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May 15, 2018


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The city is required by law to release the employee evaluation. Even the Texas Municipal League, which frequently campaigns to limit public disclosure, acknowledges that most information in a personnel file is public record.

"The vast majority of information within a public employee’s personnel file is considered
public information and accessible to the public. For example, information about a public
employee’s job performance, dismissal, demotion, promotion, resignation, and salary
information is generally considered open."

Here's a link to TML's summary of the Public Information Act. https://www.tml.org/p/PIA%20ME%202018.pdf See Page 25.

Fact Checker,

Sure, access is granted, but the package that is given with the access should be extremely watered down as most municipalities do. HOWEVER, that has never stopped a former public employee from suing after the information came out. There are plenty of ways to cleanse this info and kill a story that is going to cause a problem. This is all just stupid on the city's part.

Truly yours

David K

My money is on Sylvia Firth being fed up with a new City Council. Dumber than the one before them, they are raising issues for political purposes only. Outsourcing legal issues has always taken place. Someone should review the outside counsel billings when Elizondo & Martinez were there under Mayor Wardy. I would be curious how that compares to last years (2017) number. The Ray McChristian & Jeans firm is one of several very qualified firms in El Paso. Would we prefer our tax dollars go to an out of town firm like we do with most of the construction projects? Seems like some people in our fair City are never happy. In my opinion Sylvia Firth did a great job as City Attorney. Anyone have a tough time believing multiple people on this City Council stepped in it before she left creating the opportunity for the severance package?

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