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May 08, 2018


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Cabrera has always been a train wreck. And Susie is a stupid (rhymes with what). Move along please. Nothing to see here.

True, nothing to see here. I can’t recall the last time anybody liked a school superintendent be it the public, teachers or board members.

Susie is a witch. She thrives on conflict, nastiness and trying to force people into her way of thinking. Team player is not a concept she understands.

None of this is good for EPISD and El Paso. You notice that there is never any discussion or grievances about curriculum or teacher morale, issues that truly make a difference in the education of students. If Byrd (don't forget her husband is an EPISD teacher) and Cabrera really wanted to make a difference, they would take care of the teachers.

Exactly. If Byrd truly cared about educating the kids then focus on the kids. Quit playing gotcha with the superintendent and do the job she was elected to do.

I don't know Byrd's husband but if I was him I would be mortified that she prefers to disrupt the school district by trying to force the resignation of a superintendent that will then cause months and months of drama picking a new one and guess what gets thrown aside - teachers, students, curriculum, etc.

If the EPISD trustees had any balls they would shut her down and tell her to focus on the real issues.

If El Paso had any balls they wouldn't stay home and not vote. Nor, would they continue to vote for people like her.

So don't blame the school board.

The Sup is out of town half the time anyway, like a 100 days. Good riddance; get someone who actually wants to administer the district.

As for Ms. Byrd and the board, would you please do what we elected you to do and run EPISD instead of using it as a platform for your own smarmy careers.

I look at my tax bill and it is apalling how much we pay for such little integrity of EPISD's leadership.

Byrd wants to spin this as providing "appropriate oversight" even though the Superintendent's travel was board approved and he broke NO LAWS.

On the other hand:

1. Byrd voted to approve the Superintendent's budget as well as the travel.

2. Byrd skipped the meeting when the GAFCON contract was on the agenda to fundraise for Escobar in DC and try to collect post-dated checks so Escobar would not have to resign to run.

3. Byrd violated the Superintendent's contract by slandering him with regard to travel and the GAFCON contract.

4. Byrd failed to provide "appropriate oversight" of appointed committees".

Why is Ted Houghton still on the BOAC when it was reported he initiated the GACON meeting ?

5. Byrd failed to provide "appropriate oversight" of district policy.

Why is Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria still employed after the audit revealed she failed to implement bid policies ????

Byrd should be removed from the board for negligence and gross incompetence.

Get over it already. Dori lost.

Good points Mary. Houghton is still on the bond committee because he is a BFF of Veronica’s. Susie has to walk a very fine line when it comes to picking on certain well known people in town. They all supported Vero.

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