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May 18, 2018


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It's a gambling addict. The problem is that's it's our taxes !

"If we just throw the dice once more I know we can win". In this case it's each new project is the ONE that will bring tourists. Just one more, com' on, just one more Cert of Obligation, we can feel it, this is the ONE !

Since they sold some "arena" bonds they probably have to follow through or risk big SEC problems and investor lawsuits.

It would make more sense though to buy out the bar area for the arena and build it to connect to the Civic Center.

The disruption to the Civic Center would be minimal, limited to the final stage when the buildings are connected.

The City would have a large flexible venue that could host large conventions or be partitioned to host smaller ones.

It would be less risky since an anchor tenant would not be as critical if the City went after the abundance of small to medium size conventions like the rest of Texas is doing.

No doubt the problem with that is the anchor tenant would not get the sweetheart deal like the ballpark.

fighting for Taxpayer's Dollar ? You were for the Baseball deal and it doesn't pay for itself. You will be for De La Vega's soccer field in the future and it probably wont pay for itself. You were for the Stormwater utility years back and its a joke and you could have had a few people on a board bidding out projects which is really all they have done except hire more worthless Gubment employees to do the work instead of private contractors like your parents company. Once the projects are over then quit the tax, but no, we still have the worthless Gubment employees. Oh, and after voting for the Stormwater utility while on the board Mrs. Teran quit the board and sold the utility what ? Give me a guess !

Is this a bad moment to bring up the idea of municipalization of the electric grid? Just saying...

I must agree with "You're so Full of Shit." Get a Life. You live in Austin, in a home paid for by your parents, David Karlsruher. Your parents own C&S Construction in El Paso but were constantly crapping all over Veronica Escobar and Susie Byrd.

You have been a Huge Doris Fennenbock fan.

I am sure you are a Racist, like that other Jew, Aaron Schlosser in New York. And, like Doris, you have blood on your hands. She was advocating for having the US Embassy moved to Jerusalem and as a result, 54 Palestinians have been murdered.

I am not sure what your fascination with El Paso is, as you are not a Native and have lived away from El Paso more than you have lived there. Get a life!

First: Carlos, you are one angry loser. If this blog brings out your bad side, don't read it. No one who reads this blog cares what you think. Start your own blog and then y ou can be as hateful as you want.
Second: Mary, the history nuts would go crazy if the city tried to tear ddown any of those buildings west of the civic center. Unlike the Durangito neiighborhood, they actually do have some historical value.

The purchase price and cost of renovating those buildings the city bought on Texas street was millions of dollars. Will they be torn down to make room for the arena the city told us couldn’t be built in the railroad yard?

"...US Embassy moved to Jerusalem and as a result, 54 Palestinians have been murdered."
Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel. How would we like it if, say, Mexico put its embassy in El Paso?

I've been to Israel, their wall works just fine to keep out the undesirables. We should hire them to build ours. And one thing you can say about the IDF is that they act in Israel's interest and they shoot the right people.

Mexico and the USA are 2 Totally Different Countries. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are in the SAME Country. Jerusalem was set aside in 1948.

However, the Jew, is a "self annointed" child of God. Sorry. But according to Trump's Evangelical Base--of which the Karlsruher's and the Fennenbocks, are part of==the Republican Party. NO Jews will be allowed into Heaven.

The Far Right Wing of the Republican Party wants an Israel as a Country--but only so that they can step on the backs of the Jew to ascend into their "Vision" of Heaven. No Jews Allowed!!! Says the sign hanging on the Trump/Republican Mantra. But David Karlsurher gobbles up the Rep[ubican mantra each and every time he can.

I still remember when he would go on his tirades advocating for Republicans. Wonder how he feels about the rise of Anti-Semitism....?

Carlos, you were born too late. A few decades you could been infamous for participating in the Wanasee meeting. With your anti-Jewish rhetoric you most likely would have chaired the meeting.

I would not be surprised to see sporting a small square moustache and very animated when speaking.

Aaron Schlossberg sounds like a Racist Jewish Kike. He was “ Upset” because a customer and an employee were speaking Spanish in New York. I can tell you the exact date and place when at a party, a Jewish woman proclaimed loudly how she would never “allow” her children to marry a Mexican!

I don’t “look” Mexican nor have a Mexican “sounding” last name. Fuck Aaron Schlossberg.

Carlos, you are a vulgar and angry man, utterly devoid of honor or dignity. My grandfather went to war in '42 and risked his life to kill as many of your ilk as possible. How disgusting that there is philo-Nazi crawling around El Paso today and trolling blogs.

What I find hilarious is the probability of Carlos Lehder being Jewish is fairly high. There was an incredible amount of crypto Jews that went to Mexico. A lot of Hispanics / people do not realize they are Jewish.

I'm part Jewish, but I do not identify as one. That being said I do not support Israel in it's conquest for more teritory. They are not just interested in Jerusalem they want the Golan Heights and other territories as well. Just google "greater Israel" to see what is planned.

I’ve traced my family history and done a DNA Test as well. Spanish and French. Traced the Spanish side and we’be Been here (New World) since 1752.

I’m also an Afghanistan vet, fighting for 5time draft dodgers like Donald Trump and Jews who never served like Michael Cohen— A Jewish mafioso.

Afghan vet fighting ? Bet he was a fobitt and tells everyone a lot of war stories.

Btw, DNA tests don't show religion only ancestory !

If you hate Jews so much why would you vote for the Democratic Party?? They are the largest donors for the Democrats. The majority of the Senators and Congressman who are Jewish are Democrats. The democrats shill just as hard for Israel as the relublicans. You dont have to be a conservative to be a neocon. Just look at Hillarly It must be hard being an anti semite hispanic

Carlos, there are people who are visceral supporters of the nation of Israel and who are completely secular, i.e., they don't need a Sky Fairy to make sense of life. Like me.



You are a cancer. Quit bashing Jews. God will convict you. We are all waiting.

I'm a huge Vero supporter and a huge Doris Fenenbock fan. Dorie was the better candidate. Next time she'll win.

If only you religious nuts stop looking in 2000-year old books and focused on hard evidence, you will know that there is no concrete proof God exists. Get a life.

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