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June 19, 2018


If they cross in Juarez (a legal POE) they will not be separated from their children but will be put into the processing queue for a hearing.

If they cross illegally, e.g., not a POE, they will be separated.

Most of the kids in detention and most coming here are already alone. Their parents abandoned them in Mexico or wherever.

If you want to stay with your kids, obey our laws.

You are a TOTAL ASSHOLE. You wrote a lengthy, self-absorbed, wind bag of a blog just to make yourself feel good.

David Karlsruher, you live in Austin in your parents home and your parents, John and Eileen, still live in El Paso doing business.

Everything you write about centers on the Axis of Evil...Vero, Susie and now Beto.

Yet you Totally ignore the roles of Doris Fennenbock and her lap dog, Juan ChupCabra Cabrera.

I'm not going to get into any discussion about the "Separation Policy." It is Stephen Miller's brainchild. And, like you, he is a Real Jew. You two are perpetuating the Negative Stereotype of the Jew. And, both of you are real Dickheads.

I propose we STOP sending Israel $3 Billion worth of money each year and instead invest it in our neighbors to the south. This way, we're not inundated with people fleeing violence and a shitty life. The slack can be taken up by the other Jews who have screwed the American people. Michaeal Milken, Bernie Madoff, Michael Cohen, Carl Icahn, Baruch Goldstein. All those Ukrainian Jews who came here and are basically mobsters living in Brooklyn.

Along with the Jews living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They are ALL living off of the Government tit, while you whine on about refugees.

Yours in Christ! Oh, I forgot, according to the Republican Evangelicals, led by Franklin Graham, you Jews are not getting into heaven. They just want to step on your back to get there.They just need for Israel to be a country as part of that condition.

Ironic isn't it that the very people whining about children being separated from their parents at the border are the same ones who have no problem with kids being separated from the womb.

Dear Cabrera, take your hatred elsewhere. You need get back on your meds before you "contribute" to a blog.

About the child separation...where was Beto when under Obama there were thousands of immigrant children in camps? At least 2 of those camps were here in our region. And, yes, the children were being separated from their "parents", which come to find out, weren't really their parents after all. But the word is out in Central America. "Cross with children and they'll set you free." So, unless this practice is changed we'll have hundreds and thousands of immigrants crossing with children and placing those children in unbelievable danger during the trip.

The most immediate and practical solution is to house the immigrants and the children together until they can be deported. Letting them go (to return later for their hearing -- ha, ha) is no longer an option.

Asylum was meant to be political asylum, not an escape from an abusive husband or a dangerous neighborhood.

Typepad that hosts this blog needs to block this Cabrera is an Ass guy. He is so completely off the walls and such a bigot. Almost dangerous. Hope the Feds see his posts, track him down and arrest him.

FedUp: agree 100% with you and with DavidK.

Entering the US illegally is a misdemanor, like buying a dildo in Alabama. I wonder how many kids have been taken from their parents in Alabama when mom gets a dildo for Valentine's day?

when a single parent in the U.S. gets locked up for any reason the child is turned over to child services. i guess these illegal aliens should have more rights that a true citizen ? im sorry, having a dildo is not illegal in Alabama unless its loaded with real bullets.

Dear Dil,
Entering the country illegally (illegal entry) is not a misdemeanor.
For the first improper entry offense, the person can be fined (as a criminal penalty), or imprisoned for up to six months, or both
U.S.C. Section 1325, I.N.A. Section 275

DKK, block that racist.

Here's a question. When will the countries that created conditions that make people flee be held accountable ? The people flee because nothing has been done to provide necessary services. What is ironic is these countries attack the US for not doing enough or caring about the refugees.

They are content with the situation because no services are provided and more money for their pockets.

Pressure the countries with sanctions to improve conditions and orovide for the people. Otherwise the suffering will continue forever.

The news reported today that several mayors from across the country including the El Paso mayor plan to meet at the Tornillo POE to protest the separation of families. What a colossal waste of time. This is all about photos ops and politics. If these mayors were really concerned with what’s going on they would fly to DC and get in front of the 535 do nothing Congress and demand they do their job. Why isn’t anyone in America demanding Congress do their job? Harassing the Homeland Security secretary at dinner and yelling at President Trump does nothing. Demand Congress fix it. Will take 5 minutes to vote on it in each body and the president signs it. Done. But no, we have to sensationalize and bloviate and look like idiots so we can get our 15 minutes of fame and sound bites. Shame on Margo and all the other mayors. Do your job. Go to DC and demand Congress do their job.

why arent all these hypocrites marching at planned parenthood for the separation of mother from child and then the child is flushed down the toilet ? our tax money is paying for that too.

My political view is gradually turning to neo-colonialism, aka, gunboat democracy. We weren't being invaded by strangers from Bananaland when Teddy Roosevelt ran the country. We were building canals and national parks.

I mean, we've been in Afghanistan for 17 years and the goddam Taliban owns more turf than when we got there. Our military hasn't won a war since 1945. It's time to turn our priorities away from ambitions of empire and instead pick on people we know we can beat in our own hemisphere.

David K, your biggest problem is on of empathy and the ability to put yourself in the huaraches of someone else. Just because you have kids and you make a decent living leaving your kids at home doesn’t qualify you to come close to understanding the situation these asylum-seeking families are in.

Your biggest concern is whether your kids will love you when you’re old and grey because of sacrificing time making money over quality time with the children.

These people risk life, limb and what little finances they have, and their annual income is but a tiny fraction of the almighty dollar you chase. They have family members murdered at rates you can't imagine, children threatened by violent gangs who try to stay alive while ours are wanting the latest I-phone.

Damn dude.

They rightly risk it all including temporary (hopefully just temporary) separation to have the shot at the life you and I and our kids have. A shot at going to school instead of running for cover. A shot at a decent wage instead of 1 dollar a day if than much.

Are you aware that asylum-seeking families are being falsely turned away at the bridge (no room at the inn, come another, day, week, month)?

This forces these people to try and squeeze into America via other locations where they will find the Border Patrol there to handcuff them and split them up and deport eventually. This is by design.

This is the America we live in today thanks to Trump and the abusive Republican Party. The Dems as I say are toothless and emasculated. They can't do a thing either but at least their consciences are clear.

Get yourself a conscience. You could use one. And your kids will benefit in the long run.

btw, check out my 20 minute film revealing just how poorly our similarly empathy-challenged mayor miserably failed to represent El Paso and the immigrant families looking for America’s promise:



Jud: 3rd paragraph of your comment. OMG - you are describing the USA. Baltimore, Detroit, NYC, other inner city slums. AMERICAN kids that want a better life but are plagued with gangs, violence, shootings, etc. But - no, we need to focus, pay attention to and spend millions and millions of dollars on illegal aliens that are duped into coming here thinking they are going to get in with the practiced words they are told to tell the Border Patrol. If you are being honest - you would also mention that reporters were on the Mexican side of the border speaking to people that wanted to cross illegally and telling them they will be separated from their kids and did they know that? Know what there answer was? NO. They didn't know that and most of them said they would not cross illegally then.

So - this is BS. Anyone who has ever lived on the border all of their lives knows the game. This game was played during the 8 years of the Obama administration and not a single liberal, democrat or regular citizen raised a stink about it.

Be truthful. This is all about hating Trump and making every attempt to destroy him, his family and his administration.


I don't have to be them to understand their plight. I also know that turning America into the place they just came from is not the answer. Not all problems are so simple.

In Christ

David K

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