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April 26, 2018


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I just go to the Pink Store in Palomas and enjoy their menu and margaritas. It's in Mexico so anything they serve is "Mexican", right?

Wow. I actually agree with you 100% on something.

L & J's is Tex Mex because it IS crap.

I have lived in San Antonio for 35+ years but go home to El Paso every quarter to visit my business as well as for family functions and certain Holidays.

In all that time, I have NEVER heard of San Antonio referring itself to as "The Gateway to Mexico." They have been called River City, USA...or Military City, USA. Or Mission City, USA. I don't know where you pulled that one out of.

Now, I've heard that about Laredo as well as Eagle Pass. So, you're intentionally misleading your 10-15 readers or your ill-informed.

You are trying to twist your words and again, crap on El Paso. You were blaming the times and the "El Paso" judges when you should have done your homework. No need for me to repeat my post, but because of your ADHD, maybe I should.

Also, I imagine L&J decided to label themselves as "Tex Mex," to distinguish themselves (or try to attract a few more Anglos into their establishment).

Mexican food is so diverse. And, I'm not talking about Tex Mex. Is it the Yucatan and Cochinita Pibil? Or Monterrey and its abundance of cabrito. Or, Aguascalientes and pork carnitas. Or, as in Puebla and Oaxaca, with its rich tradition of Mole? Or, the seafood served around Vera Cruz and its famed Huachinango with capers, onions and tomatoes? Or the food of Nayarit? Or, the humble fish tacos of Baja California?

Finally, your comment about trying to give El Paso kudos sounds very odd. It was more like an insult. Grow up and quit blogging like some precocious 11 year old. Your mom loved (and still does), but the rest of us think of you as some rich, entitled/spoiled child.

YOU are the Rodney Dangerfield of El Paso bloggers.

Agustus lives in San Antonio... a true self-hating El Pasoan. I bet you prefer black beans to pinto. I may be a precocious little momma's boy brat, but at least I don't live in San Antonio.

Also, you can't say nobody reads a blog that you are taking the time to comment on. It makes no sense. Brings to mind a famous Yogi Berra... something about nobody going there because it's too crowded.

And you sweetheart live in Austin in your parents home? I LOVE El Paso but you constantly crap on El Paso.

What is your point? I think YOU are the self-hating, self-loathing one here. Constantly writing lies and crapping all over El Paso and the newspaper.

Oh, by the way, Go Fuck Yourself David Karlsruher.


I think it's those weird puffy tacos San Antonio is known for that makes you act this way. Or it's the black beans.. .maybe a combination of both.


David K

Augustus: I travel I-10 east to the Hill Country a lot. There is a blue highway sign a couple of hundred miles away from San Antonio that has some sort of "name" on it and under it the words "Gateway to Mexico" are on it. That Name was presented to the Texas Highway Commission in mid 1990's when they presented their request for TxDOT money to build the "gateway to Mexico" road. Maybe you should pay more attention to the blue highway signs - unless you are rich and fly back and forth all the time.

I cannot believe the emotional rants from you regarding Mexican food and DavidK. Good Lord Augustus get a life!

Everything and anything tastes good to someone somewhere. Las Cruces isn't the only place with too many nuts! Hang in there, Dave,

Agustus, San Antonio has advertisied itself as the gateway to Mexico for years. Where have you been? They came up with that when NAFTA was new and was very popular. Maybe they don't metion id so much anymore because they found out NAFTA is not very cool anymore.

Hill Country and NAFTA Guy,

I thought the "Gateway to Mexico" designation was because San Antonio is where the 2 designated NAFTA Highways/Corridors I-35 and I-10 intersected.

I can’t wait for you report on the Sylvia Borunda Firth story.

San Antonio is my fave Texas City. El Paso could have been the westward San Antonio 30 years ago but missed out due, probably, to the Usual Suspects not seeing anything for themselves in it.

Hill Country Guy...What you have seen is an old sign touting what was going to be a a Pacific Mexico port through Texas. It was designed to allow shipping from Asia (China mostly) through Mexico and through Texas. It was intended to bybass the distance from California/West Coast seaports to Texas. The project was abandoned due to many issues. One of them being eminent domain. The only thing left is the sign. And, it IS GREEN, with the flags of Texas and Mexico crossed on it. Blue signs are intended for REST STOPS, Hospitals and food and/or gasoline facilities. So, I ask you, Where have YOU Beeen? I know you love going to Fredericksburg, so next time you go there, get more clarity than the vague..."somewhere out in Texas there is some wording on it...."

And, although I can afford to fly it. I prefer to drive over and stop off in Marathon, TX at the Gage Hotel. One of my favorite Bars and Restaurants. Noting like a hand-made margarita at the White Buffalo Bar.

NAFTA Guy. If you had read the original post, I was referring to San Antonio NOT being called the Gateway City. In fact, go Google "Texas City Nicknames" and see what you come up with.

And, do you live in San Antonio like I have for the last 36 years? I've seen and been in all of the names--River City, Military City USA, Mission City, SA Town, 210 Town, SA......Not that I'm an expert, but having seen the city grow in the last 36 years has been breathtaking and astonishing....The Quarry, The Pearly, UNESCO certification of the San Antonio Missions, NCAA Final 4 just last month (our 3rd one), NBA Spurs.

However, I LOVE El Paso, primarily because our family has been in El Paso and Juarez for over 100 years. There is nothing like going to one's ancestral home and knowing that we have roots going back many generations.

Augustus, thought your roots were in Lebanon ?

once again the city misleads. Times published an article bragging that El Paso is number for living comfortably for $60,000 a year.

Hello, San Antonio and Arlington. You can live there under $50,000 a year and lower taxes plus better wages than El Paso.

Another bs title !

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