figured out... maybe you don't believe your own words?

David Karlsruher....I don't drink beer. I prefer a red Bordeaux in cooler times (I highly recommend the 2015's). Rose from France in Spring and Summer.

Of course, once in a while, my single malt McAllen. at my age, I am a multi-millionaire and can afford it.

YOU must be projecting how YOU feel. Angry? Not at all. In fact, I wrote the above piece feeling joy and with Wagner on the stereo. My favorite composer--I guess your's, not so much.

I never claimed I have it all figured it out. I do have clarity of thought and can analyze something pretty quickly. Like how I figured out how Juan Cabrera will soon be leaving his gig at the EPISD as more people realize how he and your girlfriend, Doris FennenBuck ($300,000 lighter these days) screwed the people of El Paso. Including their $1,500 per day "consultant" and how the bid rigging to GAFCON worked out. All while EPISD continues to drop in scoring/testing AND # of students.

Quit with the high school retorts and get on a diet. You are looking very chubby these days. It will be better for your health and YOUR peace of mind.

Carlos is a pompous ass. Someone who has to brag that he is "rich" is a bore and a jerk. No one cares. BTW - When Dems were in control of house and senate they played games with appointments, legislation etc. with George Bush. It is not a unique strategy that only one party uses. Maybe you got too drunk on your Bordeaux to remember that.

People that have money never talk about it. People that don't always talk about how much they have. He probably buys his wine at the supermarket, box.

The rich guy brags about the great low price he paid for his watch. The guy without money brags about how expensive his watch is.

Not impressed at all.

I don't normally discuss my wealth. I believe in the motto "No Brag. Just Fact." But David Karlsruher is one of the biggest Assholes I've ever met, and I've met alot of Jerks.

He was born on 3rd Base and hasn't done anything in life, except for living off of his families money and connection all the while spouting off Republican Platitudes. As if he knows anything. And, he's done it all his Life.

He is an obnoxious Jew who perpetuates the stereotype of Kikes. A shyster just like Shylock the Jew.

"The rich guy brags about the great low price he paid for his watch." WRONG! The rich guy doesn't discuss anything--so you must be referring to the Jews of El Paso. Or, the Jews of the West Coast. Or, for that matter, the Jews of "Hymie Town."

I "Jewed down" the salesman on my wine. Case quantities of course. But it will just rest gently I'd never pay full list. I've had to deal with Jews my entire Lifetime and they are all the same. They take great pleasure in making money and hanging on to it. More than even sex. Israel? No, they won't live there, but they'll send their shekels over and sleep well at night feeling like they've at least donated to the Promised Land.

Carlos, you are a jerk. For someone who professes to be a sophisticate, you showed your cards with your ethnically charged word "jewed." No one with any class whatsoever uses that word. Go pound sand.

One more thing...if you're a prototypical Beto supporter, I'll go with Ted. Beto can have you.

Oh my precious, I seem to have struck a nerve because I Jewed the wine salesman down. I never said I was sophisticated. I just said I’ve been around the block and you Jews\Kikes are all the same. 99.9% of you love money. You get a bigger thrill for haggling and getting a deal. I mean I never encountered a race that Loves Money like yours. And OBNOXIOUS. I mean Google all the scam artists and shysters and they are all Jews. Coincidence? No way! You would rather count money at night or think about ways to make money than anything else. 98% of your time is spent thinking about ways to make money and ways to avoid paying Taxes. Michael Cohen— Trumps “Lawyer.” A perfect example of a Jew. Parts 2,3 -15to follow. So,many Crooked Jews over history.Starting with Shakespeare and Shylock. Oh, the Merchant of Venice, and his pound of flesh!!!


You would like Wagner given Hitler's fondness for the composer's work. I will assume you are a Soros liberal - full of money and hate. If we've met, I'm happy I don't remember it. At your urging I will do some pushups today, but you know we Jews are not the athletic type... save for Koufax.

I appreciate you visiting this blog during the moments of the day you aren't trying to buy Nazi memorabilia on line.

Yours in Christ,

David K

After Carlos's birth, his parents yelled never again.


Christians are never supposed to attack Jews. Touch not a hair on the head of the anointed. Quit your jew bashing. You're a sicko.

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