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July 10, 2018


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What the cop did probably saved the City a lot of money. Not that that was his intent. Had he maced, tased or whacked a kid that City would probably have to cut a check.

National interest? Unlike other cases of a white cop and a black person, here you have a Latino cop and Latino teenagers and adults. National interest will lose interest if it hasn’t done so already.



I have friends who are cops. They hate going after juveniles in the Barrios. They're told not to touch the kids... "do NOT lay hands on children." The kids know this and taunt the officers, often poking them in the back, yelling insults, etc. What happens is that the cops stop going there or are slower to respond to a call. So...those of you who might be tempted to defend the kids, don't cry foul when the neighborhood gets less policing and more out-of-control juvies.

from what it sounds maybe the mother should be separated from her child since she seems to not have any common sense.

Of course the children need to be taken from the mother. Her two kids have pictures of themselves posing with guns on facebook! One of the kids facebook account's name is AJ-King Stoner. This mother has no control of these children, they are on the pathway to prison. Even in the EP times article she claimrd that she hasn't called the police, to go over what happened, because her phone is not working. But she has her smart phone in her hand when she makes that statement and it looks brand new. But she cant pay the $100 for a band to ger her kid out of jail. She is trash and has done a fantastic job of litering 2 young criminals in this community. I have the pictures saved of her children flashing the guns, if you doubt me post an email address.

The mother's behavior was the primary problem and certainly explains the behavior and foul language of her 15 and 17 year old sons who were both arrested.

She should have been also charged for escalating the situation as well as the other adults involved.

As far as the officer goes, on video it was obvious something was going on off camera that was threatening. It appeared their was a real concern about someone off camera taking his weapons.

The hostility is what surprised me. Chicago? You bet. El Paso? WTF!

Cop is a pussy, straight up. Prolly beats hits ex-wife and his kids.

SMACKAWIG, bet mom is single mom and probably doesnt know who is the dad.

You nailed it David. The real story is the mother and the awful language and actions of the kids at the scene. Putting myself in the place of the police officer, my biggest concern would be one of those kids getting up the nerve to grab for his gun and use it against him. What I saw reminded me of the gang mentality. By themselves, many of those kids might not pose much of a problem, but get them in a large group with a mother lacking any common sense and they are all a potential problem. Agree the officer is probably wrong to pull his weapon based on what I have seen, but I was not there and who knows what he thinks he observed in the crowd of kids. Since nothing happened, it is very easy in hindsight to say he over reacted.

LOL, pussy cop pulling a gun and baton and playing preschool. What a douche.

These teens, like so many others, have no respect for any higher authority whatsoever. Parents, teachers, schools, whomever, do not furnish the moral guidance they need. Rules, laws, who cares. Society at large no longer informs young people on how to become good citizens, or even how to conduct themselves responsibly. Politeness and respect - out the window. National press is complicit by selectively editing the video. But our local press then airs similarly misleading or biased news from the national feed. It’s all about ratings and the blame game now. Well as mentioned, the officer did not start the mess, he was trying to clean it up. And he gets blamed. Maybe he panicked, maybe he overacted, maybe he perceived a threat. Now come the armchair quarterbacks. Now he is in for it. Well, before long, fewer LEOs will be available to go to the calls. Many won’t even be willing to serve. Those that do will adapt to the new reality. They will slow-roll. They will ignore what they see. Because society no longer supports LEOs or requires civilized behavior by so-called citizens. Baltimore is in our future. And who will we blame then?

Good points Jeff. I agree totally.

Our local congressman running for Senate apparently took the kids side and blamed the cop. Wonder if he is raising his kids to disobey laws and encourage mob mentality in law enforcement situations.

Wow I did not know that. Reminds me of the careless comments that led up to the infamous “Beer Summit”. How can otherwise switched on people be so clueless?

Beto isn't clueless. He is running for office. That explains everything he says and does.

Ah I see - but so disappointed nonetheless.

Too funny for words.
The kids got busted because of their video.

Sheriff: Six teens seen in viral police video broke into Ascarate Park toll booth


Wiles said investigators noticed some of the individuals seen in surveillance video breaking into the toll booth on July 2nd, are the same ones seen in the viral video posted on social media on July 7, 2018.

"We were able to solve the burglary on the 2nd because of the video posted that was posted by the juvenile on the 7th," Wiles said, "If it had not been for that viral video posted by the individual, we would not have solved the case."

The viral video posted on July 7th shows an El Paso Police officer struggling to contain a group of juveniles suspected of breaking into a vacant apartment unit at 6719 Sambrano.

The 6 juveniles arrested were ages 12 - 16. The 7th was already in jail for theft of a vehicle.

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