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June 12, 2018


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Agree with all your comments. EPISD - they have talked about under utilized schools for years. Bryd as a city council person pitched a baby fit every time there was talk of closing a school. If there were 10 kids in there she still wanted it left open. She wouldn't know what a balanced or fiscally responsible budget was if it smacked her upside the head. She certainly didn't think about balanced budgets when she was on city council for 8 years.

Environazis. Exactly. A deal was made in 2013. Get over it. Better yet - buy the land you want and make all the damn bicycle trails you want. PSB doesn't owe you crap.

Saucedo - OMG. What a way to go down in flames. He campaigned to get rid of the city attorney and now it somehow is a problem she is gone? I thought the city did a decent job of not dragging the city attorney through the mud - enough of it was already out there when the media reported her performance review results. City learned from the Jane Shang debacle and tried to handle it better. Of course - Firth orchestrated that nightmare - maybe that's why they used outside counsel.

Let’s talk about your girlfriend Fenenbock and her boyfriend Cabrera instead. The 667 million dollar bond was theft on an industrial scale. In light of the disclosure of the budget shortfall and proposed closing of DOZENS of schools it seems that it really was a construction scam from the beginning. I opposed that view when my friends in the school district told me about it. I figured it was bad blood and old range wars. I mean, what kind of mean spirited jerk would devise a plan like that? I guess I was wrong. Fuck you dickhead.
Your pal,


i have no idea what you are talking about, but Susie Byrd was the biggest fan of the bond. She was twisting arms making people support it. Hell, the entire board had to support it.

start drinking later in the day, it will help your clarity.

David K

Reports to Law Enforcement is not defamation. One can defame speaking to the Media but not mere filing of allegations with Law Enforcement even if the report document itself becomes public later.

To believe the opposition to the TIRZ is strictly limited to the "environazi" point-of-view is extremely myopic. It is a perfectly rational position to believe land should be developed when it becomes economically feasible to do so, not just when the city council and others believe "now is the time." This has forced many who are tired of the typical El Paso tax shenanigans to support their trail saving allies.

This is a relatively obvious observation.

Ha Ha. Your girl friend Fenenbock and her boyfriend Cabrera were proclaimed the citizens of the year by the El Paso Inc. for their bold promotion of the bond issue. I may be drunk now. But tomorrow I’ll wake up sober. And you’ll still be a dickhead.
Your pal,

El Paso guy,

You are making my point. You have not taken the time to understand what is going on here and thus pulling something completely idiotic out of your ass. TIRZ designation does not mean it's not feasible etc... has nothing to do with that at all. You don't want your trails on other people's property taken away, but you won't just admit that. You have to make shit up (obfuscate). And this is inherently the problem with El Paso politics - the dim, but loud are the only ones interested in participating.

Hugs and kisses,

David K

Ha ha, you make major assumptions about my stance on this issue. This TIRZ designation is unlike the previous ones. Please enlighten all of us dim wits on why this very specific part of El Paso deserves TIRZ designation when westside development into virgin desert land has progressed unabated without them. "It costs so much to control stormwater!!! blah blah blah."

But I typically agree with your assessments. Spot on on school closures.

Was waiting for a post on the TIRZ issue. Well the environmentalist are all being taken for a ride in the desert. The land is being set aside for the Great Wolf Lodge!!! It is all signed, sealed, and ready for delivery. Everybody at City Hall knows it. The Economic Development and City Manager Staff have been working on it for months. Gonzalez, Westin, and Herrera have given these types of projects code names. Like Project Condor or something silly like this. GI Joe stuff. Agreements are ready to sign.

Tax Incentives are ready to be paid. The desert land is gone for all practical purposes. Guess what the Mayor and majority of City Council are all in on it. So all the noise from the Environmentalist is just that, noise!! They have been sold out. Enjoy the Great Wolf Lodge, it is the closest to nature you are going to get.

City Haller guy: Better to give tax incentives to a Great Wolf Lodge than another call center as in the days of Lessor.

There are no trails on the land that is alleged to be the site of Great Wolf. It fronts on I-10. Get your facts straight City Haller.

Bankers say the TIRZ is not that great because it takes a while before you get the money. Its not up front and therefore they dont loan based on money that will be given back to developer years from now. I think it gets distributed when the land is sold and a house or whatever is finished. Still, it is money that will be given back to the developer after its been sold and that's still money that is taken from the taxpayer. Not me, but my children's taxes.

Who Cares, Thank you for the assist and confirmation. I might not be 100% correct, especially knowing the exact location of the Great Wolf Lodge. But I am 100% correct it is the Great Wolf Lodge going into the TIRZ. All for the benefit of some favored developers. All at the expense of the Taxpyers. All orchestrated by Telphon Tommy Gonzalez. Look at his history of failed projects with Developers in Lubbock and Irving. Just do a simple Google search. Gonzalez is just repeating his actions in El Paso. When is the Mayor and City Council going to figure it out? They will continue to ignore the obvious as long as they continue to get their favors.

City Haller, who is the developer for the Wolf Lodge ?

Question: It would be the company that actually owns Great Wolf. It's a corporation - not a local developer. They will buy land somewhere from somebody and build their facility.

City Haller: I see no problem for a TIRZ where there is nothing but commercial zoning. I don't understand the reasoning for a TIRZ for vacant land that has multiple zoning classifications including housing - unless like the MCA the idea is to eventually buy out the owners of the old houses and retail buildings to tear them down and build medical facilities. If there is a market for the vacant PSB land then the developers will buy it and develop when the market dictates.

I suspect “City Haller” is Fred Lopez who is in Byrd’s camp, got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, is incompetent, and full of sour grapes.

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