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June 20, 2018


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do any of these protestors consider a legal father and mother locking their kid in the car with 100 degree temps to go inside a store incompetent ? and if yes, are their children taken away from them by child social services ? sorry, but i consider a mother or father incompetent to put their child through 100 degree temps in the desert or in a suburban(like the one near San Antonio and wrecked killing a few of the passengers(illegals)while trying to elude) incompetent. Not to mention law enforcement separates in many cases to see if the child actually belongs to this certain person and children will usually tell the truth about who is who and which person in the group is the bad guy(coyote or rapist). Adults might tell the truth also during separation about who is who in the group. It is pretty standard to separate to get the truth in law enforcement.

I didn't know Stout and County Commissioners did the resolution. Shows you how much I follow local news coverage. Haggerty is correct. I can only imagine what the late Dan Haggerty would have said. Every person in El Paso that allegedly cares about children being separated from their parents at the border should be calling their member of Congress and every other member and yelling at them to do their job. But no, that's not going to happen. That makes too much sense. That means the problem will get solved. Then what would they bitch about - the so called "popular kids" in El Paso?

Virtue signaling, the last resort of officials who can't do shit about nothin'.

Stout misled the public by stating young children, torn from family, in Tornillo. It's common knownledge that Tornillo has teenage boys that came unaccompanied.

Then he calls the facilities "concentration camps". What a stupid thing to say. Does he not about the Holocaust? Hasnt he seen or heard about the Jewish plight in the movie "Schlindlers List ? Maybe he heard the cliche and now picked up the insensitive term.

Commissioner Stout you owe the Jewish people and anyone else that was interned in a concentration camp an apology.

While you are at it you owe the public an apology for the display of unprofessional conduct. I'm sure this is not the first time a vote was not unanimous. You politicized and personalized the issue.You lost it when Commissioner did not agree with you.

David is absolutely correct that resolution means absolutely once you leave the county limits. We saw a repeat attitude performance of Escobar. " I am a county judge "! Sorry, but only in El Paso does that mean anything. In the real world outside of El Paso it has as much prestige as "manager, fast food that is". So get off your high horse.

Next time donate these self enhancing resolution to the portapotty nearby.

You come from white privilege, you wear it like a badge. Possibly if you were ever in a position of not being fed with a silver spoon you might be a bit more humane.


If you only knew the truth. Then again, the only thing worse than "white privilege" is liberal elitism. You are better than everyone else and therefore must in sit judgement of them.


David K

Deadbeat Dad, at least David takes care of his kids. What privilege do you have by not paying child support or showing you kids mom porn ? Is that called "Perv Privilege" or "Deadbeat Privilege ?"

Gov't Resolutions help Activists message re Solidarity. No matter the issue Resolutions empower the people and helps with recruiting new member Activists and Agenda presentations.

The fat’s in the fire. Time to ride the tiger. Beto will beat Cruz like a rented mule. Vero will be the anointed queen of El Paso. Sometimes the wheel of history turns in an inscrutable way. Time to kiss the ring.

Except Beto couldn’t be bothered to be in DC and write a bill to fix the problem. Ted Cruz did. Where was Beto? Too busy grandstanding and appearing on CNN? It isn’t enough to pontificate on hating the situation. He is an elected congressman. Get off your ass and fix it Beto.

Usual horse shit written by you and your supporters. Cruz "Bill" will never see the light of day due to Trump and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

In terms of "owing the Jews an apology" WTF? Really?! How about the American people, including Jews owe the Japanese people an apology for internment during WW2 which is what is happening now.

Even better, speaking of the Holocaust, why doesn't Israel acknowledge the Armenian Genocide? They are always too busy playing "the Victim Card,".....

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