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April 17, 2018


Didn’t Susie want GAFCON cos’ it was GAFCON or Forma?



What is also bs is even characterizing this as an "award".

The El Paso Times PAID AN ENTRY FEE to submit a story to a members only CONTEST in order to win a cash prize.

This is a members only contest held by a state "professional" association for industry marketing, self-promotion (i.e. resume stuffing), fundraising purposes, and to get people to attend their yearly conference.

The El Paso Times story was in a VERY LIMITED "COMPETITION" with other member papers that only have a Sunday circulation between 30,000 and 125,000, (e.g. Waco), who also chose to pay the contest entry fee and submit an entry.

The 3 contributors who spun the story got to split a $500 prize, which speaks volume to the "value of journalistic integrity" of the contest submissions.

If it were not for all the coupons in the Sunday paper the El Paso Times doubtfully would have the circulation to even participate.

Don’t forget the obituaries and the horoscopes.

Last Friday's entertainment supplement didn't even have the one page movie section. Plus the ad supplements from advertisers are getting less and less as each week passes. Add to that the opinion page guest column feature seems to give preference to one elected official. Makes one wonder if that paper is now the office journal for that office?

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