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May 10, 2018


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No disrespect intended towards Mayor Margo or you.

JP Bryan is backing Dr Grossman and the preservation efforts. He is the third generation in his family to serve on the THC. He has invested in several communities across Texas.

I could be wrong but I cannot think of any favor that would induce the "old white guys calling the shots at the state level" to alienate Mr Bryan over the site for a local bond project.

We should give up on the arena and ask the voters to build a state of the art soccer stadium for the new team.

By, don't worry it's coming regardless of location and the city will pay for it !

Unfortunately I think Mr Bryan and his money are being taken for a ride by the anti arena people. It’s interesting to me that there is only one Home occupied. Everyone else has relocated. Most of them to much better apartments that are not run down. Although the area in question is tied up in lawsuits I have yet to hear anything from Grossman’s group outlining exactly what they would do if they manage to stop the arena from being located in this area. Does it just sit empty, run down and become another eye sore in downtown? What will motivate the owners to renovate and improve their property? If the arena site is moved elsewhere will the property owners still move forward with demolishing their property? Grossman doesn’t own the Properties. Will he just move on, declare victory and let the area rot? How responsible is that?

Whatever happens we are likely to end up paying for another playground for the sky box crowd. Like the ball park, the city will be on the hook for maintenance, safety and debt service while the team owners rake in the revenues.

So, here's hoping a judge in Austin can permanently make that arena (that is going to happen anyway) soccer team proof. To Mountainstar, I and many others wish you a hardy "Golf Foxtrot Yankee."

Who Cares,
The occupied home is the only owner occupied property in the footprint the rest were renters and they were relocated to public housing.

If the city made an offer to the home owner at all it was no doubt insulting low compared to the $855+K they just paid for Abraham's building and the millions they paid to Assael and Restrepo.

The home owner is very low income so replacement value for the home does not address the actual financial harm to the owner.

It would be almost impossible for this owner to find another home with a valuation where they would be able to afford the property taxes.

It would have been cheaper and more expedient for the City and City Council to have acted humanely and petitioned the court for exceptional circumstances and offered the owner $250K in cash and $250K in a trust for the owner to cover property taxes and other expenses.

At this point the City may be legally obligated to purchase those buildings so it would be up to the City to improve the buildings.

The City's bigger problem is that they tried to force an agenda by selling bonds representing the project as a sports arena. A judge has ruled against that so if the City loses on appeal the SEC will prosecute.

I believe Dr Grossman et al want the city to use the Mexican-American cultural center bond money and historic incentives to turn the buildings into a cultural center complex. The city can't do this because of the bond sale.

Dr Grossman et al are seeking an archeological designation. If the buildings are demolished then the site essentially becomes an archeological excavation, which for an area that age and size can take years.

Max Grossman represents the single biggest waste of time I have seen in years. This idiot has no plan for the area and couldn't possibly care less about any of the folks who previously lived there. At this point it appears he just likes to see his name in our local newspaper. He has cost the El Paso taxpayers plenty with nothing to show for it. What a loser!

Well, there are some interesting comments here. Let me make a few things clear. If we are successful in the courts, the "Arena" will be canned and El Pasoans will save a gigantic sum of money. You did not vote for an "Arena," plain and simple. Second, there are scores of residents living within the "Arena Master Plan" but only two within the "Arena" footprint. You need to understand the technical difference. The neighborhood still has a critical mass of residents, many of whom have been there for decades. I am a citizen and committed conservative fighting a bloated bond project that will lay waste to a good part of our downtown and do to us what happened to Milwaukee and so many other cities that suffered a bond-rating downgrade. And yes, we have real ideas for the neighborhood, which will become a historic district and receive a certain measure of protection (as two independent professional surveys recommend) but it will be the property owners who will ultimately decide what to do with their property.

As for you, Ken, you are not much of a gentleman, are you? Try directing your anger at the City leaders who are stealing your and your children's money instead of against the guy who is trying to do something about it. Better yet, why don't you do something about it?

I agree with "Max." Assuming he is Max Grossman. Good read! El Paso is taking 1 step forward and 2 back. At least Mr. Grossman is doing something about it, unlike others who just whine and complain.

Especially with people like "Ken," who is probably writing for the People Who Stand to Most Benefit from having an arena built downtown. Who are they?
Follow the money?

Developers? Builders? Who will construct this "Arena"? Keep up the good work Max Grossman! I stand with you in solidarity.

Key point Max made: it will be the property owners that ultimately decide what to do with their property. Which could be nothing. Dilapidated buildings in a run down area of town. Oh joy. Can’t wait.

Think for a minute. When was the last time people were evicted to a "better" location. And the ending result destroyed the people.

The money wants it done and over with like yesterday. Regardless of the results for El Paso. After all the city will give money to build and if the venture fails, just a tax write off for the money people.

We didn't learn much, have we ?

so Max you are saying you are doing this so we don't have to pay for an Arena downtown and the bond money will never be spent and the Taxpayers will save money ? I voted against it and this Blogger was against it too, but i'm sorry to say I don't believe you. You and I both know this money will be spent one way or another somewhere else. The politicians will make sure of that. The stupid people voted for it, but you and I have to live with that just like Hillary and all the other Libs. You just want money spent on your pet projects and its so plain to see. Give me a break about wanting so save the Taxpayers money.

Response to question: You can doubt me if you wish but you have no reason to. I am a totally committed conservative/libertarian and truly believe that the Ballpark, "Arena, TIRZ projects, recent corporate handouts, etc. are financially destructive and that we may soon face a bond-rating downgrade. I am an El Paso taxpayer and homeowner and truly feel the weight of our bloated City and County governments. Truth be told, I believe that the "Arena" project should be killed outright and the money refunded to the bondholders.

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