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April 18, 2018


If Susie Byrd contends there is "no there, there" - then she should not object to an audit. If she's clean - then why worry. Velarde is out of touch with today's political climate. Anytime a group, a citizen wants to know what's going on he should not question it - after all he is very concerned about the public's trust in the EPISD Board. What are they hiding? Be open, be transparent, tell the truth. If you won't - then you (EPISD Board) are hiding something.

Calm down. There isn't much else Al Velarde could say in her defense. It's not like he can say, "We can't do it because it's Susie." Al's answer was feeble.

True. What else could they do?
Byrd's "strategy" so far is worse than Al's feeble reply.

- First Byrd was dismissive.

Byrd claimed that everyone knew she was Escobar's campaign manager because supposedly the EP Times mentioned it, which btw there was no mention.

She also stated she was fine with an audit because there was nothing to find.

I am not sure which is more appalling the arrogance that she thinks everyone "knows" her or the stupidity in thinking that everyone reads the EPT.

Regardless she flipped from ok to not ok on the audit pretty quickly.

- Next Byrd tried to vilify the Board action.

Byrd objected to proceeding with an independent audit because she would not be treated fairly.

Seriously the only bigger bully than Byrd is Escobar and she wants you to believe she is being victimized.

- Now Byrd is trying to mischaracterize an audit as a waste of resources:

Byrd is claiming the District has a $7,000,000 budget gap and that the 10K - 15K cost of the audit is a waste of resources.

Although she does not seem to have a comment or a problem with having the District pay for a mediator to handle the mess she created by targeting Cabrera

In El Paso being transparent means looking thru an opaque window

"We didn't learn too much from all those emails. They were mostly just silly."
We learned what we already knew: that our city doesn't work for us, that the CM effectively downloaded legislation directly from Mountainstar to the Council chamber, that her CFO spun the numbers to match the hype and that we could wait on the bond sale until past the election, a de facto $20MM campaign donation from the taxpayers to Steve (who lost).

That's what we learned. EPISD hasn't learned this yet but might.

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