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May 01, 2018


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Didn't this all start with the Quality of Life bond that you supported?

I seem to recall you on the old El Paso Times forums advocating for El Paso to support Downtown Redevelopment.

This blog post is not talking about the 2012 QOL. It is talking about the just passed $94M certificates of obligation for items/projects not part of the 2012 QOL. So it doesn't matter whether DavidK or 100,000 El Paso voters supported the 2012 QOL. This is about today, now and $94M that was not approved by the voters. CO's have always been a sore spot with El Paso taxpayers. The point being if you don't like them then you need to tell the city council and mayor instead of complaining about it via blogs, or online forums.

Who Cares
Well said!

Excuse me..I'm not trying to derail your discussion..

Please ask Dori Fenenbock to call the Bowie group about the bus issues. I know you're not discussing it here, but they could really use her help. No one is listening to them. Please ask her to call them.

Regarding the way City Council approved the COs, just add all the additional expense the City Manager is planning. Listen to his mouthpiece DCM Cary Westin and keep track of the plan to move 2 City Departments to private buildings. Economic Development to the Mills Building and Community Development to the Blue Flame Building. These 2 departments are currently housed at City 3 located at 801 Texas. The Taxpayers already paid to remodel this building. Why are the Taxapayers going to pay rent when the City already owns 801 Texas. Waste, Waste, Waste !!!! Tommy Gonzalez at his finest. Oh I forgot his BFFs are Jerry Chichon and Paul Foster.

City haller: maybe because a certain well known person (not Hunt or Foster) owns land near 801 Texas and is hoping the arena will eventually end up over there.

Here is a question for "No bus at Bowie!":

From past media reporting haven’t Bowie and Jefferson, both high schools South of interstate 10, had problems with DECLINING student enrollment?

Jefferson High is across the street from UMC, plus it has a medical magnet school, which is appealing to the Medical Center of America and that entity’s dream of creating a medical campus complex, as a economic and area revitalization engine for that area of El Paso.

Bowie High has for years been a troubled high school, but it also has a proud history and dedicated, passionate group of alumni, who have always fought very hard for that school.

What puzzles me about this latest protest is, by adding that bus hub EPISD would seem to be ADDING VALUE to the Bowie area, which in a time of constant budget pressures and declining student enrollment, would make Bowie an EPISD ‘asset of economic value’ and provide a valid economic reason to keep that school open.

It seems the bus hub protesters may possibly be SHITTING on a school South of the freeway?

“Real grassroots efforts get results.” Who is this David K and what happened to the old one?

Maybe they could run a trolley over there? No one else is going to be riding on it.

Honestily, in El Paso the voters(the few and gullible) will do nothing except re-elect the politicians.

These people would vote for eating ---- so long as they hear the word free and entertainment free of course, CO will pay😉

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