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April 23, 2018


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I will say that good "hole in the wall" Mexican food is about the only thing I miss about El Paso.... the best stuff is made my someone's grandmother on a beat to heck stove on a corner you can barely find.

Dot, you hit a home run ! Why is it unhealthy food always tastes so good ?

Heck FM 93.1 has some out of tune guy still yelling that El Paso is the safest city in America despite the fact that was a lie. Then the city tried all sorts of angles like safest city of its shape, safest city with most hispanics, safest city close to the border, etc.

Then we had cook named as the best mayor in the world. Later it was revealed that the pr firm that is on retainer. Finds titles and with a little bit of cash and handshakes. El Paso gets a new title.

At least Rodney was funny.

Exactly! Best food in the state (El Paso, not L & J)

El Paso food is unique. It is not TexMex. It is not Mexican. It is New Mexican. New Mexico is the green / red chile capital of the world. People from all over the counntry order green chile from Hatch's on line site. Try and order green chile enchaldas in Mexico City or chile rellenos in Guadalahara. Chilangos eat a lot of fish and soft shell tacos with weird things in them. The best food (what we call Mexican) is made in your kitchen. No restaurant's red chile holds a candle to mine.

And, David, you're right about TexMex food. It is inedible. I'm not sure what TexMex is besides bad.

If you had done your homework, you would have realized that the El Paso Times is owned by Gannet, Inc. which also happens to own USA Today. USA today "sponsored" this article online as a source of
click baits.

The judges, along with their home cities are as follows:
Cynthia Drake-Austin
Jessica Dupuy-Austin
Michael Hiller-Dallas
Ilene Jacobs-Houston
Susan Lanier Graham-Dallas
June Naylor-Dallas
David and Rebekah Schroeder-Dallas

Notice something? There is not one single Mexican American food "judge" on this list. And, so these Anglos are the ones who elected to put L&J into the "Tex Mex" category. Putting in a square peg into a round hole.

Talk about "cultural appropriation." So, if you're going to complain, I would quit crapping on El Paso and instead complain about these Anglo food judges.

A better idea would have been if the Anglo powers that be, had gone to the Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio. It is only of 3 in the USA and the only one dedicated to Mexican and Latin American cuisine.

And as for El Paso style Mexican food, it is unique as one wrote above. You won't find it anyplace else in Mexico. The unique combination of green New Mexico chiles, Northern Mexico's abundance of beef and wheat and white cheese from the Mennonite colonies near Nuevo Casas Grandes has made El Paso Mexican food what it is.

Tex Mex is an acquired taste and if one grew up eating it, is perfect "comfort food." Puffy Tacos, yellow cheese and cumin and of course on Sundays, Barbacoa (cow cheeks) and Big Red. Fajitas were popularized there along with the "Combination" Platters.

Unlike the above "Judge," June Naylor, who according to her bio, honed her kitchen Spanish eating at Dallas' El Fenix. Crap Mexican food for Anglos. Kind of like Avilas. Mexican food for West Side Anglos. Bland. Not spicy. Phony.

El Paso has great Mexican food. The best in the State, in my opinion. So quit crapping all over El Paso every opportunity you get.

There was no "cultural appropriation".

L&J's marketing is responsible for the Tex-Mex "appropriation" and they benefit (read profit) from great free advertising.

From L&J's website


Delicious Food

Locals believe that El Paso is the "Tex-Mex Capital of the World," and the L&J Cafe has set the standard for home-cooked comfort food since the 1920s. With a menu combining creative new twists on regional flavors and savory traditional plates, the L&J Cafe always satisfies popular demand for delicious borderlands food.

Oh danger! Danger! My mind is warning me not to get into this. But I was born in San Antonio, lived in Dallas, Austin, Burnet and Brownsville where TexMex, known simply as Mexican food, is pretty similar in terms of seasoning and the use of comino or cumin. I thing anyone who's been east of Midland would generally agree. So, it's different here in El Paso, Texas with the use of green and red chile especially and similar to foods you'll get in lots of joints and from Anthony to Hudspeth and Culbertson counties. So, what are you going to call it? New Mexican Mexican food? And how are you gonna have a contest to see who's "Mexican food" is best in Texas if you don't call it Tex Mex? All Chinese food is not alike from one end of that country to the other, but we call it Chinese food generically. Personally, I'm glad L&J and El Paso finally got a little respect.

Thanks David Crowder!

I am absolutely thrilled that an original longtime El Paso family business threw their hat in the "Tex-Mex" ring and not only came out on top but apparently re-defined or least expanded the meaning of "Tex-Mex".

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