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June 13, 2018


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Whatever they are paid, we need a constitutional amendment for term limits, including federal judges and SCOTUS. Nobody gets a free ride for life.

higher wages did nothing to contribute to professionalism in theh Commissioners Court

Paying the City Council members more money is not going to solve the problems. The problems begin with the Campaign Contributions. You have City Council members accepting money from PACs, rich developers, power brokers, people wanting to buy favors. It becomes so obvious by just seeing the Agenda Items they post or support.

City employees have to survive on 2% raises every other year. While the City Manager gets over $50,000 at one time. All for the exchange of favors. You now see the Deputy City Managers and CFO making huge salaries to include private 457 Plans. All of this going on in secret. All for special favors for City Reps and Mayor. Pave my street. Put a splash pad in my district. Build me a new building. Help my hotel owner friend.

This has got to stop. This corruption in our City Government. The Tax Payers are suffering. The Taxpayers need to revolt and demand honesty by the elected body. But when? Probably not in my lifetime.

The City Charter was amended in 2015 to change who hires and fires the city attorney. The power now rests with the City Council. Here's a story on the charter amendments passed in 2015. https://www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/politics/elections/2015/11/04/majority-city-amendments-approved-voters/75135378/

Here's how the charter now reads: Appointment and Removal of the City Attorney. The City Council by a majority vote of its total membership shall appoint a City Attorney and fix the City Attorney's compensation. The City Attorney shall be appointed solely on the basis of legal experience and qualifications. The City Attorney may be removed by a resolution approved by a majority vote of the total membership of the City Council. Assistant City Attorneys shall be appointed by, and will report to and work at the direction and under the supervision of the City Attorney

Fact Checker,

Yep - you are right. I forgot that the former city attorney lost that battle. I do now remember that somehow the council of that time was never able to bring her to the principal's office over past problems. Doesn't change the fact that the mayor and council had the power to do what they did with her severance. I suspect the AG will quickly make that clear.

In 2004 when the charter was revised to go to a CM form of government it also changed the terms of office for Mayor and council to 4 years and maxed out the number of years a mayor or council member may serve which is 10 years lifetime total. Mayor 10 years total; council person 10 years total. If a mayor terms out and runs for council he can be there 8 years, max 10 and vice versa.

County of El Paso has NO term limits. Remember Rogelio Sanchez? He was there 39 years or something.

Vote no on pay raises. They have a chance every budget to raise their salary if they give raises to the rest of the employees. County has higher pay but then 2 County Judges were convicted of public corruption; one County commissioner was convicted of public corruption; a couple of others decided not to run for re-election to avoid any public corruption charges. So - paying more money does not guarantee a smarter, more honest elected official.

Paying more money may not guarantee a smarter, more honest elected official, but it certainly makes it more likely. As things stand now, the only time a younger, ambitious person can run for elected office at the City is if they have significant support from their parents or other family member. See: Beto O'Rourke.

As of now, there are only a few categories of people who can run for Council or even Mayor. Retirees, working-age people with financial support from parents or spouses, and underqualified crazies who would consider a council member's salary a big raise. Maybe we luck out every so often with a great candidate who is retired or has family support, but we can't count on it.

And as far as people becoming career politicians - term limits at the City mean it won't be an issue. Sure, a very small few might be able to jump from council to mayor or congress, but the majority won't.

Yes - campaign contributions also matter. But by paying our elected officials more money, hopefully we'll get people who are smart and strong enough to stand up to their donors, or at least qualified enough to find another job when their donors go support someone else.

For being a “City Haller”, you are seriously misinformed. Either that, or you are a flat out liar. The city manager received a $15,000 raise, not $50,000. BIG difference. Which leads me to believe the rest of your accusations are plain BS.

“Who Cares”, you are totally wrong too. The city reps do not get raises when the rest of employees do. Unlike county commissioners, they cannot give themselves a raise. Thus this charter amendment going for vote.

Not sure how I feel about a raise, though.

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