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April 10, 2018


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Bring it on Vero. I'm not scared of you. You will make a total a** out of yourself in DC and that will be fun to watch.

This would make a great underdog story...

Max Powers, whose real name is Ali Enrique Razavi, who tweets under "AeroRazavi." Dude, this dipshit lives in Dallas, so what does he care about El Paso, other than to spread chisme?

Oh, and posting how Susie Byrd shaved her legs and washed her hair to go to a EPISD board meeting? An incredibly disgusting misogynist, but since you two are big buds, your are too. I still recall your grotesque false fabrication how HouseBill 3 was going to entitle hairy men wearing dresses walking into the Women's restroom and preying on children.

Dori Supporter---Dont worry. Veronica will not make an ass of herself. She will be part of the Big Blue Tsunami headed to Washington come Nov. 7. Paul Ryan's decision not to run is a hug red flag. A distress flag actually. Trump's low ratings approval and constant lying and denigrating his opponents, are already causing motivation from Democrats (and even Republicans) to get active and get out the vote. Especially white, suburban educated women.

Trumps' core base of white, high school men, and older white men, will soon realize that their coal jobs are Not coming back. The tax cuts are only benefiting the top 1%. $1.50 a week--enough for a box of band aids--which is what Paul Ryan actually said, is not going to cut it when they see themselves as having misled.

Susie looks pretty rough most of the time. But alcohol will do that to you.

I would like the opportunity to make Love to Susie. Especially on a hot afternoon after having Margaritas at The Kentucky. I think she is hot. She just doesn't dye her hair like Doris FennenBuck. And, she uses minimal makeup, unlike Doris.

Plus, Doris has had all that Botox and plastic surgeons whereas Susie has been a born and bred El Pasoan. Natural. All the way. Doris' rugs don't match her carpets....if you get my drift pardner.

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