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June 18, 2018


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How long until the leadership t EPISD runs the organization like a business? Close some schools and its okay if the parents of the kids that used to attend those schools cry a little bit. You cannot run a business and hope to please everyone. Simple economics folks! Close some damn schools and save the money!

What happen to all the reports by city council and county about the need for additional housing, business and entertainment because of the major influx of people ?

The influx requires less schools ?

El Paso logic,

The "influx" of people wasn't that big and they didn't move to the center of the city. They moved to where new construction has taken place. People are not going to move to central El Paso.


David K

Moving to old neighborhoods in Central EP, even Kern has its problems. Poor wiring, clay sewer pipes that are often collapsed and costs thousands to repair; foundation issues all that crap. Most people want shiny new houses, cars, toys whatever. No one wants beat up old crappy houses to live in and spend thousands of dollars to make livable. That's why schools in those areas have low enrollments. Get a grip Susie. Open your eyes. Quick drinking the Caballero kool-aid.

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