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June 29, 2018


I hope the far left continues its push for more control in the Democratic Party. I hope Ordaz loses, so I can watch the comedy show that socialist is going to cause. Just look at the #walkaway hashtag that is trending on Twitter. The further left the party moves the more people are pushed towards the center. The Democratic Party is imploding. They have no policies to run on that are ACTUALLY achievable.

One of my favorite quotes is "When the facts are on your side pound the facts. When the law is on your side pound the law. When neither of those are on your side pound that table." The Democrats have pounded the table for over 2 years now and it's own voters are excusing themselves from the table.

The City does not seem able to "not spend the money." Don't spend money on the arena and don't spend money on the cultural center. Neither make sense. If they need to go back to the voters to get approval to dump those projects, then they should do so. As much as I do not like Max, I don't think dislike of him, his tactics and his penchant for publicity should prevent us from dumping the arena....not for "historical" reasons but for practical reasons.

Ha! Classic conservatives. Named whatever other first world countries have, and labeled it socialism when it comes to America.

If you have no special interest in not having Medicare for All, and yet you are adamant against it, you're just another tool used by the elite.

The post above is a straw man logical fallacy, please ignore.

Once again, put it to a vote.

Some people want infrastructure (a building) named after someone nobody has heard of.

Then there are permanent jobs and a city line item.

What would be best would be to set aside the money for Hispanic Education. Use the money and create a fund. Profits from that fund could pay for Top Notch Hispanic Ed programs for El Paso schools. Guest speakers, artists, and musicians many of whom would be willing to work for very little compensation. Donations from the community could expand the power of the program.

Non-profit, no paid full-time administrators. Unpaid Program Coordinator.

A better solution and would really help expand student knowledge about themselves and their community.

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