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May 23, 2018


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Thank goodness. Now let's see if Samaniego puts that advertised 'election time' business experience to use, and if he starts looking seriously at units of county government. He can start by examining UMC's budget, plus how the Children's Hospital's budget interrelates and ties into that budget.

Ted has to be pissed. Now he will have to line up 3 votes consistently to push his agenda. What alarmed me was a picture of Carlos Aguilar at an event with Cook. That caused me to vote for Samaniego. For the first time since Chuck Mattox we have a county judge that has actually owned a business. Wait, Cobos had a tax filing business.

What ever happened to saying "THE BEST MAN WON"?
PS...nobody reads the EPT

Andrew White said that - sort of - to Lupe Valdez.

It's amazing how you manage to blame Vero for everything. Get over it already.

The reason for cooks success in the primary is because he was aggressive with subtle hints of why Samaniego was not qualified for the job.

Once Ricardo presented cooks PUBLIC record, people remembered the terrible job as a mayor. That was the turn. This explains why cook wanted a pledge for no negative campaign. He believes presenting a public record is dirty. He didn't want to discuss his past.

Oh well, cook lost and Samananiego won.

Message for Susie Bryd -

Cook lost because people were tired of him, and now, they are getting tired of you...Do you recognize yourself when you look in the mirror? What have you become? Democrats don't like you anymore. I know because I am one of them!

David Karlsruher....get OVER yourself and Veronica. Your Darling, Doris FennenBucks got her ass kicked. Even with the $800,000 she spent on her campaign. $300,000 of her own money. People are so tired of your constantly blaming Veronica and Susie for everything.

While Veronica will be in D.C. and helping El Paso gain some political clout, as the FIRST Latina Congresswoman from Texas. Doris will be in El Paso voting as a Republican like she always has.

Get real. A freshman member of Congress has NO juice and does as told. They are regulated to basement offices in less known office buildings. Her status as First TX Latina from Texas will have NO impact in Congress.

Anyway, she hasn't won yet. She still one opponent. Remember what happen to Hillary and Cook. Those were supposed to be easy wins.

hey Chico, Dori is hot and Vero looks like one of the Mescalero women running the cash register at Ski Apache.

Chico and the man.....I prefer a woman whose “rugs matches the curtains” if you catch my drift. Plus, since she is on Husband #3, she has had mucho Botox and a Quaerterly Trip to her Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. The woman running the cash register is Beautiful more to her inner Beauty.

Dori? A Gold Digger wife who once declared herself a Christian Republican when she was living in Colorado.

Chico Chuco,

Are you saying Beto wasn't doing the job? I hope he isn't relying on your for his campaign messaging.

In Christ

David K

Caught that too. Guess Beto was as ineffective as the next Democrat Congress person from El Paso will be.

David K. It didn't even take six months. Your buddy Jaime LameStar has already started laying the groundwork for the "taking down" of Samaniego.

So Jaime has come out of hiding and decided to trash a guy that has no opponent in the general election? And his point is what?

Carlos, "The woman running the cash register is Beautiful more to her inner Beauty." Have you seen that waste and ass ? That's alot of "inner" isn't it ?

Samaniego will not be recalled. To perpetuate that rumor is unprofessional. Jaime took a LIE written by an unreliable fame monger and printed it without verifying the facts. Said liar has since removed the claim from his Facebook page. Mr. Samaniego ran a pure grassroots campaign during the runoff without employing any political consultant to run the campaign for him. To state otherwise is an insult to all the hardworking volunteers who put in countless hours on the campaign

It was grassroots basically but he did employ some consultants.

Will he be impeached? He's as honest as they come. His heart is in the right place and will do a great job for the county.

"Pocahantas Warner," if you are going to denigrate people, at lest learn how to Spell...

The context of WASTE should be spelled W-A-I-S-T.

You are a fine example of the grads that EPISD is turning out. Juan Cabrera would be so proud of you.

David Karlsurher. Nice try at obfuscation. I NEVER said, nor implied that Beto didn't do a good job. Given the fact that he has had to deal with Texas Republican Congressman like Louie Gohmert, who is not only follicaly challenged, but mentally challenged.

Also, Steven Stockman from Houston, who is currently in prison. Then there is Blake Farenthold, that little Piggie (no offense to Pigs) who used $180,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit. Of course using Taxpayer dollars! Very typical of Republicans, of which you are one and a most vocal supporter as well.

Yes, Beto is going to be part of the Blue Tsunami and has already garnered much attention from National Media--such as the New York Times, Vanity Fair, etc. Veronica will help with name recognition.

Speaking of "campaign messaging"...your daily diatribes against Veronica and Susie Byrd didn't seem to have much effect. Perhaps she can use you again when she decides to spend another $800,000 running again. Or not. My sources indicate that she "back" to being a Republican. That didn't take long.

Speaking of daily diatribes, what is your take on that Jew, Michael Cohen? Seems like he is in deep shit.

Carlos, are you Chinese ? "My sources indicate that she "back" to being Republican." She "is back" to being a Republican or "be back" if you want to use ebonics.

Very typical of Republicans...
Carlos, that congressional slush fund was well-used by members of both parties. And, let's not forget which party pushes Hollywood values on us and takes their money. It's not the GOP (though many of them probably embrace such values in their private lives).

You should focus your vitriol on the unique El Paso example of billionaire Republicans paying for liberal Democrats to win office. So what is Vero going to do for Paul and Woody?

I can't speak to Beto except to say nice guy, I've known him for many years and saw a true public servant in his conduct as a successful businessman, on CC and as our Rep.

What happens happens, but I doubt the Blue Wave will wash over conservative Texas.

Jerry K...Texas WILL turn Blue eventually. David Karlsruher is a DEVOTED REPUBLICAN. As such, many minorities, especially Hispanics don't appreciate being called Animals, Breeders, Drug Dealers and Rapists. Donald Trump is a Republican President.

I didn't appreciate David Karlsruher constantly crapping all over Veronica Escobar and being Doris FennenBucks pit bull. Fine, if he wanted/wants to do that, two can play the game.

While Karlrusher's parents live in El Paso, David lives in Austin. So, what is his interest in El Paso? He is not a native and has been gone but continues to peddle conspiracy theories. Continues to crap all over El Paso voters, calling them Zombies since they voted for Veronica.

As if being Latino and voting for one of our own makes us "stupid" in David Karlrusher's eyes.

Every time that David runs his mouth, I am going to post on a "Kike of Day." Remember, TWO can play his game.

Carlos L.,

You are so brave, way to stand up for the beaners.

Tu primo

"Tio Taco." aka...Juan Cabrera. I'm not standing up for the "beaners." Just my friends and family who don't deserve the Kike's denigrating people who voted for Veronica.

P.S. Juan Cabrera...Dori said you could wipe your ass at 5:00 pm. so meanwhile clench those cheeks and don't do anything without HER permission.

Your's in Christ!

Carlos L - you have a malfunctioning penis. Get to Calle Mariscal ASAP for an examination.

Carlos, separate the political from the personal, OK. I'm GOP too - Eisenhower Republican - that, of course, doesn't exist in any party now:)

I'm not on the same political page as Vero and Suzy, but I know Suzy and have had several interactions with Vero in her Judge capacity. All were friendly and positive, as it should be. Anything I might say about them is in a political context, not personal.

Cool your jets, Amigo.

Jerry K
Almost all my dealing with Vero have been negative. She think the people of EL Paso and the County are stupid and lied to them on a regular bases.She will be as effective as Beto has been. Just hope she show up to vote in Congress more regularly the Beto did in his first term.
As to the Blue wave in Texas will see nothing more than the Bernoulli Effect!


Welcome to reality. All politicians lie and most here are under the influence of the legal bribery called campaign contributions. Why do you think CC and the mayor keep looking for creative ways to give the tax base to Paul and Woody?

I mean, we're paying for his goddam HQ downtown; are paying for his AAA team; and now Margo and CC and the Dems are looking for a way to pay for his fucking soccer team, too.

Wake up and smell the salsa, Amigo.

JerryK I love it when you get real :)

County Judge elect Samaniego won because he and especially his volunteers worked hard and the voters responded.

Best candidate won.

Samaniego had a plan. Cook hurt himself asserting the County needed to issue more debt.

There is no legal option for a recall.

A complaint would have to be filed with the district judge with grounds as specified by State Law as well as supporting evidence.

The District Judge would decide whether to proceed or not.

The idea that campaign help provided by volunteers (like Esparza, Wiles, and Rodriguez and even undesirables, who make false claims about a campaign role), are reportable as in-kind donations is absurdly false.

If that were the case Escobar and every other candidate are in violation of campaign finance reporting.

I don't know Mr. Samanienago. I have know Ray, Joe, and John and they were all fine people, IMHO, despite of or because of their historical record.

You try to be mayor when the CC is playing Lord of the Flies and you've got Wilson working behind your back and her CFO spinning the numbers for the Usual Suspects.

This is so tiring. I think I'm going to drive to Palomas tomorrow and enjoy La Tienda Rosa (Pink Store) food, best Mexican on the border, and Yvonne's incomparable margaritas.

I wish she had a margarita truck in Segundo; it would save some gas.

Love ya'll

My post was not meant as a judgment on anyone's character.

Just bad timing/strategy to talk about more debt when a lot of people just received a crushing tax increase via CAD valuations.

Safe travels, Mary

Jerryk, you left one out. Soccer Field and that land the PSB owns out towards Transmountain that was supposed to never be touched. It contains that lost dog trail(arroyo) up to transmountain. Its at the end of Red Road and right next to Hunt's Cimmarron area. Guess you is gonna get that with Tax Whore incentives when it could be sold for 10 times more. Even John B. at the PSB knows it, but IMHO he is thinking about how much bigger his cut should be. Hope he is not.

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