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June 25, 2018


The issue of separating children from parents has been solved - last week. Trump issued an EO ending it. So why all the grandstanding in Tornillo and other places? Got nowhere else to go and nothing to do? Does anybody care? I don't. The rapper that showed up at Twin Peaks last week got more attention and crowds than the moron celebrities at Tornillo POE.

Your comment concerning Trump and saying "signing a Thingy" is grotesque and disgusting. What if these were Jews who were being separated during WW2?

Your lack of humanity is disgusting. I am sure your parents are Very Proud of how you have turned into an obscene, pathetic and grotesque oxygen waster.

You are incredibly similar to Stephen Miller, another Ultra Right Jew who was born on 3rd base and thought you both hit a triple. You are a disgusting and vile piece of Jewish garbage.

Bernie, now you know why you're in prison. YOUR VENOM !

David, block the antisemetic with the phony name. Can't hide the smell.

Bernie. Can’t David just be an obnoxious asshole? Why does he have to be a Jew? Leave him alone and let him do his job. I’m sure he doesn’t knock the dick out of your mouth when you’re trying to do your job.

Dave et al., this horrific and, yes, Nazi-esque, chapter in the dumpster fire that is the Trump administration will not be over until every child is reunited with his or her parent(s). That's why the protest occurred, and that's why the protests will continue. Dave, suggesting that Trump resolved it by (begrudgingly) signing an executive order makes you sound like you are drinking the Kool-Aid. I thought you took pride in not being one of the Kool-Aid slurpers?

Baytoe.....I am giving David KKK a taste of his own medicine. How do you think Mexican Americans felt when his Hero, Donald Trump, on his VERY FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT for Presidency, called them Rapists, Drug dealers and basically scum. Since then he’s gone on to call Latinos: Breeders, Invaders, Infestations.

So, let us play the same game,

Besides, Karlsruher doesn’t even live in El Paso, so why continually denigrate the city. Along with continually bashing Hispanics by calling them Zombies because they voted for Escobar. Throwing O’Rourke under the bus at EVERY opportunity? Slavishly being being Doris Fennenbuck and Juan Cabrera’s lap dog.....?

And it’s “not his job.” He’s just blogging because he’s bored being a lobbyist for Blue Shield....and living in his parents house in Austin, so he’s picking the lint out of his navel and demonizing El Paso while he does so.

I hope he realizes what he’s done regarding relationships between Jews in El Paso and Mexican Americans.

David...seems as if you are doing a good job. Keep it up.

Yes David, you are doing a Great Job.....that is of making Jews look like the Stereotypical Jew....that is, The Kike. Shylock The Jew.

You have even have motivated, in a way which I Do Not Condone, that now Jewish graves are being desecrated at Concordia. You should realize that Fascism is rising in Europe and an intense Anti Semitism is rising. Encouraged by Trump. AndYOU are adding fuel to the fire. All I can sense is a sense of self-loathing.

I hope your parents—- and especially your parents Rabbi, are “Proud” of you. Great Job! Stephen Miller is so Proud of you!!!!!

People, get back on the subject. Where in DavidK’s post did he ever mention Jews? That crazy person that posted hateful, vile comments about Jews is the one who started the nasty, mean Jewish comments. Don’t blame DavidK. You all need to improve your reading comprehension.

If the liberal clowns that were protesting in Tornillo really cared, each one should have taken serveral of the illegals home. Plus, the liberal clowns should pay the housing, food, and education expenses for the illegals.

Pull your Republican head out of your Ass. There ARE people helping as we speak. Heard of “Raices? Or Annunciation House in El Paso? Money and volunteer help is pouring in. Local Volunteers are helpin while those that do not live there are actually traveling to assist in legal matters.

This is going to go,down as a Shameful period in American history.

These are also liberal clowns. If anyone wants to enter our country legally, each one should do so by all LEGAL means. This money will run out, and then who will pick-up the tab?
My head is on my tax paying shoulders. Your liberal head is in the taxpayers’ wallets.

Attention Stephen Miller. RAICES are being PAID to take care of the immigrant children. They are not doing it out of the goodness of their heart. But that is beside the point. Texas Tribune ( a liberal publicationm btw) reported this morning that their guy was at Tornillo and there were 12...count 'em...12 children there who had been separated from their parents. The other 200 some odd kids were unaccompanied minors who were sitting in the cooling station after playing soccer on astro turf. True story. Look it up. Air conditioned sleeping quarters, 3 hot meals a day, telephone stations available and organized play time. I don't think the unaccompannied minors under the Obama term got astro turf.

Stephen Milller: You must be the disgusting person who painted swasticas all over the El Paso Jewish cemetary the other day. You are beyond awful.

David, please pass on the URL address of Stephen Miller to the El Paso police. They are investigating the grafitti at the El Paso cemetary and want to talk to all the violent anti-semites in the city. I'm serious about this request. Please.

Most of the "separated" children (10,000 out of 12,000) were dumped by their parents at the southern border of Mexico and helped by Mexico to get here so we could take care of them.

They were separated when they arrived, something the press and libtard talking heads conveniently ignore.

Trump needs to get extremely tough with Mexico, like establishing a North American Gaza strip on their territory run by us - El Gaza. Then, rendition 100% of the illegals to it so they are not on our soil where they can manipulate our really fucked up immigration laws to their advantage.

Yes,yes, and yes.

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