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July 17, 2018


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I've got a crazy idea. Let's not subsidize sprawl out there on the west side. Let's wait until the demand for housing out there is so great that we can let the market take care of making the improvements.

People aren't moving to El Paso. There's no pressing demand for upscale housing out there on the fringe.

How do you imagine that the TIRZ will only burden those who will benefit from the improvements? They're not paying extra taxes. They're paying the same City tax rate as every other property owner in the City. They're just paying 33 percent less to the General Fund. That 33 percent is going to neighborhood improvements in that neighborhood instead of, say, fixing potholes on Alameda, or paying off the continuing debt from the ballpark.

I suspect that it has something to do with that Great Wolf Lodge Water Park there trying to quietly subsidize down there in TIRZ 10 and 10a, but we probably won't know for sure until after the ink is dry on the checks.


I disagree.

A Public Improvement District is another and more appropriate option since an additional tax is levied on the properties that will benefit in the area to pay for the needed improvements rather than with holding potential property value tax increases from the general fund.

A Municipal Management District, like was approved for the Montecillo, which also can levy assessments on the property owners within the defined area to pay for infrastructure would be another more appropriate option.

A PID could also be done concurrently

in the long run the developer gets the tax money. it just takes a much longer time.

No I: How would a develooer get tax money? Please explain how that works.

I think all sprawl should be discouraged. What is going on the far eastside is disturbing to me. I don't know where the people come from but El Pasoans seem eager to move to the outsksirts, putting burdens on school systems, infrastructure and creating an unappealing city with no personality. But there should be some other way to prevent this than another law suit by the fringe.

Filing a lawsuit to rescind the TIRZ12 district changes nothing in the NW PSB land master plan. That plan is and will be the same. PSB can still sell land whether there is a TIRZ or not. So Mr. Bonart is wasting his money if he thinks getting rid of the TIRZ stops development.

His money would be better spent supporting Animal Services and the Humane Society since he is a retired veterinarian.

At least Bonart is doing something! Good for him.

He is - and its his money to spend how he wants to. His followers traditionally do not spend very much out of their pockets to support a candidate or cause. They hope making noise and threats will get the elected officials to vote their way. But filing lawsuits causes all taxpayers to pay for one groups cause that ultimately leads to nowhere. Hey - its only money - and Bonart seems to have a lot and I guess the taxpayers of El Paso have a lot of extra cash laying around to pay for the increased taxes to help defend against the lawsuits.

Like I said, "good for him"

A lawsuit on procedure may work but in the end the master plan facts may distinguish the case from other TIRZ case law.

I see the anti TIRZ group on other blogs are going crazy over Bonart’s removal from CPC. Going so far as to suggest it was done illegally. It wasn’t. Citizens that serve on boards and commissions can be removed by the city rep that appointed them or removed because a new council member/Mayor wants their own rep. Several of them have done that since 2017.

Bonart proudly announced he was “lawyering up” to fight TIRZ 12. What did he think the reaction would be from the Mayor? Can he be that naive? if you go back and review the CPC meetings he attended more than once he was severely admonished by City legal for actions or remarks he made that violated city ordinances or state laws when it came to deciding zoning cases. He just didn’t seem to understand the law and what can and cannot be done in zoning cases.

So quit crying about ordinances being violated. They weren’t. If Bonart thought he was illegally removed he could “lawyer up” and fight it.

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